Free Claim Letter Templates & Examples (How to Write a Claim Letter?)

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A claim letter is a written notice to someone to let them know your intent to seek damages. These damages may include personal injuries or incomplete or unsatisfactory work on a specific project.

What is a claim letter?

A claim letter is a formal letter written to inform a second party that their service is unsatisfactory. Claim letters are used in different situations. Often, these letters are used in formal legal proceedings against a company or individual that violates the contract. Sending this letter is a step towards recompense if you receive inferior work from a contractor. Furthermore, this letter proves that the necessary steps have been taken to inform the defendant of the dispute before taking any legal action.

Basics elements of a claim letter:


The customers who have encountered problems with the business’s products or services will send this letter to the companies. This letter has a request of some sort of remuneration or adjustment such as a replacement or a refund. Consider the following to write an effective letter of claim template;

  • Explain the defect of the product or the substandard service you experienced.
  • You should make sure that the details you will give is clear, direct and as much as possible be very detailed in your explanation. For the purposes of re-checking, such information will prove its worth. The checking of the actual product by the supplier will facilitate by having this data.
  • In case, the issue is about a product, then include the following components;
    1- Name of the product
    2- The exact date that when you bought the product
    3- The date when the product reached
    4- For the product, how much you paid
    5- The model number, color, and size of the product

Which types of claims may warrant a claim letter?

Disgruntled buyers generally writes a claim letter to complain and demand compensations from the sellers. In simple words, a buyer sends this letter to a seller. There are different circumstances when buyer compose a claim letter. For instance, they may write a letter to the transportation authority for demanding compensation due to damages caused by negligence.


However, a seller can also send this letter to the buyer in order to make their own demands. The unsatisfied buyers to seek compensation write claim letters to sellers. The easiest way to settle the claim is to call the agency or the seller. But, claim letter is considered a better means of communication as it is a written documentation that let the sellers know regarding the customer’s dissatisfaction.

Here are some reasons that buyer consider to write a claim letter;

  • Complete or loss refund of purchase price of the service or product
  • Again deliver you products with the right items
  • To replace defective products
  • To repair damaged products
  • For reducing the product’s price
  • To reschedule the payment installments
  • For making corrections of any mistakes in the bill
  • Cancel the complete order or a part of it

How to write a claim letter?

Claim letters generally are written by a company’s products or services deemed unsatisfactory and when there is a need for adjustments. For example, a company has outsourced the production of a part that is needed for a final product. A company can write a letter of claim template in case the company deems that the work done by the contractor isn’t up to specifications. The letter is written to demand a more superior product.


Moreover, the tone of the letter should be very formal and serious. You should consider the following important factors while writing a claim letter;

  • At the start of the letter, specify that you’re making a claim and then indicate the type of claim you’re making.
  • Mention the policy number, if applicable.
  • Demonstrate the certain details or circumstances of your claim. Ensure to indicate all the important facts about the claim.
  • Specify the amount you intend to claim or the action the reader should take. Also, mention the date that when such actions carry out.
  • The documents that are relevant to your claim, attach them such as your claim letter, claims forms, warranty, repair estimates, records, and receipts.
  • To support your claim, you can use some relevant documents. Ensure to indicate the contents of the documents specifically. In addition to this, explain why they can back up your claim.
  • Identify a date that when you get an answer. Then, include your contact information. This way, the reader will get in touch with you easily.
  • Politely thank the recipient for his/her assistance at the end of the letter.

Some tips for writing a claim letter and other relevant letters:

You may compose some letters to inform your customers regarding some schemes or offers that will help them make great savings. Of course, the purpose of such exciting offers is to make more money.


By having such letters customers can make great profits. Moreover, at the same time, inform them of the company’s changes in supplies, rates, new offers, and more. The letter is also used to introduce a new product to its new or existing customers.

Claim letters and customer complaints are two tools that can highly improve your business. They would tell you what’s wrong with your products or services. Warm and helpful letters to prospective customers can maintain a business relationship with them for a long time. Here are some tips that will help you in writing a claim letter;

  • You should write about the schemes or offers you have briefly. Discuss the benefits that customers can get when they should avail of the offer.
  • Also, specify the period in which your offer remains valid. This would assist your customers in making up their minds and deciding to avail of the offer earlier than later.
  • You should use a positive tone as this will get you a positive response. Your language should be appealing that will attract the customer’s attention towards the discounts and offers.
  • Inform your reader you consider him/her a valued customer, therefore, you’re writing the letter.
  • The customer or company you’re referring to, mention their full name.
  • When imparting the information in your letter, you have to be concise but clear.
  • Tell your customers that you are making proposals to improve customer service in the future.
  • In case, there are essential forms to be sent or filled out, then for a quicker chance of approval, include them in your letter.
  • You should always maintain a respectful and courteous tone. There is no need to use a rude or disrespectful tone even you may feel they have wronged you. Stay professional as well as assertive.
  • Within the set time limit, send the claim letter to make your claim valid.
  • Make sure to clearly explain what you expect to achieve in sending your claim letter.
  • The statements in your claim letter should be fully tactful and accurate. This will encourage the company to approve your claim.
  • Your chances of your request getting accepted or entertained by the company would diminish by using threats, accusations, and other hints of intimidation.
  • Explain the accurate steps you require to take and how long you can wait for their reply.
  • The relevant documents that can substantiate your claim, attach them to your letter. The notes and e-mails of conversations that you had with the agency staff or seller, print out copies of them as they are relevant to the issue.

Things to consider while denying claims:

A claim letter is written by a customer to an agency or a business to inform them about some problem with their product or service. For the seller, include the following in the claim letter while denying claim;

  • Write a statement while opening the letter regarding your regret that you have to deny the claim.
  • The reason for denying or rejecting the claim should be stated. As proof, attach any documents to prove the denial.
  • The details that the claimant can use include it in the letter so that the claim can get approved in case the latter so wishes.
  • All the relevant dates should be included.
  • To whom the customer have to address the appeal, specify the contact information of that person.
  • As a seller, you should state in the end that you value the customers that’s why your opinion is very important for you.


In conclusion, in a claim letter, you should make a request for the remedy or adjustment that you think is fair enough to fix the problem. Your letter’s tone should be professional and formal.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which mistakes should you avoid while writing a claim letter?

Here are the mistakes that you must avoid while writing this letter;

1- Never vague leave out details
2- Don’t make unreasonable demands
3- Don’t think that the reader is responsible
4- Don’t make use of the words that are aggressive or threatening
5- Never leave out evidence
6- Never forget to attach copies of all relevant documents
7- Try to avoid grammar mistakes or typos

What are some pointers to consider in order to write an effective claim letter?

1- The letter should be written clearly
2- Get to the point quickly
3- Use a firm but not unfriendly tone
4- State your demand clearly

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