30+ Free Authorization Letter Samples & Templates [Word+PDF]

authorization letter sample to act on behalf

To write an efficient authorization letter you may need an authorization letter sample. Basically, it’s a document that acts as proof that a person gives permission to another person to perform a specific action. For example, permission slips for a school trip. By filling and signing this slip, parents allow the school to take their child outside school boundaries.

Different types of authorization letter samples:

Authorization letter sample for claiming:

This document helps an individual to create an authorization letter for claiming important documents on his behalf for properties. For instance, if a person is not able to collect his important documents then he can create an authorization letter to inform his wife or friend to collect all the documents and do some signatures on his behalf.

Authorization letter sample to act on behalf:

To act on behalf authorization letter is needed to perform actions on behalf of someone. When someone is on vacation or not present then he selects an individual which is his representative and he has to do everything that a person stated in the letter.

Authorization letter sample to collect documents from office:

This type of authorization letter is brief and to the point. However, it is a legal document so it should be followed a business block letter format. All the sections are on the left side, single-spaced, and double-spaced in between sections. Also, mention all the important information such as names and dates.

Authorization letter sample to process documents:

Sometimes in life there comes a time when you may need someone to process important documents on your behalf. As it is a legal document so it must be formatted properly and to the point follow business block letter format. Moreover, in this letter, you are allowing someone to handle and sign documents on your behalf.

You can use this letter for various purposes such as for personal records, to handle financial and real estate documents, etc.

Authorization letter sample for the bank:

The bank authorization letter is used to inform an individual about the bank-related tasks in the absence of someone due to some reason.

Authorization letter sample for medical treatment:

A medical treatment authorization letter enables you to allow someone to take medical treatment for yourself, a child, or anyone in the letter. During composing this letter you should consider some points;

  • At first, the letter must be precise and easy to understand.
  • All the important points should be mentioned in a letter.
  • Don’t write the letter out by hand.
  • The letter should be formatted in block business style so that all the information orderly manner.
  • Furthermore, you should also include all important medical information such as insurance carrier, allergies, or medications.

After completing your letter, proofread it for errors and notarized it. After that, give the letter to the appointed person and also keep a copy for your own records.

Other types of authorization letter sample are;

  1. Authorization letter to pick up.
  2. Authorization letter for signatures
  3. Financial authorization letter sample and much more. You may also like free business letter format Templates.

How many parties are involved in an authorization letter?

Commonly, there are three parties involved in an authorization letter;

1st party:

The 1st party involved in the letter is the rightful owner, which is basically the writer of the letter.

2nd party:

The second party involved in the letter is the institution or organization.

3rd party:

The third party involved in the letter is the person who is appointed as the proxy. It is the person who performs a specific action on behalf of the rights owner.

The second party in the letter explains the rights for the third party acting as the proxy in the absence of 1st party. However, if you don’t know the second party then it’s better to write ‘to whom it may concern’ to address 2nd unknown party.

Format of an authorization letter:

Once in a life you may not able to attend to a certain situation then you need an authorization letter. Therefore, it is important for you to learn how to format an authorization letter. Let us discuss how to format it;

  • At the top-left corner of the letter include name, address, and date.
  • Next, include the name and address of the receipt.
  • After that, include salutations that start with Dear, Mr/Mrs, or ‘to whom it may concern.
  • The paragraphs are not too long and the body of the letter is single-spaced.
  • At the end, the letter will conclude sincerely and has a handwritten signature and name of the 1st party.
  • The letter should be written in a formal tone and provide correct information.

Importance of authorization letter:

  • An authorization letter has great importance in the business for carrying out different business activities.
  • In schools, children need permission to go on a school trip in the form of an authorization letter.
  • When you can’t go bank to sign important documents then you can send someone on your behalf to carry out the task.
  • It helps people to collect medical records on behalf of someone.
  • If a university student has moved abroad and may need some important documents from a particular place then you can send someone on your behalf to collect those documents.
  • Furthermore, this letter is very helpful in dealing with property matters. When you are not in a city and it is necessary to sign an important document then you can appoint a representative on your behalf to sign the important matters. You should also check Proof of Residency Letters.


In conclusion, an authorization letter sample is required for various purposes and very helpful for your clients. It acts as a very helpful guideline in protecting the business, its employees, and its clients. Moreover, it is used in different fields especially in business and bank-related work. An authorization letter acts as evidence that someone performs a certain action on someone else’s behalf.

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