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A letter of transmittal is a type of letter that generally comes with another larger or more important document. This letter is usually attached to explain what it’s for. It acts as a documentation for the sender that something was sent and received.

Moreover, a good letter of transmittal is very precise. In the first paragraph, provide a description of what has been sent and the purpose of sending it. For longer letters, using a few sentences, you have to include all the most important elements. You can also add other useful information for the recipient.

Commonly, this letter is for;

  • Describing and clarifying your requirements or guidelines about the document or item it is attached to.
  • Along with contracts or drafts of documents that are being sent over whether for review or approval. They can also attach contracts that have already been signed.
  • Attach more essential documents and would give the description for what the document is, why it should be read and considered. Moreover, give explanation what the recipient should do with the document it is attached to.
  • Providing the opportunity to remember the reader of the title of the document and to explain the most essential points of interest. It may also involve some confidential or sensitive information that may be relevant.

Table of Contents

Elements of a letter of transmittal template:

Here are the essential elements of this letter;


The Heading

The heading is usually your address. You should ensure to place your complete address as the header of your letter.

The Date

Mention the date that when you had written your letter before you start writing it. This is very essential to inform the recipient when you had drafted the letter and the document or item which you have sent.

The Recipient’s address

Here, you have to include the address of the recipient.



Salutation is a precise greeting or introduction that is addressed to the recipient of the letter.

The Body of the letter

The body of the letter consists of the following 4 subparts;

  • The purpose for writing the letter
  • A statement of all facts regarding the item or document that has been sent
  • When the item or document has been received, a request for follow-up or an update
  • In case, the recipient would like to get in touch with you, include your contact information

The conclusion

In the conclusion, include your final words regarding the document or item or statements of goodwill.


This would include any other essential notes that you want to convey to the recipient.

Important things to consider while drafting a letter of transmittal:

Here are the important things that you should consider while drafting this letter;


The functions

This letter would act as an introduction to another document. Such document includes the following;

  • Scientific or technical reports
  • Financial information
  • Project details
  • Confidential or sensitive information

The format

The letter should be printed on a letterhead of the company. As a sender, you have to use a standard letter format. This letter would have the proper page size and margins. It should also contain all the essential elements for it to be effective. Furthermore, the letter should one page in length which would contain only three or four paragraphs. These paragraphs start from the introduction, to the demonstration and finally to the closing.

The tone and content

This kind of letter may be simple and brief. It is a formal business document. The first paragraph should include the following details;

  • The name of the document
  • A precise description of the content of the document
  • The purpose for sending the document
  • The name of the sender

Above all, you can also include any instructions for the recipient. In the next paragraph, you should give explanations and instructions in more detail. After that, there comes a last paragraph where you have to conclude the letter with a statement of thanks or goodwill and contact information of the sender.

The correct use


For creating and using these kinds of letters, different organizations and companies have their own policies and procedures. The sender have to ensure that the right person would sign the letter.

The significance

It could be a very powerful and important tool for communication as there are cases when the letter would include confidential or sensitive information. This sensitive information may be a password, a protected file that includes an electronic document or other relevant items. Therefore, the sender has to ensure that the right recipient receives it.

The features

Although this letter is short, it is used to introduce the document it is attached to. The sender may indicate the recipient that the document which it is attached fulfil the goals and expectations that have been previously outlined.

Additionally, you have to discuss in the letter how the information in the document was collected and who was involved in making the document. This is why providing credit to the people who were not actually indicated in the document itself. The letter is also used to guide the recipient to perform an action.

The considerations

It shouldn’t include any technical or detailed information. This letter should be short, simple and friendly. In the end of the letter, include a statement that states to the recipient that you or the agency you represent are available to be contacted in the future. Furthermore, this statement should clarify anything or answer any questions. Therefore, it is essential to include your contact information.

The time frame

You have to send the letter of transmittal at the same time you’d be sending the document which it introduces. Don’t send a letter of transmittal ahead of time or after sending the document.


How to write your own letter of transmittal template?

It is quite easy to write a letter of transmittal. Here are some steps to consider while writing such letters;

  • From the very start, you should establish goodwill. Your salutations and first paragraph should contain a tone that convinces the readers to read the entire document.
  • Make sure that your letter should be neat, clear and short. Instead of writing the letter by hand, you should compose the letter on a computer and print it.
  • The letter has to contain the most important information so that it should not exceed one page.
  • You should ensure to determine all the contents in the case of sending packages.
  • The recipient should be addressed in the letter directly. It must describe the title of the document which it is accompanying.

Some tips for writing an effective letter of transmittal:

If you are writing a letter of transmittal first time then you must learn how to write it. Here are some tips that guide you while writing such letters;

  • At first, you should let the recipient know that what you are sending and why you are sending the document. Doing so is essential for the recipient to get an idea of how to handle the letter appropriately. This way, the recipient can also determine the importance of the letter.
  • It would be better to create a summary of all the key aspects and the letter’s purpose.
  • Include all the necessary information that would help in the understanding of the recipient. The most important is to emphasize or highlight parts of the document.
  • Give a deadline for the actions that have to be taken to let the recipient know what is to happen next. You have to be as specific as possible in your writings so that there is no ambiguity left.
  • In order to keep the enthusiasm of the recipient, you should end on a positive note. By doing so, you can make sure that any future transactions will be accepted readily.
  • Since it is an official document so you don’t have to be very formal. Make use of a conversational tone while writing it.
  • At the end, you must acknowledge the assistance of people who have helped in the completion of the document.
  • Include the following in making your final paragraph or the conclusion of your letter;
    1- Thank the person who has requested for the document.
    2- Give recommendations to the recipient for contacting the sender for any questions or clarifications.
    3- As a sender, you should provide your contact details for the recipient so that they can contact you in case of any query.

The uses of letter of transmittal:

  • A letter of transmittal is used when you have to describe requirements or instructions about an attached document.
  • The letter may also come into handy when you need to send contracts or drafts that need review or approval.
  • To explain important points of a document.
  • When there is some changes happen to a project.
  • It is also written to show decisions that are made after a submitted proposal.
  • At the end of the project, when you get unexpected outcomes.

Here are some other uses for letters of transmittal;

  • Scientific and technical reports
  • Financial reports or information
  • Project proposals or certain details
  • Confidential and sensitive documents


In conclusion, a letter of transmittal is a formal business document that provides the initial information about a larger or more important document which it is attached to. Commonly, this letter is used in the workplace as important documents.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there any difference between a cover letter and a letter of transmittal?

The letter of transmittal sometimes refers to as a cover letter. These letters are generally sent as an accompaniment to enclosed material. Keep these letters less than a page, brief, and just include the necessary information by using simple sentences.

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