25+ Free Capability Statement Templates [Word, PDF]

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A capability statement template is a written document that shows prospective clients your skills and capabilities in terms of goods, services, or both. This statement separates your business from your competitors. It strengthens your business’s image. Additionally, a template helps you a lot in creating this kind of a document.

You should include those capabilities that make you different from any other competitors. It is just like a resume that helps you to gain a prospective project. The capability statement informs the clients that you are capable of working and completing your task effectively on time. The statement should be engaging and attractive to the clients. Furthermore, you should use infographics to represent data and work-related information.

How your capability statement should look like?

The answer of this question depends on various factors. It may be depend upon the diversity and size of your company’s goods or services. However, you have to make sure the following points;

  • Most importantly, your statement should look appealing and attractive. You should use infographics for illustrating your products or services. Before sending it to the printer, check your grammar and spelling. Even the minor mistakes can turn off your prospective client.
  • Indicates your company’s logo prominently.
  • You should hire a professional graphic designer who can design an effective capability statement for you.
  • It should be readily available and can download from your company’s website. In other pages of your site, include a link of your statement. In case of networking conventions, take copies of this document with you. You may also like Confidentiality Statement and Agreement Template.

How to write an effective capability statement?

This document has become the standard document for government agencies and business marketing agencies because it contains information about yourself and your business. These agencies require readily-available information about the business that they deal with. With the help of this statement, they give a high-level summary of the services or products they can provide. In your document, explain how competent your business is and the unique qualities that make you better than the competitors. However, consider the following factors during composing your capability statement;


You have to write your statement into the proposal if you are writing it in response to an agency of the government. Address those requirements in your statement requested by the government agency. You have to talk about each agency’s mission.

You has to make sure the authorities that you business has ability to handle the job via the strength of your products and services. In case of networking goal, aware the government vendors about what your business has to offer. Moreover, state all the key services and strengths of your company in such a case.


Your statement should be tailored in such a way that it fits the required specifications of every individual request. You can do this adjustment according to your audience and size of the company. However, it is complicated to strategically identify which information you should highlight. Usually, there are two types of audiences you have to deal with;

Contracting officers:

Every time, when you submit proposal this agency checks your capability statement. This document is used for the purpose of networking. You should send your capability statement to the agency that you think suits your qualifications.

Prime government vendors:

It is an excellent way of networking if you send your statement to prime government vendors. Therefore, send the information about your company that grabs their attention.


At first, you have to know about all the agency’s requirements that you want to develop contact with. In this way, you can directly address those requirements in your statement. Also, identify the industry where your company falls in and how they can use your services or products.

The format and sections to include in the capability statement:

Here are the format and sections that you should include in the capability statement;

Core competencies:

It refers to short declarations that relate your capabilities with the agency’s specific requirements. Use a bullet-point format to present them. Keep in mind that you don’t have to describe all the capabilities of your business. You just have to state the capabilities that a specific agency requires.

Past performance:

Here you have to indicate the relevant experiences i.e. from starting to the least. This method enhances the competencies that you have discussed previously. It serves as concrete evidence that company has done the same task in the past. You can also include subcontracts that you have earned in the past.


Talk about the benefits you can provide to the decision-makers of the agency. If you don’t mention them, they can’t choose your business over others. Provide the reasons that how your business differs from other businesses. Represent the competitive edge of your business. In addition, for many businesses, key differentiators are the quality of services or products they provide. It is also the level of expertise they provide. On company’s differentiators, the cost or value-add of your goods or services can be reasonable. You should precisely address them using only one or two sentences.

Company data:

In this section, you have to provide detail information about your company. It may include the size of your company, the number of employees do you have, and the location of your business.

Contact information:

Most importantly, provide your company’s contact information. This is because they might get in touch with you after they have learned about your company and capability. Mention the name, job title, contact number, email, and business address of the contact person. You should also check 25+ Statement Of Purpose Examples & Samples (Graduate School, MBA, PhD).


In conclusion, a capability statement template is an effective tool that helps the businesses in creating their capability statement. Basically, it is the summary of all the capabilities of the business. Just include the information that’s significant to the targeted client. Never discuss your company’s history in detailed in your statement. Additionally, proofread it thoroughly before sending it.

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