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A seating chart template is used by wedding planners to place people’s name on one of the seats randomly. This is the most challenging part of the whole event. At weddings, the escort card you pick is to direct yourself to the table you will be seated. You really don’t think about the effort that goes behind that seating arrangement.

When all the guests receive their RSVPs then the seating chart template is chosen. So, it is usually done at the end of the planning phase. The thing about seating charts is that you have to do this task own your own because you know your family or friends better than anyone. Also, don’t put the people next to each other who don’t like each other.

Don’t over think the seating arrangement:

At your wedding, your guests may not be seated for more than 90 minutes. Never put people together who don’t like each other. If you do this then don’t break your guests into ideal groups of eight people for each table.

Assigning tables:

Usually, people have escort cards that have the table number on them. Some people also have a place card in front of the seat on the table. This will take too much time and effort. At first, you have to assign people a table and then you have to decide where exactly they should be seated on that table. By assigning people their table numbers, there is no any difficulty for people to decide where they want to sit. You should use a seating chart template and fill in the names of all your guests. After that, place it up at the entrance like a poster. In case, your guests lost their escort cards, they won’t have to worry about it.

How many people must be seated on one table?

Every round table should have 6 people at least. If there will less than 6 people on each table then it may feel kind of empty. For affairs like weddings, you don’t have to make the feel of the more the merrier. Firstly, start with six and if the table is big enough, including eight people per table is good option. It doesn’t matter what shape and size the tables are, you just have to ensure that each people have sufficient elbow space to be able sit comfortably and eat. Don’t try to micromanage the space between every table. However, the wedding planners have the experience and the knowledge of how that works. It’s better to leave it to them.

Where should the couple sit?

There is no strict rule for couple seating. The wedding couple is celebrating their special day so they can sit wherever they want. In the front of the room, there is a head table with an arch in the background so that it will look like a special table. You also have to decide who makes the roster for this table. This is the daunting part. You can do it effectively by placing your table in the middle of the room. This way, there are number of tables close by and you can seat the people close to you on these tables. Also, they don’t feel like they were assigned a distant table.

Using the seating chart template:

You should begin with the master guest list. You can make this list in different ways. The best way is to make the separate list from the master list of people whom you want to spend time together at the wedding. Then, according to the number of seats per table, subdivide them into groups. You have to ensure that these tables are next to each other. This makes the people are close by and from across the wedding room, they don’t have to wave at each other.

Moreover, when you are at the event, don’t hesitate to ask the opinions of the people close to you. This in result provides you a lot of guesswork, time and effort.

Be bold:

You can always mix up your friends and family. They both are willing to attend your special day. It doesn’t mean they haven’t a conversation with the people they are seated with. May be they make new friends. Later on, they thank you for giving them an opportunity to introduce themselves to each other. Furthermore, if you mix up everyone they may feel that their seating arrangement was not given special attention.

How to create a seating chart?

Consider the following tips to make a seating chart;

  • Make your seating chart legible and make sure it should be clear and easy to read.
  • Keep the chart simple. Organize it in such a way so that the viewer can pinpoint their name and their assigned seat easily. People don’t have to work hard to find the information.
  • Specify the names in some type of order such as alphabetically or by table number. People usually read left to right so organize the seating chart in the same fashion.
  • You should make sure that everyone is comfortable. It is essential that each guest is seated comfortably so make sure everyone has an assigned seat.


In conclusion, a seating chart template is a helpful document in order to make an effective seating arrangement for an event. This process is usually done at the end of the panning phase. Additionally, don’t this task to another person. This is because you know your family and friends better than anyone.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What programs should you use to create a seating chart?

You should use the following;

1- Visual paradigm
2- Canva
3- SmartDraw
4- Mega seating plan
5- RSVPify
6- Social Tables

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