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The secret Santa questionnaire is a famous gift exchange game. It contains a list of questions that you can post wherever you play the game. It releases the stress of finding gifts for everyone involved. If you want to become the best gift-giving guru, you should use a Secret Santa questionnaire.

What is a secret Santa questionnaire?

To pick out names for the Secret Santa game is the most fun-filled ideas during the holiday season. This includes various fun activities such as sneaking around, learning about the person you picked, and more.

The Secret Santa Questionnaire comes in handy when you pick a person whom you don’t know. This document contains the list of questions. You can post them in the office or wherever you play the game. Providing Secrete Santa questions make it easily to find gifts for everyone involved while removing the time you spend preparing.

Do you require a secret Santa questionnaire?

At Christmas, all the Christian community plays the Secret Santa game. It is the best way of spreading Christmas joy. This game has quite simple rules. You will place all participant names in a hat. Every individual picks one name and to that individual you are his Secret Santa. We all surely joined this cheerful game. Moreover, we all know that it is very difficult to get the perfect game especially if you picked the person whom you don’t familiarize with. So, you should distribute a secret Santa questionnaire among everyone in order to help everyone select the best present.

In the companies, as part of the holiday tradition, they have their own secret Santa exchanges. Until the big Christmas party, these exchanges remain secret. Sometimes your partner is someone whom you aren’t acquainted with. In the large organization, probably you haven’t met that person. Therefore, before purchasing the gift for the person you picked provide them a secret Santa questionnaire to fill out. In this way, you have an idea that what your partner would love for Christmas. You may also like Christmas Letter Templates.

Considering questions for your secret Santa questionnaire:

We have said above that the Secrete Santa game is one of the best games to play during the holiday season. This game is perfect for the whole family, for colleagues or for even for your group of friends. Write down all of the names of the participants. After that, place these in a bowl or a hat and then ask everyone to choose a name randomly.

Then, you will have to look for a gift for whoever’s name you selected. Bear in mind that in secret Santa game, you don’t have to tell anyone who’s named you picked out of the hat. Pulling out the name of a person who he is not familiar with or one he hasn’t even met yet is one problem in this game. Due to this reason, the Secret Santa questionnaire becomes useful. Here are some examples of questions and the answers to these questions will provide you an insight into your partner’s interests;

Fun questions

  • What is the thing without whom you can’t live?
  • What is one thing that you find you always require more of?
  • What is your hobby or do you have any collections?

Foods and beverages

  • What is your favorite restaurant?
  • Do you have any allergy to any type of food?
  • What is your most favorite food?

Pop culture and entertainment

  • What’s your favorite television show?
  • Which movie do you like to watch again and again?
  • What type of music do you like?

Beauty and fashion

  • Do you have collections of favorite scent, perfume or cologne?
  • What item would you choose if you had the chance to splurge on one fashion or beauty item?
  • What’s your favorite beauty and fashion shop?

Sports and other activities

  • Do you like to play any type of sports?
  • Which professional sport do you like to watch on TV?
  • Do outdoor activities attract you?

Miscellaneous questions

  • What is your favorite color?
  • Who is your favorite author?
  • On sunny or rainy days, what is your favorite thing to do?

Secret Santa Questionnaire for different people:

We all know that Christmas is all about making people around us happy. One way to do this is giving gifts. There are a number of Secret Santa survey questionnaires for the people in your life;

For children:

Children love gifts. But if they receive the gift which they don’t like, they become sad. So, resolve this problem by asking the child or the parent to fill in the questionnaire.

For colleagues:

The secret Santa game spells a lot of fun among the colleagues, especially if everyone receives the gift they wished for. This makes the Christmas part more memorable event. Also, ask your colleagues to provide simple answers of secret Santa questions. This also makes the process more interesting.

For family members:

Family gathering is compulsory on all events. You can make these gatherings more memorable by sending to your partner the gift they wished for. Thus, Secret Santa questionnaire is the best way to know about the person you picked. Additionally, you can create questions according to your relationship levels. Keep everything secret; don’t indicate that you are gathering information for your secret Santa.

Questions you should think for your secret Santa questionnaire:

Secret Santa game is the best game to play during the holiday season. It is a perfect game for family, for colleagues, for your group of friends. We have discussed above that in this game you have to place the name of participants in a hat and allow everyone to select a name randomly. Then, you have to search out for a gift for whoever’s name you picked. Bear in mind it is a secret game you don’t have to tell anyone whose name you picked out of the hat.

The major problem in this game is that you may pick up the name of someone whom you aren’t familiar with or one you haven’t even met yet. This is where secret Santa questionnaire comes in hand. Here are some topics on which you can make questions in order to know the person you will buy the gift for even if you are not the best of friends.

  • Fun questions
  • Foods and beverages
  • Pop culture and entertainment
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Sports and other activities
  • Miscellaneous questions

How can you become the best secret Santa ever?

You should just remember the secret Santa questionnaire in case someone has invited you to join a Secret Santa game, but you’re having mixed feelings about it. However, you can use the following tips to become the best secret Santa;

Create a statement:

At first, your gift should be wrapped in a way that it can make the best statement of all. There is no need of a genius wrapper to do this. You have to make sure that your gift appearance makes the best statement. The person whom you picked feels special when he sees his gift even if he hasn’t opened it yet.

Never give gag gifts:

No one wishes for a gag gift or the one that you pick at the last minute. Take your time to get the gift that you carefully thought of so that your partner will appreciate the effort and time along with the gift itself.

Create an adventure out of it:

You shouldn’t limit yourself to certain gifts. You can also give them an experience such as a movie gift card, a painting class, or even something wild.

Add some comedy:

Make your gift more interesting by adding some humor in your gift. You can give them something else that makes them laugh. It is a great way to add more fun and festivity.

Try not to be big spender:

Keep balance on a price cap for the gifts to give. Don’t spend too much or less. Your aim shouldn’t be to make the other person feel awkward if they don’t spend as much.

Receipt for certain items:

It is most important to include receipts for certain items. This is because in case your partner won’t like the gift he/she can exchange the gift as long as they have the receipt. You should also check Potluck Sign Up Sheet.

How do you play secret Santa?

There are some specific rules to play this game. These rules are organized so that the actual intention does not get spoiled. Follow the below steps to play this game;

  • First, make a participants list.
  • You have to ask the likes and dislikes of participants and in the Secret Santa form, write them down.
  • On the basis of the pulse and interest of participants, ask for a gift exchange or a secret Santa role play.
  • You can also give them an idea to donate a gift pack to the underprivileged. This way can leave them contented for the eve.
  • On or before Christmas, plan the venue for the event.
  • Connect gifts with associated participants by throwing a surprise party and engaging volunteers.


In conclusion, a secret Santa questionnaire is a helpful tool that helps you to bring gifts for a person whom you don’t familiar with or even met yet. During the holiday season, it is the best game to play. You can distribute it among kids, your family members, and your colleagues. Keep the information secret that you received from this document until the Christmas party.

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