Free Nursing Resignation Letter (Templates & Samples)

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A nursing resignation letter is given by the nurse to a medical office or hospital that states she will be leaving a job. In this letter, you have to concisely explaining the reason that why you are leaving your position. Your letter should be brief, to the point and pay attention to the positive parts of the job you are leaving behind.

What to include in a nursing resignation letter?

This letter is written to resign from a position as a registered nurse (RN). Your resignation letter should include;

  • The date of your departure
  • Any services for the final week

Tips for resigning as a Nurse:

Here are some pointers for you;

Control your emotions:

It is difficult to leave a nursing position job because at that time you can feel like both a labor of love and a calling. Before breaking the news to management, try to anticipate these challenges.

Consult with management:

You should first talk with the management before sharing the news with colleagues or patients. It’s a better idea to deliver departure news face-to-face. Then, provide the letter as a supporting document.

Give date of departure:

In the professional world, two weeks is usually considered to be the standard. Try to take a sense of the norms at your workplace. You must meet these expectations.

A written resignation letter:

Follow up with a resignation letter because this letter sets the wheels in motion on the departure. Putting all in writing is critical and you also have to make sure that there is no confusion about plans.

How to write a nursing resignation letter?

A nursing resignation letter should contain a formal letterhead, salutation, an introduction, body paragraph, a conclusion, a formal sign off. Moreover, your letter should clear your resignation and provide a date for your last day of work. Your letter should be professional and positive. Don’t include any negative reasons that you may have for resigning. As an employee, show appreciation for your time spent. Also, offer your help in the training of your replacement. Your letter should be a testament to your professionalism and maturity since it will be kept on record. You should also check the Teacher Resignation Letter.

Formal letterhead:

You have to list the following information in your letterhead at the top of the page;

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • The date
  • The address of the hospital or institution
  • The hospital or institution director’s name

Salutation and introduction:

With a formal salutation and an introductory paragraph, start your letter. In the introduction paragraph, state that you are resigning and give the date that will be your last day of work.

Body paragraph:

In the body paragraph, demonstrate that why you are grateful for having had this job. Include some details about your time as an employee. In addition, your letter not just serves as a notice of resignation but also as a sort of resume. Bear in mind that your letter may be referred to by your employee. You should also provide your assistance in training your replacement and demonstrate how you plan on making the transition less inconvenient.


In the closing, briefly conclude your paragraph. Include a formal sign off, your signature, and your typed name. You should also restate your gratitude towards your employer in the final paragraph.

How to send your nursing resignation letter via email?

Follow the below steps for sending your resignation letter via email;

An informative statement:

You should use an informative statement for the subject. When your employer reads your subject they would already know the importance of the email and then open it right away. To get immediate attention, you can flag the email as “Urgent.”

The right format:

During composing an email, don’t include a header. You just have to include your contact details at the top. However, the remaining email should have the same format as your printed letter.

Check the structure:

You should first send your email to your email address. In this way, you can check the formatting and even your electronic signature.

You can also attach a copy of your original letter that you have printed but as a PDF or Word document. Your employer can also print it or save it electronically.

How to quit your nursing job?

You should follow the below steps;

  • At first, you have to make a well-thought decision with time and careful deliberation. It may also have a serious impact on the different aspects of your life.
  • After considering everything, it’s time to prepare yourself for the process. In the next step, you have to be very calculating. Ensure that you have tied up all loose ends first before the actual resignation.
  • After that, identify the date of your departure. Inform your employer about your leaving. Schedule a face-to-face meeting with your employer. Set the meeting beforehand so that you and your employer have sufficient time to prepare for the meeting. In addition, you can inform the employer via a written letter or an email. Before meeting with your manager, you have a list of what you want to discuss and make sure that there is a face-to-face follow-up.
    When talking about your decision, you have to be clear and concise. You have to be very honest with your reason for leaving. You should express your gratitude for all of the positive experiences you have learned.
  • After informing your employer, submit your formal nursing resignation letter. You can send an accurate letter as a hard copy or through email.
  • The time that you have remained with your employer, it’s important to continue fulfilling your commitments as an employee. However, you resigning but you still have responsibility of taking care of your patients.


In conclusion, a nursing resignation letter is an official document that notifies your employer of your decision to leave your job. Write this letter ahead of time to provide your employer enough time to find a replacement. Additionally, it depends on your hospital’s policy that how you would address the letter.

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