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permission slip template

The permission slip template is a document useful to take consent of someone for some activity. It has multiple uses and sometimes used as a legal document. Thus, the use of permission slip templates provides a basic understanding of the structure and format of the permission slip.

What is a Permission Slip?

A permission slip is a document that is sent by a school or organization to the home via the use of student to a parent or a guardian to take consent for the student to have a journey under the observation of the school or the respective organization for a particular event or field trip. It is a requirement of law for a permission slip to be given by organizations or schools. This will legally allow taking care of students particularly those who are considered to be minors during a trip.

The information that permission slip may contain such as the student’s name, the location where the field trip will be held, and emergency contact information.

Uses of Permission Slip Template:

The permission slips are very useful for many reasons. The most common use of permission slip is in educational institutes. It’s a kind of document that is sent home with students to take permission or consent of parent or guardian for a particular activity.

If the school is organizing some event that is commencing outside the actual timing of school or outside the school premises. It’s the responsibility of the school administration to have written proof of the participant’s parents, especially for the minor ones.

Similarly, if the school is arranging some recreational trips, the school is liable to have the written consent of parents before allowing any student to join the trip. Further, the permission slip or letter must contain the detail of the trip and liabilities of the school in case of an emergency.

Moreover, the permission slip is also useful in business for the subordinates to take the permission of heads. Like if a person has spent personal cash on business activity and wants to have reimbursement as per company policy. The pity cash accountant will require to see the written permission slip signed by the head of the department.

How many types of permission slips are there?

There are almost two types of permission slip that are mentioned below;

  • Blanket permission slip: This slip is for the standard field trip that covers the basics.
  • Informed consent slip: This slip may inform the activity, event, or trip that may have inherent risks and the school is not responsible if something occurs.

Types of School Trip Permission Slips:

The most common use of permission slip is to get the consent of student parents to join the school recreational trip. However, the permission letter can be 2 major types.

  1. General Permission Slip
  2. Informed Permission Slip

The general or blanket permission slip includes information on the nature of the trip. However, it waves the liability of the school in case of any emergency or injury. Either it’s due to the negligence of minor students or teachers, the school waves itself from the legal liability of the risk to injury.

While the informed permission slips the details activity along with the probability of the potential inherent risks is displayed to the parents. So, the parent may sign out the letter to wave school out of the liability of inherent risk. However, the school will be held liable for any injury or situation that is triggered by the administration or school teachers.

How do you make a permission slip?

Let us discuss step-by-step how do you make a permission slip;

Step#1: Firstly, at the top of the word document you have to start by answering the questions relating to;

  • Who (who will be going on the trip)
  • What (what will be what one is supposed to take with them)
  • When (when will be the particular date for the event)
  • Where (where will refer to the location for the trip and your)
  • Why (why will be the important reasons for the children to be part of the trip)
  • How (how the students will be transported)

Step#2: Next, gives blank and say that, I the parent/guardian allow my child (…….), to attend the field trip or event with, (….). The last blank must contain the name of the respective school or organization.

Step#3: Then, provides blank for information such as child’s full name, date of birth, gender, any allergies or medical conditions, health insurance provider, etc.

Step#4: After that, provides a blank for their doctor’s number, their parent’s number, and an alternate emergency contact number.

Step#5: In the end, you should include the parent’s signature, and it must be at the bottom of the document.

What are the contents of a standard permission slip?

You have to start with a precise and detailed summary of the event when you start writing the permission slip. It should include the following elements and any others that are relevant to your requirements so the parent or guardian is made aware of all the details.

  • Teacher/parents/guardian
  • Class
  • Departure time and expected return time
  • Date
  • Destination
  • Reasons
  • Expenses such as list cost, payment method, and deadline if any.
  • Type of transport
  • Significant medical information such as allergies, medications, etc.
  • Emergency contact information/number
  • Comment section where parents can leave comments and special instructions.
  • Any additional instructions such as type of clothing, lunch boxes, or money to purchase lunch, etc.

Elements of Permission Slip Template:

The purpose of the permission slip template is to use the document for legal reasons in case of any conflict of interest. Thus, the permission slip should fulfill all legal requirements of recording relevant information to the event and participants.

The school trip permission slip includes the name, date, location, and timing of the event. Also, the details of the student. Further, it enlists the inherent potential risks for the said event. So, the school wave itself from the liability of the inherent risks’ realization.

What is the importance of using a permission slip template?

It is important to maintain the etiquette of an organization if you are part of it. For instance, if you want to take a casual leave, you should first ask permission by using a permission slip template.

You can use any time a field permission slip template. From school children to professionals to anyone else, all need a permission slip if they want to ask permission from their respective administrators. The purpose of using a permission slip can vary on the basis of the type.

How to customize a pre-made permission slip template?

It is very easy, smooth, and quick to customize the ready-made template. Here are guidelines for you;

Include the details regarding alternate activities

Include details regarding alternate activities if the guardian or parent doesn’t want the child to take part in a suggested activity for some reason.

Give information about payment methods

Specify the cost and the method of payment in case the trip needs the parents to pay a specific amount of money. In case, it is different from the date of the field trip or activity, mention the deadline of payment.

Invite chaperones

During field trips, parents may want to chaperone their children. In case, they want to do so, specify a choice for the parents or guardians to volunteer. Ask the parents to provide their contact information so that you can notify them a call before the date of the trip. In addition, give the date when can contact them to provide the details.

Leave space for the comments of parents

You must leave a space in your slip where parents or guardians can write their instructions and comments. This way, they can give the information or details that you asked for.

For the permission slip, make use of a letter format

Write your permission slip in the form of a letter for a more formal look. Your tone must be professional as well as friendly. Add all the important details in sentences.

Finally, the acknowledgment from one or both the parents is taken with the name, signature, date, and legal identity number to make the document legally useful.

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