First / New Apartment Checklist Templates [Excel, Word, PDF]

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You need a first apartment checklist when you are moving away from home to attend college. This checklist itemizes all your college necessities which typically include items like desk lamps, bed sheets, pillows, etc. You can also search online to get an idea about product information to complete your checklist.

What to include in your apartment checklist?

You should include all these items in your checklist so that you have everything for your new apartment;


Making a list for kitchen items depend on your eating habits. Your new apartment kitchen is utmost under-processed. If you want to socialize a lot then make a list for extra wares such as plates, spoons, cooking utensils, etc. If not, then minimize it. You can also use disposables because it saves time and cleaning efforts. Moreover, include disinfecting items in order to keep surfaces clean and sanitary.


It is the most important place in your apartment. You should always keep it clean and be precautious on what its constant needs. On the personal side, the things you may require are bath soap, body wash, and toothpaste. Bathroom refreshers are also important. Bear in mind that the guests will always remember that how you maintain this all-important room.

Living room:

It’s better to keep your living room simple. There is no need to place unnecessary or novelty items. Things like lighting, a table lamp on a side table, a comfortable sofa, trough pillows, a center table, and a TV set are ample. To add some accent place a colorful flowered vase. Also, keep the floors clean and vacuum and polish regularly.


You must have a number of bed sheets and pillowcases on hand. One side table is needed to put your items like your watch, eyeglasses and items you take off before sleep. Make use of air freshener in your bedroom. You may also like Building Maintenance Checklist Template.


For freshmen students, there is no need to purchase all those furnishings brand new. You can also ask from your friends, parents, and relatives to spare some stuff for your new realm. Additionally, it’s better to visit high-end garage sales. There you can buy expensive items at the lowest costs. By having a collection of these second-hand eclectic items your apartment will definitely provide you a sense of accomplishments.

Cleaning supplies:

Leave some space in the kitchen or in a designated area to stock your cleaning needs. You should keep enough cleaning aids so as not to fall short on them. The cleaning aids may include dishwashing liquids, scrub mats, laundry needs, air fresheners, etc. Some of them may be flammable so don’t keep them beside food supplies and electrical sources.

Odds and ends:

You can also require some additional items but they are not a prime necessity. Vacuum cleaners and microwave ovens are useful but you have to put them later. Sometimes landlord also provides you washing machine and dryers but if they don’t then go find a laundry mat.

Which things you need to buy?


A third of your life commonly spends on mattress. It is important to have comfortable sleeping hours and a time for body to rest. A decent mattress makes you feel refresh. By having such feeling you can enjoy the day more in your apartment.


Since you can’t sleep on the floor without a mattress similarly you can’t sit without a sofa on the floor. However, it is an expensive item and might your budget would permit it. You can also buy it in high-end garage sales.

Bed frame:

Bed frames can be referred as addition to a mattress but it makes you feel more like an adult.

Cooking accoutrements:

You don’t need any kitchen stuff if you are a fast food junkie. Just a glass and a plate are ample for you. But if you have interest in cooking then a few pots and pans will be a good investment. If your budget can’t allow you to buy these things, try to get them from home.

Glasses and plates:

It isn’t good to have guests eating on paper plates and drink on paper glasses. These are not expensive, pick some simple and of high quality. If you use them with care, you can use them for years.

A desk and a chair:

You can sit on a sofa whole day; it could give extra strain on your back. Desks will provide better comfort for working people. However, nowadays they are not used anymore in the presence of working tables. You should purchase a desk with a comfortable chair to boot.


The inadequate lighting is always painful to eyes. So, you should place some good lamps which could be bought at reasonable prices.

Things that you can buy later on:

Side tables:

The side tables also provide you comfort and convenience. If you have short budget and you can’t afford them, you can use cardboard or wooden boxes covered with tablecloths in place of them.


The rugs can add accent in the look of a room. They can sometimes be expensive.


It is another candidate for the buy-later list. You can decorate your apartment with affordable art.

Serving dishes:

There is no need to put these items to be priority in your checklist. This is because you aren’t into regular entertaining of guests.’

Dining tables and chairs:

A small table with two chairs is good enough to have meal on. You should also check Envelope Address Templates.


Don’t spend too much on unnecessary dresses. You should also have a box that serves as a storage bin because as a freshman saving is important for you.


In conclusion, you should pinpoint in your apartment checklist template all the unnecessary items that are not of priority. During making your checklist, you have to focus all the areas in the home and all the items which go into them. Furthermore, keep your checklist simple so that you can organize all the things effectively.

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