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The petition is an application signed by many people for the investigation and action on the particular cause. It helps to lower the incidents of crimes as unreported crimes encourage criminals. Thus, it is said that the world is not suffering because of the crimes, but it is suffering because of the silence of nobles.

So, if you are unfortunate to experience crooks of criminals, please go and file a petition in the state high court for investigation and action against criminals.

A petition template is useful to follow a standard structure to file a petition about any injustice, domestic violence, and crime. You may also like the Permission Slip Template.

Even a petition filed by a single person can make the change. There are several online platforms to raise the voice about domestic violations. However, one can raise the voice against oppression. It always helps to discourage misleading and wrongdoing criminals.

Raising the voice isn’t mean that take weapons and fight with the criminals. The civilized society norms urge the people to use the petition as a sword as it’s been said that the petition is the key to revolution.

Further, there is no requirement of any professional degree to file a petition. It’s all about doing efforts to bring positive change in your society or even in the world.

Now as a world is a global village. The internet has wrapped the whole world in a human palm. So, many online big platforms are available to file petitions against human right violation and domestic behaviors over the world.

These online petitions are spread in hours over the whole social media and millions of people can join you to raise voice against violation. One of the best platforms in this regard is

What is a petition?

A petition is a formal written document that is addressed to the government. It contains a request to do something. If you want to sort out any issue in your society, state, or country then you should write an appropriate petition that can resolve your issue. If you write it in a sincere way, then it has the ability to shape the world.

The importance of petition forms:

Petition forms help you to collect the signatures that you need to validate a petition without them. It would be practically impossible to collect them. Governments have laws that specify thresholds for a number of signatures over which specific course of action. With the help of petition forms, you can organize petitions and gather signatures to signify broad support effectively. If you are using online forms and database software then you can easily create, distribute, and aggregate data from them.

The different types of petition forms:

The petition form is a publicly-available document. It can be used by anyone to express support for a cause by giving their signature. Typically, they are hosted online. In secure online databases, the signatures are stored automatically. In some cases, organizations use more traditional “pen-and-ink” forms.

Organizations use petitions forms in internal or formal legal processes that need supporting signatures from one or more parties. In order to act on the request of a generic petition, the specified number of signatures for more formal internal petitions are acquired.

How can I write a suitable petition?

Let us discuss step-by-step how you can write a suitable petition;


At first, you should research your topic. You don’t have any right to take any action steps if you don’t research your topic as a whole and understand it in detail.


Secondly, identify how many signatures you require on a petition. Because every government has certain guidelines regarding how many signatures you require on the petition. It all depends on your location where you have to submit the petition. So, before starting your journey, ensures the number of signatures you need.


Thirdly, create a statement of purpose. It is the most important part of your petition. Your statement sentences must be precise and clear so that it frames a particular goal.


After writing your statement of purpose, it’s time to explain your cause in detail. You should use deeper language to gain specific intentions. Make sure that the reader will clearly understand the nature of the problem.


The next step is to cite your references. You can cite any newspaper references or online research.


When you have all done with the above steps then draft a form for signatures. You can easily create it in MS word or spreadsheet. Create different cells for people to sign, their printed names, address, and contact number.


The next step is to request signatures from community members. You can start this process from the places where you spend most of your time like any public place.


After completing all the procedures, proofread it, and then submit it and become the voice of change.

What information you should include in the petition?

Following information every petition must include;

  • A precise title that will inform the reader what the petition is about.
  • Define the subject of the petition that must be precise and clear. However, it tells the Council what action the petitioner wants.
  • Petitioner and signatory name and address.
  • For online petitions, you should mention the starting and ending date. However, later on, you can also change the ending date.

What things you shouldn’t include in the petition?

You shouldn’t include the following things in the petition;

  • Don’t include false and potentially harmful statements.
  • Don’t discuss those matters that are compulsory for you to do.
  • Don’t involve information that is prevented by a court order.
  • Furthermore, don’t include any material that is commercially confidential or gives rise to personal distress.
  • Don’t include the name of personal officials of public bodies.
  • Don’t involve any information that easily determines your relation to a criminal charge. You should also check To Do List Template.

Components of Petition Template:

The purpose of the petition document is to state the summary, background, and actions of the petitioned cause. So, it is very important to include all the relevant information to make the document useful.

A basic petition template must include the petition summary and the background. It can also be written as a problem statement. Also, briefly present the action one is petitioning for.

The petition document may be a step of one person. However, it is encouraged by many people. Thus, the document must include the name, signature, address, comment, and date of the supporting people.

Process of Writing Petition using Template:

The petition must clearly state the summary and background of the cause on which you are looking for people’s support. The statement should be precise and informative.

Also, the petition must be in simple jargon and easy to understand. So, people can read and understand it quickly. Many lengthy petitions are ignored by people and don’t get many votes. Thus, keep the petition as short as possible to encourage people to read it and support you for the stated cause.

It is very important to include the summary if the petition is lengthy. So, people can quickly read the summary to grasp the concept and background of the petitioned cause.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many words does a petition contain?

A petition should consist of less than 10 words. You just ensure that it makes sense. The main place to focus on the solution is your headline.

How to write a good petition letter?

Consider the following tips;

1- Make it realistic and concrete
2- Clearly state in the document what change you want to make
3- Include correct information and proof
4- It should be a clear record of people’s opinion
5- Take your petition to the right place

What is a “petition for alien relative”?

A petition for an alien relative is used by the government agencies such as the Department of State (DOS), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). They use it to process applications and supporting documentation. You can download these forms from .gov and .edu webpages.

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