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If you want to know about ancestral history then you should use a family tree template. If you are confused about your ancestral history then understanding a family tree is important for you.

What is a family tree?

A family tree is basically a hierarchy that represents the relationship between people in several generations of a family. It identifies how they are connected with each other. As we know that today’s younger generation doesn’t know about their ancestors, relatives, and distant family members. Therefore, a family tree is the best way for them to learn about their ancestors and family. In this way, they take an interest to learn about their family history. Hence, a family tree is the best source to know about the family members, it doesn’t matter how far they are.

With the help of a family tree, youngsters can find out the background of their clan. This thing also enhances their knowledge and assists them to familiarize themselves with their whole family. Moreover, teachers in school should use different types of family trees so that children can understand the entire family tree. Also, make this activity fun for the children.

Above all, family trees help in curing diseases that are genetic and hereditary. You can resolve your genetic diseases and diagnose how they would be transferred into the future generation.

Different Types of Family Tree Templates?

The different types of family tree templates are discussed below;

Ancestor family tree template:

This template is used to display the ancestors of an individual. This family tree starts with the pro-band continuing upwards towards their parents, grandparents, and so-on. It follows the ascending order.

Descendents family tree template:

The descendent family tree follows the descending order structure. So, this template represents the descendants of the pro-band.

Sandglass family tree template:

The Sandglass family tree template displays the pro-band in the middle and ancestors, children, and other relatives over and below their name.

Other types:

The above-mentioned types of family tree templates are the main types, the other types are;

  • Five-generation ancestor family tree: It displays the statistics of the ancestors on the five generations of the family.
  • Stepfamily tree: As its name indicates it highlights the stepfamily members in the ancestry.
  • Biographical family tree: It indicates education, marriage, children, and military services.
  • Family group sheet
  • Relationship chart
  • Adoptive family tree chart

How to create a family tree?

Let us discuss step-by-step how to create a family tree;


At first, gather the information from the family members. Make a list of all family members such as parents, brothers, sisters, step-siblings, children, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, and yourself. You can also add their medical history and health.


Next, find out the symbols that can distinguish between the family relations. The most effective way to differentiate between the relationships is symbols that you can use in your family tree. You can use different symbols to represent genders, living or dead persons, etc. For example, you can use square for males, circle for female, triangle for unknown gender, for deceased person use a diagonal line through a square, rectangle for twins, etc. All these are just examples you can use other shapes as well or make up your own.


When you have all done with the above two steps, it’s time to draw a family tree. Firstly, start with yourself. It’s up to you where to place yourself either in the middle or bottom of the page. However, if you place yourself in the middle then definitely the older generation will go above you and younger will go below and your siblings will come next to you.

In addition, you should display your maternal and paternal grandparents above your parents. Next, draw the siblings of your parents i.e. your aunts and uncles next to your parents. Children of aunts and uncles will be drawn under their names. Hence, when you put all of them together they will make a family tree. You should also check Acknowledgment Samples.

What is the importance of family tree in science?

Establishing your family’s lineage can greatly affect things such as inheritance, which can be affected by disease, war, or disaster. You can also use your family tree to establish inheritance and property rights. It can be used to disprove or prove things in court.

During World War II, many families got separated. People had to run away to make sure their safety but this indicates that they had to risk this separation. The family trees were used in Europe to settle land disputes.

A family tree template proves very helpful to medical professionals. Since researchers, scientists, and epidemiologists study all the aspects of the genetics field so it grows more and more sophisticated. They get valuable clues in the treatment of diseases by using this template.

When you suffer from a genetic disease, establishing your lineage can help you a lot. You can make crucial decisions by knowing the medical issues that you and your partner have.

The working of a family tree:

You can create a family tree template in several ways. These days, people are using a lot of software programs to make this chart electronically. The family tree chart builds a visual representation of your family’s lineage. This chart is so simple yet so useful. Creating an accurate family tree chart requires some time and effort.

Obviously, you can know your great-grandparents but you would require a good amount of detective work to learn who their great-grandparents were. A lot of fact-checking is also involved in this process. Sometimes you can find answers easily but you have to ensure that these answers are accurate. It means you have to provide evidence to support the information you’ve found.

You may have to prove that you’re the rightful heir to a small fortune. Also, you have to use the information on the chart for other reasons. It doesn’t matter what your purpose is, a family tree can help you disprove or discover your history.

What are the benefits of understanding the family tree?

A family tree helps you to understand the histories instead of just the names of the family members. Let us discuss some reasons and benefits of understanding the family tree;

  1. When you know about the history of your ancestors then their facts bring you closer and it doesn’t matter how far they are from you. You can learn from the stories of your ancestors and then you should neglect their negatives and follow their positives.
  2. When you know about the contribution of your family heroes towards a noble cause, it generates a sense of belonging and peace. When the younger generation knows that their ancestors have similar experiences then they will definitely follow their positive and effective ways.
  3. Furthermore, youngster’s heart softens when they know about the hardships and sacrifices of their ancestors that they made for the betterment of their families. By understanding this, they forget the conflicts that have existed between them.
  4. A family tree helps you to get closer to the family members of your clan. In addition, your love for your family increases automatically.
  5. With the help of a family tree, you can find out your distant relatives that you never heard of before. In simple words, it explores your family history. We have already discussed above that a family tree is a hierarchy that represents the relationship between people in several generations of a family. However, understanding the family tree will allow you to identify the identity of your distant relatives. It brings both of you closer and makes your bond stronger.


In conclusion, a family tree template helps its users in searching out their ancestors and their histories. With a family tree, the younger generation will understand that relationships are necessary for them. Hence, if you really want to dig into the far depths of your family then you should download family tree templates from any website and start exploring your family.

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