Professional Salary Increase Letters (Samples & Examples)

salary increase letter example

If you want to ask for a raise in your salary then you have to write an effective salary increase letter. A well-written letter will formalize your request. This letter also enhances the chances of getting what you want. It makes you able to express yourself in writing.

To whom you should give your salary increase letter?

A salary increase letter assists in backing up your request and prevents you from saying the wrong thing in person. In case, it is denied you can also keep it in your files. Also, this letter makes your employer able to take your request seriously. During writing this letter, you should address it to the individual who’s in charge of bonuses and pay raises at the office. The in charge may be the head of the department, supervisor, or manger. Don’t go above this person because this might create the wrong impression.

What to include in your salary increase letter?

Usually, employers know that when it’s time to give raise in employee’s salary. Therefore, employee doesn’t have to request for such an increase in their compensation. But, in the real world, things aren’t as simple. When you feel that you aren’t earning enough then you should compose a salary increase letter. Include the following elements in your letter;

General purpose:

You should state that how you enjoy working with the company in the first paragraph of your letter. Also, mention your job title and how long you have worked for the company. Then, demonstrate the letter’s general purpose that you are asking for an increase in your salary.

The reason for your request:

Next, you have to state your reason for requesting. Here are the common reasons to ask for a salary increase;

  • When your employer promised to raise your salary when you have accomplished your probationary period.
  • You obtained a promotion.
  • You have taken on new obligations.
  • In your job’s location, there is an increase in the cost of living.
  • You haven’t got any increase in a long time.
  • If you want to improve your skills and qualifications.

The justification for your request:

In this section, demonstrate why you deserve the raise. For example, if you have taken on more duties then create a list of all your achievements. To highlight the important information, use bullet points and include some figures.

The amount you are requesting for:

Indicate the amount you are requesting for. When writing this part, you have to remain tactful to make sure that you don’t sound overly demanding. You should also check Salary Slip Templates.

A statement about negotiation:

You can say that you are open to negotiations. This is another way to soften your request. This could be very helpful if your employer sees that you are willing to negotiate.

How to ask for a pay raise?

Here are some tips on how to ask for a pay raise;

  • At first, do your research either you plan to ask for a small increase or a large one in your salary increase letter. You can ask the HR department that how your company computes salary raise. Then, use that information as your leverage. You can also state that what other companies pay to employees who do the similar job as you.
  • Ask for a salary increase at the right time. For example, don’t ask for a raise when you and other employees have already received one fairly recently. Requesting at right moment may enhance the chances of your request getting approved.
  • You should request for a couple of minutes along with your employer after witting your salary increase letter. Also, select the right time for this moment. The best time is when things aren’t so hectic at work and your employer isn’t stressed with everything.
  • Don’t say that you want a salary increase because you believe that you deserve it. If you say this then your employer would require proof. Therefore, you should provide some concrete examples of reasons that why you are asking for pay raise.

How to write a proposal for a salary increase?

Follow the below helpful steps to write an effective letter;

  • Firstly, asses the market value of your job before writing the letter. After that, find out how much employees in the same position receive in other companies. This way, you can find out whether you are receiving more or less than the average compensation.
  • Write down all of your achievements. While explaining these achievements, you have to be very specific. You should include those achievements that inform your employers what value you bring to the company and why you deserve to get paid more.
  • You should consider the non-salary perks during negotiating your salary increase. Other perks like stock options, flexible work hours, a bigger job title, and more, think about them that either or not you should request for them.
  • Any information or supporting material that you believe can help you request includes them. If you have received any certification then attach them with your letter. This documentation helps you a lot in getting you the increase.
  • Your letter should not more than one page. Don’t write such letter that’s too long because this might bore your employer and push him not to read it all the way to the end. Your letter should be short, specific, detailed, and professional. At the top, include the following information;
    1- The name of the individual to whom you are addressing the letter
    2- Your own name
    3- The date
    4- The subject heading
    In the first paragraph, make a short summary of your work status. Then, before the closing, state your request. You should proofread your letter before printing it out.


In conclusion, a salary increase letter is a formal written document that helps you in asking for a raise in your salary. Writing an official letter is the best way to do this. This letter prevents you from saying the wrong thing in person.

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