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A genogram template is used by people in order to take a wholesome look at their families and their compositions both in the physical and mental sense. Either you have an extended family or a small ordinary family, at one time you need a detailed family tree to trace your origins and know your relations.

What is a genogram template?

A genogram is generally a household map or track record. It uses different symbols to explain human relationships and the characteristics of your loved ones for a long period of time. The primary purpose of genograms is to pick up any physical or mental disorder that runs in the family. Furthermore, it includes conditions like depressive disorders, melanomas, anatomical disorders, etc.

In order to start a genogram, you first need to meet with your respective family members. Then, use genograms signs or symbols to make a strategy that tracks your loved ones’ background. In this way, you can have better family relationships. It also removes any ambiguity existing between you and your family members. By creating a genogram, you can generate happy moments in your family in the future. Additionally, genograms help you in setting personnel goals in life.

The uses of genogram:

A genogram is used in the following places;


Likewise a family tree, a genogram can be used to study relationship among individuals. It enables you to analyze parenting, separation, adaptation, and strained relationships.


A genogram is important to find out the ancestors of an individual and their origin.

Social relationships

To study relationships between individuals, family and emotional genograms are the best.

Medical history

With the help of genogram, you can specify any previous illnesses in the family and indicate those affected by it.

The benefits of using a genogram template:

A genogram template is an extended and detailed explanation of the family tree. It allows you to map out the family pattern and relationship. Also, you can at least three generations add their contacts, careers, and medical conditions.

Genograms provide details on family structures and specify the similarities and dissimilarities between them. Furthermore, you can also use safety genograms to study how factors affect personal or family development and functioning. You can identify the overall social and physical well-being of a family and its members through it.

How to create a Genogram template in MS Word?

Here are some handy tips on how to create a genogram in MS Word;

Figure out the reason of making a genogram:

At first, you have to figure out why you are making a genogram. This will help you in focusing on the nature of your family’s member data that you want to gather. You can discuss your final genogram diagram with your family members. However, some of your family members might not be comfortable with the whole idea.

  • Genograms pay attention to many hereditary patterns. They also focus on other issues like drug abuse, mental and physical illness, and physical violence. Now you have a huge variety of choices on the purpose of your genogram.
  • It can serve as a visual document for health care workers. It helps the health care workers in tracking the history of current medical problems or mental illness. Maybe this disorder running in your family bloodline.

Comprehend what you are looking for:

When you have done with the purpose of your genogram, think about what you want to learn from the genogram. In this way, you can know what to major in in your genogram. It is similar to the family tree but it has the addition of some branches. It also tells the physical as well as the mental traits of certain members of your family.

  • Genogram figures out the people of your family that who are currently married, who have divorced, widowed members, and the number of kids in each union. It represents the relationship between the various members. It also elaborates on the physical state of the children.
  • In terms of the health of your relations, think about what you want to access from your genogram. It can relate to the members who have depression, addiction, or a history of cancer.
  • You can get this information by relating how your parents are related to their parents.

Know the age range:

Next, identify the age range you want to deal with. Symbolize it in the genogram. You can use a number of generations that you want to capture in your genogram. This will help you to know how many people you have to meet in your family with respect to the settled age range. These people would provide you enough information that you want to meet the purpose of your genogram.

Set of questions:

Now, come up with a set of questions. You can answer these questions by yourself or with the help of your relatives. The right questions will guide what you intend to capture in your genogram. Thus, this will provide you enough information for your family tree.

Review your genealogy:

After that, you have to review your genealogy. Jot down what you have discussed in the early stages. You should consult with other household members after knowing the personal knowledge of the family. Keep in mind that you have to gather adequate information. You can have questions that will be helpful. You should listen to their stories to capture information. Also, the information regarding the physical and mental relations with other family members should be discussed in detail.

Check family records, books, and the internet:

For appropriate information, you can also check family records, books, and the internet. The information received by these resources informs you either you have obtained enough information or not. These resources are the best way of cross-checking the information.

Look at your own history:

You should look at your own history so that you know what information you want to obtain from your genogram. Your medical records can be especially valuable. Confirm that whether your family has similar conditions or not.

Familial relations:

It is also important to learn about your familial relations. Find out the unions between different members of your family.

Creating your genogram:

You can also genogram templates from any website and create your own by using MS word. But templates are more convenient, they can save your time as well as money.

  • You should use conventional genogram symbols to represent your family. Use the ‘draw’ or ‘shapes’ option in MS word to make genogram symbols.
  • For family associations, use a set of charts or graphs. Take a start with the oldest era and then move down the ladder.
  • Determine the patterns of behavior or ailments. Insert the genetic signs that are common in certain family members.


In conclusion, a genogram template is a hierarchal tool to explain the human relationships and characteristics of your loved ones. This document can set personnel goals in life. It also has a positive impact on your professional career. It is widely used by Psychological medical and health experts to spot shapes of physical and mental ailments.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the purpose of a genogram?

The main purpose of a genogram is to study the behavioral patterns and hereditary tendencies of a person. Medical professionals use generation genograms to study a risk of contracting a disease in an individual.

What to include in a genogram?

A genogram should include the family details of a person in a pictorial manner using symbols. You have to provide the following details of each individual;

1- Name
2- Gender
3- Date of birth
4- Date of death

How many generations should indicate in a genogram?

A genogram should indicate three to four generations and includes all details relevant to an individual’s family members, relationships, and deaths.

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