25+ Free Character Witness Letters [Examples + Tips]

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A character witness letter is written by colleagues, friends, and other acquaintances. They describe you as a person and a professional. This letter should be written in a professional tone because you have to present it at your next company or in matters of the judiciary.

What is a character witness letter for court?

A character witness letter for court is a precise statement of facts written to build credibility in the defendant’s character. This letter is written by the defendant’s friends, family, colleagues, or anyone else who knows him or her. This document helps the judge prior to judgment to have an understanding of the defendant outside of the facts of the case.

What is the purpose of a character witness letter for court?

The main purpose of a character witness letter for court is to provide a detailed description of the reputation, morals, and mental qualities of the defendant. Beyond the facts of the case, this letter assists the judge in understanding who the defendant really is.

Furthermore, it makes the lawyer able to make a compelling defense for the defendant in which they direct the character witnesses to move the court’s attention on the defendant’s character. The final sentence imposed in the case whether it is civil or criminal, a character reference for the court has an impact on it at the end of the day.

Different types of character witness letter:

Character witness letter plays important role in social networking. It plays a key function in employment, college admissions, parole, and immigration. Here are some common types of character witness letters;

Reference letter:

This type of character witness letter states your personal and professional abilities. It explains to the potential employers about your work experience and your personality. Additionally, in college admissions, this letter supplements your overall application.

Recommendation letter:

A recommendation letter is used to submit your application for admission or awards. It states your achievements and successes.

Parole letter:

A parole letter is written to the advocate. The main purpose of this letter is to release a prison inmate. The writer of the letter known as the referee donates his time to advocate on your behalf. You should select your referee with care because he goes out of his way to help you out. However, the best referee is one who encourages you in your professional or personal life because he wants to see you succeed.

Selecting the referee depends on your social network. Take a start with the people whom you know you well and want to help you out in this process. Due to personal bias, friends and family members are not considered ideal candidates. Likely candidates are teachers and school administrators, community leaders, religious representatives, mentors, supervisors, and coworkers.

Above all, you should make sure that your referee has great things to say about you. You should also provide important information that he will need to write the letter. Ask him to compose a unique and memorable letter.

The significance of a character witness letter:

In defining the rest of somebody’s life, character reference letters for court appearances may play a significant role. In fact, the person’s appearance in court is enough to say something and therefore, no mistake is bearable.

Evaluation of a person’s qualities is the only thing that matters while writing a character witness statement. Once in a lifetime, you may have to write this letter for someone you know. The main purpose of this letter is to make sure that the court has a vivid picture of who the defendant is.

Things to consider during writing a character witness letter:

A well-written character witness letter determines you as an impartial witness. It states how you know the person. Also, it explains why his character makes your recommendation reliable. When you are communicating with a legal authority acknowledge the problem that caused the person’s arrest. In this way, you can express your positive appraisal of his future conduct.

Here are some things that you should consider during writing a character witness letter;

  • It doesn’t matter whom the letter is addressing, you must have to state who you are and why your reader should believe your opinions.
  • Next, explain you are a good and impartial judge of character.
  • State from whom you are writing about did perform his tasks well. To follow directions, explain all traits as consistency, reliability, and willingness.
  • If you are addressing the letter in the context of law enforcement, don’t try to hide the fact. You have to provide your reader a realistic appraisal for better conduct in the future.

How to write a character witness letter?

The format and tone of the letter should be professional because it is reviewed by the judge. You have to use the exact judge’s name and title. Be honest in your writings. If you become dishonest, it damages your reputation. Also, it doesn’t help the defendant.

Next, introduce yourself and your profession. Inform the judge whom you are writing the letter for. You have to explain to the judge that you are aware of the charges against the defendant. By doing this, you can let the judge know that you know what the defendant has done and you are willing to write positively about the defendant.

After that, explain how you met the defendant and how long you know him. Emphasize the good deeds the defendant has done. If he has done some volunteer work in the past then state the names of the organizations and the kinds of activities he has participated in. Furthermore, state the examples if he is a good provider for the family and devoted to his family. You have to be honest. Discuss how the defendant’s incarceration will affect his present, future, job, and life negatively.

Also, talk about how his incarceration affects his family and employment. Then, state how he has learned from his mistakes and what steps he will take to change. Make sure that he will not make the same mistake again. In the end, mention your contact number so that the judge may reach you with any questions. When you include your contact number, it shows that you are serious about helping the defendant.

Some other helpful tips:

  • During writing a character witness letter, it’s important to pay attention to the positive aspects of the character of the person.
  • You have to focus on essential qualities of the defendant such as decency, honesty, integrity, reliability, etc. You can also mention the amount of time that you have known the person for.
  • If your relationship is long-lasting then you are aware of his true character. It makes your witness letter more credible. Because it shows that you have known the person long enough and you have an idea of who he truly is.
  • Moreover, indicate that you are aware of the purpose behind the court appearance.
  • Your letter should be clear and concise. Don’t use fancy words and terms because it’s a formal letter.
  • After inserting all the essential details, you should make a fair copy of the document to present to the lawyers.
  • Your letter should be typed not handwritten.


In conclusion, a character witness letter is a formal document that is written by friends, colleagues, and other acquaintances. It explains the defendant as a person and a professional. It plays a key role in employment and parole. Select a person who knows you well as a referee. The letter should be written in a professional tone. The referee should explain how he met the defendant and how long he knows him.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How character witness letter disqualifies?

The character witness letter disqualifies due to untruthful acts and contradictions.

What is a good character witness statement?

A good character witness statement explains the following;

1- A way the incarceration of defendant will affect his or her family and employer
2- The defendant has learned from their mistake
3- The steps they have taken to change
4- You provide assurance that they will not make the same mistake again

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