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birth announcement card template

A birth announcement template is used by the parents to get birth announcement ideas. After the baby shower, the birth announcement is the big thing. Many parents are very excited at that time as they are bringing forth a new life into the world.

Types of baby announcements:

Before deciding what words you want to use for the announcement, you should think about what message you want to portray. This assists you in settling the right voice and tone for your announcement. Your selection ranges from informal to religious. You may also consider the sex of your newborn when selecting what to work with. Moreover, you can consider the following options;

  • Funny baby announcements
  • Religious baby announcements
  • Informal baby announcements
  • Traditional baby announcements

How to announce your baby birth?

Here are some best ways to introduce the baby to your friends, distant family members, and workmates; You may also like birthday card templates.

Status update

You will reach so many people conveniently and quickly with a simple message. You just have to update your social media status whether with a worded statement or a photo. However, some people prefer the traditional and humble phone call or some prefer a text message. No matter whether you are having a birth at home or a hospital, it would be a magnificent experience that you should share it with those around you.

Online announcement

These days, emails are too common. But, they don’t have the special element that a birth announcement template has. You can consider an online announcement in order to make this birth special. You can make it special without any formality that you have to do with emails or paper announcements.

Additionally, you can have the announcement up and ready in minutes by having a good template design. This option allows you to send it out to people through their email addresses. This way, people will be happy without the boredom of a normal email.

A blog for the newborn

A blog for the child who hardly know how to respond to his or her name may sound a bit far-fetched. But, this has worked well for a lot of people. Thus, your birth announcement template will include so much more than announcing your new baby. It introduces your baby to a world. Creating a blog is very easy. Before the baby arrives, you can post the announcement on the blog.

Old school

If you are an old soul then you can buy advertising space in one of the local dailies. It is a great way to make an amazing keepsake that will be in the family for years. The one good thing of these newspaper announcements is that this will go down in history. In future, you can remind your child that how happy you were when they were born, you can’t wait to share it with the world.

How to design a beautiful birth announcement template?

The good thing about this birth announcement template is that you don’t have to put a lot of information on it. You just have to insert the essential facts. There are three important tips that will assure you the baby’s announcement comes off perfectly;

  • You should design a stylish baby announcement template. Don’t create a situation that the baby feels out of place later on in life or the siblings feel you have a favorite of them all.
  • Share the announcement in a personalized way. You have to share your baby birth announcement in a comfortable way.
  • Also, attach a picture of your baby with the announcement

Here are some of the details that should be in your announcement;

Introduce the baby

Don’t just hurl the baby unto the people. You should use some kind and sweet words that will melt people’s hearts. The introduction of the baby is more about personality not anything else. This section is the best place to introduce the gender since the name you select for the baby is not gender specific.

The parents

This section is a family affair. If you are having your first baby then doesn’t forget to include your names in the announcement. In case, this is not your first baby, you can also include the names of the siblings in the announcements.

In the birth announcement, also include the ideas of the siblings as you have not been through the pregnancy journey alone. They have been with you all the time and have assisted you through it. It is the best way to express gratitude.

Name the baby

In case, you had already settled on the name for your baby then introduce it in this section. Here, write the baby’s name. While writing the name, you have to be very careful. Never misspell the name or make any other mistake with this. If you have also selected shorter versions or nicknames of your baby, stick to the official name.

The birthday

By having a birth announcement template, your friends and family members get an opportunity to update their calendars. Your friends and relatives will update the baby’s birthday on their calendars. Therefore, you should include the date of birth. You can also include the time of birth here.


This section is optional. You can leave it. But, if you include it, you will remember years down the line when reminiscing on your baby’s birth.

Birth photography:

Birth photography is an important part of a birth announcement template. The main purpose of birth photography is to attach these pictures in your birth announcement template. You can also take an expert photographer along with you in the hospital. In this way, you never miss a moment especially the very first moment your child is born. You should also check birth plan templates.


In conclusion, a birth announcement template is the most important tool for the parents after their child’s birth. They use it to announce the birth of their baby in an effective way. You can also take wonderful ideas regarding your baby’s birth announcement from these templates.

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