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An exit interview template makes your exit interview process consistent. It provides valuable information from employees as they leave the company. It is highly beneficial to use this document when conducting exit interview.

What is an exit interview?

An exit interview is a way to wrap things up when an employee leaves the company. This interview consists of a few questions that will indicate the employee’s true feelings about the company. The reason of the employee’s departure is also discussed in the interview. Usually, HR manager conducts this interview.

The purpose of an exit interview:

The main purpose of an exit interview is to get information about the performance of the organization and in which areas they need to improve. The information on the exit interview template is the best way for enhancing organizational performance. Moreover, your workplace becomes a better and happier place by improving the needs of your company. By conducting the interview, the company gets to know that they have to solve some issues.

What to include in an exit interview form?

You have to cover following areas in an exit interview form;

  • Include the questions that deliver the employee-manager relationship. When you get answers of these questions, you can identify whether the manager given employees with the feedback, instructions, and training they required to excel in their role.
  • A reason why the employee decided to leave the organization is one of the most critical pieces of information you can glean from an exit interview. This will allow you to identify the following;
    1- Whether the company is giving its workforce enough chance to grow
    2- In the culture, if there are weak points
    3- If there are personnel concerns you require to deliver
  • Sometimes employees just move to another company just because of perks or opportunities that allow them to have a better lifestyle. You can improve benefits packages and workplace policies by having these details.
  • Make adjustments to the job description is an excellent opportunity in case your employees are leaving the company as they’re no longer satisfied with their role. You can post future jobs accurately by getting employee’s feedback.

Different methods of conducting an exit interview:

Here are the different methods of conducting an exit interview;


This method is usually conducted by the HR department in order to meet the terminating employees individually. You can get valuable information regarding the employee’s benefits via interview. The company can also receive more information by asking questions.

Moreover, this method provides the company opportunity to recover any property information. It is the last personal meeting that is appreciated by both HR manager and the employee. With this method of interview, the employee may feel hesitate to impart negative or sensitive information. However, the large organizations don’t conduct interview with this method because it is time-consuming. If there is the large number of exiting employees then it might difficult to keep a record of all the information received during the interview.


The telephonic interview is conducted by telephone or via voice chat on messengers. This interview is also conducted between the employee and the HR department or a third-party. Likewise in-person method, you can also ask similar questions in this method. The main benefit of this method is that it facilitates the scheduling of interview. In addition, this is also time-consuming. But if you conduct it outside it will be more expensive.

Paper and pencil:

In this method, on the last day of work an exit interview template id given to the exiting employee. You can also mail it to his address. This method doesn’t require much time and employee feel less reluctant to share his thoughts on paper. However, the return rate of such interview forms is low. The compiling and tracking data from exit interview forms is also difficult.

What questions should include in your exit interview template?

If you want to receive more valuable information during such interviews then consider the following exit interview questions;

Why you start searching for new work?

The most common reasons behind finding a new job are;

  • Near the home
  • A position that’s more related to qualifications
  • Another company offering better benefits or salaries

What allow you decide to take the new job?

It is a great question because it compares your company standards with different organizations. The main purpose of asking this question is to know what they don’t see in your company.

Did you think that you were well-equipped to perform your job?

By asking such question you can identify that how you will keep the one who will fill up the vacated position. You can also receive a proactive response right away.

Can you provide a description on our company’s culture?

The intent of this question is not to determine trends. By keeping record of all exit interviews of your employees, ensure that to track all the trends that assist you pinpoint any real concerns.

Can you provide me some particular examples?

This is an excellent follow-up query that can reveal personal issues. You can also know some other issues that you require to resolve to prevent another good employee from leaving.

What should a company do to make your stay?

It’s a very personal and informal question that provides employee an opportunity to open up more.

Did you talk to anyone about your concerns before making decision to leave?

Commonly, employees discuss their concerns with other colleagues in the company. It isn’t unusual. Additionally, it is the part of employee’s culture that they feel more comfortable with sharing concerns with other colleagues.

If you receive an opportunity to make any change in the company, what would that be?

This question will make the employee to pay attention on the most significant reason for his decision to leave. Thus, this question is so non-confrontational that it motivates the employee to reveal his reason. You should take his answer as suggestion instead of a complaint. This will also make him feel more comfortable when providing information.

Did you feel happy with our management style?

It’s an important question to ask. The reply to the question is significant because it provides you understanding of the problems. Then, you can take suitable measures so you won’t have to lose future employees.

Did you have any appropriate goals?

Employees aren’t as spare part of machine; you have to remind them that their job is important because they have their own goals to achieve.

What we can do to improve our programs for training and development?

You should get involve and encourage your employees on matters concerning work. This makes sure that your employees will stay with you for longer periods.

Why do you require an exit interview form?

Here are the reasons why you need this form;

Makes sure you cover the most essential topics

During the interview, an existing employee have many thoughts and feelings to share. When you provide an exit interview form, it makes sure that essential topics are covered. It also helps the organization to keep the discussion constructive and beneficial for the existing employee.

Specifies the strengths and weaknesses of the employer

If you aren’t keeping a record carefully, you may forget important remarks even if you have listened intently. Employees can provide their feedback directly by having an exit interview form. To follow up with any additional comments or to add additional remarks, the exit interview can be used on its own or alongside an in-person interview.

Makes a strategy for future improvements

For decreasing turnover and increasing workplace satisfaction, the answers given in the exit interview form can serve as a roadmap. The details can be used to record trends in employee satisfaction. This way, you can determine what policies and structures are working well.

Who fills out the exit interview form?

There are two ways used by employers to handle exit interview. The HR manager in some cases during the meeting asks questions and records the employee’s answers. While, in other cases, before the interview, employees will complete the exit interview form. After that, discuss their responses with the HR manager in the meeting.

It doesn’t matter which method you select, all these activities should stay within the HR department. The employees may feel less comfortable to share criticism of their department and their role in case they are interviewed by their direct supervisor or a member of the leadership team.


In conclusion, an exit interview template is an effective tool that provides you with information from employees as they leave the company. It can be conducted by either the employee’s manager or an employee from the HR department. There are 3 different methods for conducting exit interviews, we have discussed them above. You should ask appropriate questions during the interview in order to get valuable information.

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