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A call log template is used by businesses that involve a lot of communication using mobile or telephones to record all the calls which happen each and every day. This document is used to collect statistical and technical data during call. Then, this collected data is assessed and reported to be able to derive useful information from it.

You have to write down in a phone call log template the origin of the call for incoming calls and the destination of the call for outgoing calls. Also, you to specify the start and end time of the calls and other pertinent information like the characteristics of the transmission.

Businesses get a lot of benefits from having such records. The recorded information is important in day-to-day business. By having such a log, you just have to look at it or use it as a reference as required. You may also like call sheet templates.

Benefits of having a call log:

Having a call log provides you a lot of benefits;

For controlling costs

You can begin having a log to record all the calls made from your phones in case you’ve set a budget of phone usage. You may have to guide your employees about the new system of recording calls or call logging. This way, they are aware and would begin recording the calls they make whenever they use your phone. If you are monitoring your calls then you definitely know how many calls are made from your own organization on average every day or every month.

To avoid hacking

Unfortunately, nowadays, hacking of phone systems is rising again. Nefarious people have also started to hack into systems of organizations in order to make overseas calls. These overseas calls could end up being extremely expensive. You can take steps in rectifying the situation when you notice that there are extra calls which have been made but are not part of your log.

To keep track of major accounts

You should make use of a log in case you have a lot of accounts and you want to keep a record of the bigger or more major ones. You would be able to make sure that you will answer calls from the numbers and details of the major accounts that you know.

To keep a record of all sales calls

Having a call log template is of the utmost importance if your organization is dealing with several sales calls and it is the actual nature of your business. The log informs you who is performing the best, who requires training and how efficient your agents are.

To assist in managing service desks

When you know that who is tying up your phone lines each and every day, you will become able to gauge how many of your customers are communicating with your people. The majority of the calls would have to be to or from actual customers in any kind of the business instead of those who are just curious but aren’t buying from you or getting your services.

Determine strengths and weaknesses

You will be able to see exactly how your employees are performing by giving a call log to all of your employees, especially in a business that has a lot of phone conversations. Then, you can provide credit or incentives to those who have an excellent performance record. On the other hand, those who seem to have weaknesses, take steps toward improving them.

During training, boost feedback

In training sessions, you can use a call log for reference and as a point of discussion. Without indicating the names of employees, use their personal logs to indicate what good performance and poor performance look like. It is an effective and concrete tool. Use it to increase your training and provide a better insight to your employees.

Help in the process of setting goals

Collecting logs and assessing them would provide you an effective picture of how effective your business is going to depend upon phone sales and conversations. You can set higher goals and inform your employees regarding these new goals when you have done your evaluations and you’ve seen that performance is improving. While, when you see that performance is not up to par then set more achievable goals. Furthermore, you should also provide them the opportunity to reach them for the betterment of your organization.

To monitor progress

You have a way to monitor your progress after setting goals either new or existing. The log allows you to do so. Similarly, in call centers, call logs can be used to monitor the progress of their agents. In case, all the agents are able to do so then it indicates that the organization is moving towards getting their goals. You should monitor the progress of each and every employee in order to provide credit to those who are doing well and to help those who are doing poorly.

Build a learning and progressive work environment

The whole work environment of an organization move towards a culture of learning and progression if the employers daily assess the results of logs and take the appropriate steps based on the results. Moreover, the entire atmosphere improves and the organization becomes more productive when the organization builds learning and progressive environment.

For increasing customer satisfaction and the quality of service

By reading all the above-mentioned benefits, you can see that they all work towards the improvement of your company or organization. If the employees are working well then the whole organization becomes more productive. This indicates that their capability to give better service quality is increased. It’s a fact that when the customers and clients are happy, they will continue to patronize your products and services. You should also check call center report templates.


In conclusion, a call log template is a useful tool provides you with a wealth of data which can be very valuable to you. The log is used to register all the incoming and/or outgoing calls with a lot of details.

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