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An employee recognition letter is an effective tool used by the employers to appreciate their employees for their hard work. The employees will definitely feel pleasantly surprised when their employer awards them with a recognition letter for their hard work. Moreover, when they know that their boss realizes and recognizes their efforts, it encourages them to work even harder.

What is a recognition letter?

A recognition letter is given by an employer to their employees for performing beyond expectations. The main purpose of this letter is to appreciate the employee’s effort and hard work that they put into achieving their goals at work. For example, when the employees successfully completed a project, you award this letter to them to show your gratitude.

In the process of employee recognition, composing and awarding the recognition letter is an essential part. When you send this letter, it assists you in establishing stronger relationships and healthy culture in your company. When you express your employees that you recognize what they do, this makes them feel better about themselves. It also encourages them further to maintain their enthusiasm.

Before writing a recognition letter, what should you prepare?

Before writing the employee a recognition letter, you should brainstorm on some topics that you want to address. To get a better idea of what to write and how to format the letter, you may look at letter of recognition examples. If you are planning to write a letter, below are some questions that you may ask yourself;

  • When you try to recall what your employees have done, what achievements or projects immediately standout?
  • When employees apply to their work, what qualities or skills they possess?
  • What’s it like to work with this specific employee every day?

Different types of recognition letters:

There are different types of recognition letters on the basis of the purpose of the letter, the message you want to convey, and the position of the employee you’re awarding the letter to, and so on. Let us discuss the most common types you can select from; You may also like Employee of the Month Certificate Templates.

Informal letters

This type of recognition letter recognizes the particular contributions of an employee. Awarding this letter makes the employees feel awarded and recognized. You don’t have contributions of an employee with this letter. The employee would appreciate the letter more if you attach some gift with it like a bonus check.

Semi-formal letters

It has a more formal composition than the informal one. Employees with higher positions like officers or managers are awarded this type of letter. Likewise informal letters, if you attach some gift with it, the letter will become more meaningful.

Formal letters

As its name implies, it has a formal style and format. Award this type of recognition letter to managers and other employees with high positions in the company. It doesn’t matter how high an employee’s position is, they must awarded with such letters. By receiving this letter, they would feel that they are doing a great job of managing their department or subordinates. Surely, the gifts come up with this letter would have a higher value.

Thank you letters

In showing appreciation to your employees, thank you letters are very effective. You may not know exactly how other employees feel in case you’re at the “top of the food chain” at work. By awarding this letter, you express your gratitude and appreciation. This will have a powerful effect on the motivation of your employees.

How do you write an employee recognition letter?

Almost all companies have an employee recognition process. Awarding a recognition letter would provide a huge and lasting impact on the positivity and productiveness of the workplace. As an employer, there is no better tool than the recognition letter for you. Thus, this makes your employees feel good about themselves, the company, and all of the objectives you’re trying to achieve.

An employee recognition letter awarded to an employee will motivate them and keep them encouraged. When employees know that you see and appreciate all of the efforts they put into their tasks, they work harder. Employee recognition will boost the morale of your employees and your company from letters to gifts, and bonuses. Moreover, tokens of gratitude like letters and simple gifts won’t cost you much.

As part of the recognition process, if you can’t afford to award gifts to your employees then you can always make a letter of recognition example for them. You should adopt the habit of awarding recognition letters to your employees on a daily basis. Also, when you see that your one of your workers deserves it. Some employees appreciate these letters so much that they place them in their office spaces for a long time.

Furthermore, never make your letter complex or elaborate. But, you have to cover certain things to get the results you’d like the letter to get. Below are some tips that you should follow;

  • During describing the employee’s behavior, use specific details that you would like to encourage.
  • For the work employee has done or for their contribution to the success of your goals, show your gratitude to them.
  • You should draft the letter and award it to the employee jut after he performed the task or exhibited the behavior.
  • It’s up to you whether you print the letter out, write it by hand on a cardstock or email it to your employee.
  • For the employee and for the achievement, personalized the letter rather than send a template that’s the same for everyone. You should also check Employee Handbook Templates.


In conclusion, an employee recognition letter is the easiest, simplest, and cheapest way to show your appreciation, gratitude or recognition to your employees. This letter would be ideal for the employee with the lowest position to the one holding the highest position. Awarding this letter is an important part in the process of employee recognition.

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