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The bank statement template is considered the most important financial document. This document states how much you have in your account and how much you have spent. It requires a lot of effort and time to create but with the help of a template, you can create it in a fraction of seconds. Additionally, the templates contain a professional layout that you can easily understand.

What is a bank statement?

A bank statement is a summary of financial transactions that have happened over a particular period of time. From your bank or other financial institutions, you can get a bank statement template. The statement includes the transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, debit, and credit. Mostly bank sends this statement via email in the form of a written document. However, some people prefer paper bank statements so that they can keep this document in their files and use it when needed.

Basically, it is the standard method of banks to provide an overview of all the transactions. Moreover, the bank statement usually starts with the date of your last transaction i.e. opening balance from the previous month, and ends with the most recent transaction i.e. the closing balance of the current month. You may also like Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

Importance of a bank statement:

This financial document has great importance as it provides you information about the remaining funds in your account. A specific amount is mentioned on it which you have paid or received within a particular period. You can get all information about your account via this document. It helps you to make yourself aware of your financial status. Hence, by knowing your financial status, you can plan your expenses accordingly. Also, when you have confirmed the balance in your account through a statement, you can easily issue checks as payment for the items you want to purchase.

With the help of a bank statement, you can learn different types of bank schemes. Usually, the banks use it to advertise their plans, products, and financial schemes. This document also serves as your proof of address. Thus, it is a very important financial document so be careful when you receive it. You must ensure that it is not a fake bank statement.

Some features of a bank statement:

Some important features of a bank statement are as follow;

  • This statement is monthly made by the banks. They issue it to all of their account holders.
  • This financial document represents all monthly activities in the account such as deposits, withdrawals, service charges, and earned interests.
  • Your starting balance, ending balance, the date of the statement, completed transactions, details of the customer, and other relevant information are also mentioned on it.
  • In short, it provides you with a summary of all the transactions that have occurred within a month or particular time period.

How to create a bank statement?

It isn’t possible to make your own bank statement template and use it as an official document. However, you can use a fake bank statement template for your own personal use to compare with the one received by your bank. For this purpose, you just have to take a copy of your original bank statement.

Banks statement templates are created by the banks and they take a lot of time and effort. The designers of these templates go through a tedious process. So, after a lot of struggle, they create a meaningful layout that everyone can understand.

No one has the right to create a fake bank statement and pass it off as an official document. It is an illegal act and by doing this you can face a lot of difficulties. However, for any purpose, if you require a bank statement, you just have to request it from the bank, and they will give you one copy of it.

How to request a bank statement?

You have the right to request a bank statement if you have an account in a bank. Commonly, banks don’t issue statements. However, if you need it, you have to request one. Banks also have the legal right to issue a statement whenever one of their clients requests it.

To request a statement, you just have to submit an application that contains all the necessary information such as your name, account number, and a specified time period for which you need the statement. After the approval of the application, the bank will issue a copy of the bank statement without any charges. But if you require more than one copy then you have to pay for it. You should also check Fillable Blank Check Template.

The advantages of the bank statement:

Bank statement provides you a lot of advantages, some of them are as follow;

  1. When you want to apply for different types of loans then you can use them. You just have to request a statement from your bank and after getting the document attach it to your loan application.
  2. You can use it to keep a check and balance on your monthly transactions. With the help of a bank statement template, you can create your own personal document to list all of your transactions. Then, by receiving the real bank statement, you can compare it with your own document.
  3. Furthermore, the bank statement helps you to trace all of your transaction information if you see any problem with your account.
  4. This financial document acts as proof of all your monthly transactions. It is a helpful document for the business owner when they are making financial decisions.
  5. It also helps you in tracking and knowing your spending habits.


In conclusion, a bank statement template is used by banks and financial institutions to show all of the details of the transactions in the account over a certain time period. These statements are sent by the banks to their customers on a given date. Most importantly, if there are any discrepancies, with the help of this document, you can reconcile the information on your account against the records of the bank.

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