18+ Free Employee Emergency Contact Forms & Templates [Word+PDF]

fillable employee emergency contact form

The employee emergency contact form is important because it allows you to contact the right person when an employee falls ill or meet an accident during working and requires medical attention. Some businesses or companies don’t require such information. However, it doesn’t matter what type of business you are running, having an employee emergency contact form is significant.

What basically an employee emergency contact form?

An employee emergency contact form is a written document that contains information of an employees’ health and an individual to be contacted when an employee falls ill or meet an accident during working or is absent for some days. In case of emergency, this form helps the health professionals to know about the employee’s blood group or any other health-related information that he/she might be suffering from. Moreover, the employees should provide exact information in the form. You may also like the Trailer Bill of Sale Form.

What to include in an employee emergency contact form?

An emergency contact form should contain the following important information;

The Introduction:

This section plays an important role in the form. It is the first part of your form that starts a conversation. Here you have to include the following information;

  • Employee’s name, address, and age.
  • Employee’s National Identification
  • Name of the department

Medical history:

Next, include the employee’s health history. The employee should include his/her medical history in detail in this section. The following information should be included in this part;

  • Employee’s blood group, blood pressure, and sugar level.
  • If an employee is suffering from any heart problem or other disease then also mention it. You can also include the medical prescription and any other relevant information. Also, mention what procedure you are following to remain healthy.

Emergency contact information:

This is the last and most important section of this form. In this section, you have to provide the information of the person to be contacted in case of an emergency. Provide precise detail of the person. You should include the following information here;

  • Person’s name
  • Home Address
  • Contact number
  • Email Address
  • His/her relationship with an employee

Employees must fill in an emergency contact form:

Employers should fill this form with every employee. This form helps the employers whom to contact during an emergency. Employees can select their parents, friends, or relatives to fill in this form. Furthermore, the form assists the employers to choose the right approach when contacting the employees’ emergency contact and they contact parents differently as compared to any other individual.

Some businesses don’t consider it important as they are not aware of the advantages of this form. Most importantly, it acts as a lifesaver because it provides information during an emergency. Bear in mind that the information present on the form is confidential you can never share it.

When to use the information provided in the emergency contact form?

The employer should use the provided information only and only when;

  • The employer can use this information when an employee falls sick during working and needs medical attention immediately.
  • Before giving leave notice, the employee can’t able to show up for work for many days.
  • When an employee is suffering from any disease and his condition gets worse.
  • In addition, if the person living with an employee informs you that the employee’s whereabouts are not known for many days.

Importance of an employee emergency contact form:

It’s the employer’s responsibility to request emergency contact information from new hires. It doesn’t matter either your job is risky or not, asking for emergency contact information is necessary. Also, inform the employee that his/her relative’s or friend’s personal information will keep confidential.

Occurring injuries in the workplace are typically rare. If an employee falls ill or gets injured then its employer ethical obligation to inform his/her relatives or close friends. Hence, in this case, information on the emergency contact form helps you a lot.

This form also used in many circumstances such as when an employee stops showing up to work then the form helps you to know about the person’s whereabouts. If the employee has left the company and final paperwork and paycheck have to be sorted out.

Keep updating the emergency contact information:

Sometimes employers fail to update the emergency contact information regularly. Keeping outdated contact information is almost the same as having nothing. The HR department should update the information at least once a year. However, if you have a number of employees and each of them has two or three emergency contacts so it becomes difficult for you to keep a record of all that information. But keeping outdated information is not a solution. Employers and the HR department should work on it.

How to select an emergency contact?

In selecting contacts, the first step you have to do is to make concise consideration about it. To be included in the emergency contact, there are various criteria that should be met. The first one is that the contact must be accurate and relevant. Furthermore, ensures that the included person is trustworthy and has the potential to handle the high-stress situation. You should also check Address Book Template.

Above all, the employer should not be reluctant to inform the relatives or friends of an incident as it is also a courtesy. In some cases, it is a legal obligation to notify about employees’ serious injuries during the working day.


In conclusion, an employee emergency contact form is the first tool that is used in the workplace area when an incident occurs. The individual mention in the form is generally an employees’ family, legal guardian, and close friends or partner. An emergency contact form helps the employer to immediately contact the right person for the injured employee. Moreover, this form is also beneficial for an employee as it acts as a lifesaver for him/her.

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