Free Christmas Gift Certificate Templates (MS Word)

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A Christmas gift certificate template enables you to design your own gift certificates that have meaning for you and the person who will receive it. You should create it as breathtaking as the rest of the day. Christmas is a joyous time for all. You can make it more worthwhile by creating a Christmas gift certificate for all your loved ones. Also, your loved ones would highly appreciate this idea.

Why do you require a Christmas gift certificate?

Here are some reasons that why you need a Christmas gift certificate;

  • There is no need to spend your hard-earned money on expensive Christmas gifts. To save some money, you should make use of a Christmas gift card template that may include promises, outings, or favors.
  • With your customized holiday-themed gift certificate, the receiver of the certificate will feel excited. And, if they find out that you created it yourself, they will feel more thrilled. You can also add a more personal touch to it by uploading images.
  • Among your loved ones, there is always someone who has unwavering support for you. So, you should show your appreciation to him by giving a Christmas gift certificate.

A Christmas gift certificate allows you to give your friends and family members something that make them feel special. This certificate provides them a wide range of options that fulfill their different tastes. You may also like Christmas Letter Template.

What to include in a Christmas gift certificate?

You can save your time and effort by downloading the Christmas gift certificate templates. In most events and parties, most of the certificates are issued are from the templates. You can also edit them and draft them by using software of your choice. The templates are also very convenient to use.

Moreover, Christmas certificates are lovely, personal, and have the right message and people love receiving them. You may notice the following things on the certificate;

  • A logo
  • Title of the gift certificate
  • A slogan that supports the title
  • Images or graphics in order to make the certificate more appealing
  • Description of what the certificate includes
  • Details the recipient
  • Contact details

Some design ideas for you:


A simple template has the freedom to edit it whatever you want. It is very versatile. You can use it in number of ways including for businesses. With the help of editing software, you can modify the colors, add more content, or adjust the layouts to fit your preferences.


You can add cool promos in order to give something creative like a Santa gift certificate. Include holiday graphics, designs, and text that show valuable information.


The design of your certificate grabs the essence of Christmas. At the recipient’s favorite shop, add an entitlement to a discount. Your design should be wonderful and eye-catching.

Christmas gift:

By giving a certificate to your loved ones with gift, you can spend better Christmas. You can make a template with a minimalistic design and a beautiful picture of Santa at the center. Then, draw a smile from the recipient’s face.

Christmas trip:

To get away from the hustle and bustle of life, Christmas is the best time. You can make your loved ones season memorable by gifting with a trip to their favorite place. Place “Santa’s signature” and a stamp at the top of the template.


For a young child, it is a perfect Christmas gift to give. The design of the template should be appealing that contains graphics, colored images, and a picture of Santa. This will definitely light up the child’s Christmas.

How to make your own Christmas gift certificate templates?

A holiday gift certificate is the best gift to give your loved ones. There are a lot of Christmas gift certificate templates in Microsoft Word or other editing programs. They allow you to enter your own text and you can even add images and colors.

Gift certificate templates have various selections of styles. Now, it’s up to you which one you select that best fits for your recipient’s style. Let us discuss common software and programs that you can use for customizing templates;


At canva, there is a wide selection of certificate templates. For all occasions like birthdays, holidays, special treats, colleagues, hotel stays, etc you have got it. Canva also allows you to edit the colors, text, and images before printing the certificate.

Creative certificates:

At Creative Certificates, you can select about 20 different certificate Word templates. Each template has its own unique designs and colors that make them appropriate for several occasions. There is no need to download the template; this is the unique thing about this tool. It is an online editor. You can use it for customization.

MS Word:

There are several certificate templates in MS Word. You can also use them for various occasions. Most of them are just basic.

Word Template:

At Word Template, there are 11 certificate templates. They are specially designed for employees, restaurants, and other business gift certificates. They all have unique colors and design.


The gift certificate templates found at Hloom are different from above mentioned software. They are full-page gift certificates and made specifically for the Christmas season. This tool has high-end templates that indicate the Christmas spirit in their design. You should also check Secret Santa Questionnaire.


In conclusion, a Christmas gift certificate template is the great way to make your Christmas more joyous. By giving this certificate to your loved ones, you can demonstrate your care and love. The templates also save your time and effort because there is no need to make certificates from scratch.


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