28 Professional Promotion Letter Templates (How To Write)

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Most professionals or employees don’t want to remain in the same position for years and years without getting a promotion letter. However, they are holding a good position right now but they want to move up the corporate ladder.

The importance of a promotion letter:

In your company, take a look at the people who are holding high positions. They most likely started their careers at the bottom holding low-level positions. You have to keep yourself motivated while you’re thinking about how you can become a manager or an executive in your company until the day that you get a job promotion letter.


Moreover, receiving a promotion indicates that you got an advancement in your job title and job position. You would get a promotion thanks to all of the important contributions you’ve made and your superior work performance. When you receive a promotion letter to employee, you can expect the following benefits;

A salary increase

Moving to a higher position usually comes with a salary increase. You may also get additional perks and monetary benefits on the basis of the new position you’re about to take such as transportation allowances, higher medical benefits, a higher representation, and more.


A boost in your self-esteem

Getting a promotion is one way for the management to realize all of the efforts you put into the company. You would know that your employees trust in your abilities upon receiving a promotion letter. They believe that you have ability to handle the new responsibilities that come with the higher position. This will definitely provide your self-esteem a boost and keep you encouraged on working hard.

Within the company, an increase in your authority

If you have read some promotion letter examples, then you can notice that the promotion would also come with an increase in your authority. Your position makes you able to supervise or manage a small team of lower-level employees regularly. Furthermore, you would have authority to make decisions and do higher-level functions.

What to include in a promotion letter?

A promotion letter should contain the following details;


Employee personal information

A promotion letter is a relatively a casual document but still it has to contain the employee’s full name and contact details at the top of the letter.

New title of the employee

In the promotion letter, you have to specify your employee’s new title along with pay and responsibility changes.


Relevant pay and payday amendments

You should clearly state pay details in the promotion letter even the employer and the employee have verbally discussed about it. Also, specify any changes in work hours that may come into effect along with the employee’s promotion.

Responsibilities of the employee in the new role

Promotions usually come along with additional responsibilities. It is important to clearly specify all of the employee’s responsibilities in the promotion letter because crucial business needs can go overlooked due to transitions in employee position. You can keep your operations on track by holding the promoted employee accountable.

Indicate the new supervisor of the employee

You as an employee no longer have someone within your department to report to if you are appointed head of a department. Clearly specify these details in your letter.


The starting date of the employee’s promotion

It is essential to indicate in the promotion letter when the promotion begins no matter when you are issuing the letter.

Ask the employee to accept the promotion

Ask your employee to respond the letter even they have verbally accepted the promotion. Ask them to give a written response accepting the promotion. Doing so is important for an employee to officially start their new role.

Show gratitude

By writing a professional promotion letter, employer shows that how grateful they are for their work. A great way to reduce employee turnover is including a personal message that expresses your gratitude.

How to write a promotion letter?

You can make different types of promotional letter templates.

  • One promotional letter you can write when you see an opportunity for a promotion within the company. You can write such a letter when you feel confident about your own experiences and skills. Here are the tips you can follow to write a promotion letter;

In the first paragraph, include your main message


You have to include your main message first in case you want to create a professional letter. In this case, in the first paragraph, your main message is the opportunity for a promotion. This way, the reader will know exactly what it’s about right away.

Highlight all of your achievements

There must be a good reason that indicate why you deserve the promotion. Highlight all of your achievements and contributions in order to let your employers know why you deserve to move up in the corporate ladder. After that, to make thing clear, support your claims with specific examples for those who will make the final decision.

To the company, declare your dedication and loyalty

When you are asking for the promotion, it would be very beneficial to make a declaration of how much you love the job you currently hold. You should also state that how dedicated and loyal you are to the company.

Other tips

You have to be very clear and concise when writing the sentences and statements in your letter. You don’t have to make lengthy letter as it ends up boring the reader. Before you write the letter and send it to your boss, you should ensure that you meet all of the requirements of the position you want to get promoted.

  • In some cases, the promotion letter comes from the employer to the employee. This usually written when a high-level position opens up and the management makes a decision to promote one of their existing employees. In such a case, the promotion letter is written by the employer. Here are some pointers that the employers should keep in mind while making this type of letter;

Mention the date when the promotion will officially take effect

The date when the employee will start holding the new position is one of the most important pieces of information in the letter. The primary purpose of this letter is to let the employee know that his promotion will officially take effect.

Give the details regarding the employee’s new position

You should also provide all of the details about the position in question other than the exact date when the employee will start in his new position. You should include the following relevant details;

  • The employee’s new job title
  • The new salary rate
  • Other details regarding the compensation and benefits that comes along with the employee’s promotion
  • Any additional perks or benefits that the employee may get
  • The new duties and obligations of the employee

Describe the reporting structure of the employee’s new position

Your employee should also know the people he will report to when they will get promoted. Also, inform the employee who will oversee his transition into his new position. It is essential to give this description in order to avoid any confusion during the transition process.

Acceptance recommendations

There are some other items that you have to add in the promotion letter. When you have made a negotiation with your employee in light of his promotion, these items usually come after them. These acceptance recommendations have to do with probationary periods, salary considerations, and other kinds of negotiated perks.


Coordinate with the other departments

Sometimes, the employee would have to transfer from one department to another when he gets promoted. You have to send copies of the letter to everyone involved in such a case.



In conclusion, a promotion letter is received by an employee who is about to get promoted from his direct supervisor or the management of the company. Sometimes, an employee also writes a promotion letter when he thinks he deserves the promotion.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the primary elements of promotion?

There are five primary elements of promotion;

1- Advertising
2- Public relations or publicity
3- Sales promotion
4- Direct marketing
5- Personal selling

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