Free Printable Attendance Sheet Templates (Excel, Word)

employee attendance tracker excel template

The attendance mark shows the presence of someone somewhere. So, the use of an attendance sheet template is pretty common in almost every session of our daily life.

Teachers use the attendance sheet template printable registers to mark students’ attendance for the classes. The attendance sheet is later used for the evaluation of students.

Similarly, the attendance of professionals at some business seminars only holds the purpose of main the record on the representative of whom companies have got interested in the seminar or exhibition.

Further, the companies mark the attendance of their employees for multiple reasons. As the employees are an integral part of any company. So, the company achieves goals by the combined efforts of human and other resources. Thus, it’s important to maintain a level of the required workforce at the workplace at a particular time.

Finally, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the use of an attendance sheet template essential for almost all the disciplines of life. Although, modern attendance systems are available to mark the daily attendance along with in and out times.

However, it’s not useful for all types of applications. Thus, the use of excel printable sheets is still pretty common, especially in educational institutions.

While the companies have started focusing on other solutions like using face scanners, retina scanners, RFID cards, and fingerprint readers to mark employees’ attendance.

Different types of attendance sheet templates

Let us discuss below the different types of attendance sheets;

Employee attendance sheet template

The employee attendance sheet template is a document used to record the following information about an employee;

  • Attendance
  • Absence
  • Late comings
  • Presence
  • Holidays
  • Sick leaves

All the above information proves useful for HR departments, business owners, and executives when they are calculating their salaries.

Student attendance sheet template

This type of attendance sheet template is used by educational institutions to record the attendance of a student. The education institutions record the students’ presence and absence in a class with the help of an attendance sheet template. Also, this template reduces teachers’ workload and saves time.

Timesheet attendance sheet template

A tool used to record and track the attendance of employees, teachers, students, and any other party is known as a timesheet attendance sheet template. This sheet is used by employers to record the number of hours spent by the employees on the job. This record is then used to pay the employees on a daily, bi-weekly, or weekly basis.

How do you make an attendance sheet in Excel?

Here are 5 steps that will help you while making an attendance sheet in MS Excel;

  1. At first, add labels for Attendance and Name, then for the name slot use student 1. Next, select the student 1 box, press ctrl+ enter and drag down from the bottom-right corner of the box to fill in more student slots.
  2. The next step is to add and format dates. Enter your date in this 2/1/2020 format. Then, right-click and choose Format Cells. Choose the number tab and then select custom.
  3. After that, insert a column for Total.
  4. Next, remove zero for non-existent students. For this purpose add an IF statement to the SUM function.
  5. The last step is to generate a printable area for a final tally. Choose both columns and then go to the page layout tab and choose a print area and then set the print area.

How to use the Attendance Sheet?

There are several reasons for using an attendance sheet at any place. There are some direct benefits of using an attendance sheet. While there are some indirect or hidden uses of attendance sheets.

The educational institutions mark attendance for many reasons. A complied sessional record of the employee attendance percentage helps the teacher to decide if an employee fulfills the criteria of taking exams.

Also, the teacher maintains a two-way communication channel with the parents to alert them that the student hasn’t attended school or college on a particular day. So, parents can keep an eye on their children.

While at the workplace, the main purpose of the attendance sheet is to manage the company’s payroll system. So, the daily attendance record is maintained and complied at the end of a defined period. The absences are tracked from paid time off (PTO) requests and leave a record of an employee is updated accordingly.

Similarly, some companies deduct the salary to alert the employee. So, the attendance sheet helps to verify the employee absences with a threshold to proceed for warnings and deductions.

Also, an attendance sheet is a kind of record for any application. It shows that the particular person was at that place for the marked time frame. Therefore, the companies always maintain the time ins and time outs of all the employees for security and legal purposes.

How to use an attendance sheet to reward school-age students?

Consider the following ideas to reward students so that they attend class on time;

  • The students who aren’t late or who don’t miss any days, give them weekly or monthly ‘Perfect Attendance’ certificates.
  • Give the chronically tardy students a different type of award to aim for.
  • On a monthly basis, give a Most Improved prize for attendance.
  • Reward a prize and certificate at the end of the year for the student who never misses a day.

Components of Attendance Sheet:

What information should present on the attendance sheet is linked with how it is going to be used. So, it is enough to just mark P or any tally sign on the student attendance sheet against the roll number or name of a student. As it shows the presence of the student at the lecture of defined time length.

However, the attendance sheet for an employee is a bit complicated and must include the In time and Out time of the employee. Further, the employee ID and designation can also be included.

When teaching adults, how attendance patterns can help you improve your class?

Adult students/learners are generally voluntary learners. They usually like to attend those classes or workshops where they can learn something new. They attend classes that benefit them professionally or personally. But when they get disappointed they can stop attending a class together.

When the attendance sheet represents a pattern of various people regularly absent in class then teachers should ask themselves the following questions;

  • Is the class time too long or inconvenient?
  • Is the course content you are teaching boring?
  • Is the course too difficult?

If you don’t know what problems causing absences, you may not sure what to do. In this case, you should take a survey to your class and ask adults about the class, positives, and negatives. In this survey, you can also ask about the time and day the class is scheduled. Hence, with the help of attendance patterns, you can improve your class.

What to do when your attendance sheet indicates chronically tardy school-age students?

With the help of an attendance sheet, you can determine students that have a problem with punctuality. It is essential to get to the root of the problem of chronically late students. If the students get to school late every morning then it is important to set out an appropriate punishment. An appropriate solution is to have children stay after school to “make up” the time. Notify their parents regarding this punishment so that they know their child will be late home from school.

Your attendance sheet in College tells a story:

There is an indication of the serious matter when college students are absent and tardy excessively. Sometimes students have problems adjusting to college life. This signals a problem when the attendance sheet templates indicate that a student is missing class or showing up late daily. In college, most students are from small towns or close-knit families. They may face trouble adjusting to college life. It is the first time when they have been out in the world on their own.

In some cases, chronic absences indicate a serious problem like depression or a substance abuse disorder. Before penalizing the student, you should speak to the student in person if you noticed they have been missing class daily or signs the attendance sheet rarely. Some students are dealing with mental health disorders and they feel ashamed to share it with their teachers.

Make good use of your attendance sheet template. When it comes to problems with attendance and tardiness, college students need a push in the right direction although they may seem grown. The struggle of students to adjust to college life is real. With the help of an attendance sheet, you can determine your student’s struggles.

What are the benefits of an attendance sheet?

Attendance sheet has various benefits such as;

  • With the help of an attendance sheet, you can keep an eagle-eye view of employee/student regularity.
  • Cost-saving
  • It saves time and money for the institutions that have a low budget.
  • It assists to know the strength or availability of employees on a specific day to efficiently manage your project.
  • It helps you to manage the record of various employees/students.
  • The attendance sheet enables HR managers/employers to determine attendance issues.
  • It reduces absenteeism.
  • It keeps the students and employees punctual.
  • Managing projects and tasks will become easier.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does the attendance sheet template help you?

The main purpose of the attendance sheet is to keep track of and manage the attendance of involved parties. It assists you to track the presence, contribution, and absence of a single person. It helps you to determine and solve a problem efficiently.

How do you track your attendance?

With the help of attendance tracker software, you can track the attendance. It helps you to simplify the tedious task of keeping attendance. There is several online attendance tracker software.

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