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The acknowledgment samples help to create an acknowledgment of a project more effectively. Here you emphasize the role of each person and party in the research project.

What is the acknowledgment of a project?

Acknowledgment of a project comes just after the table of contents in the final year project. It allows you to thank all the people who have helped you in your project. Moreover, it is just like a dedication but it is formal. There is no need to highlight every single person you just mention the people who were most important to your research.

How to write an acknowledgment for a project?

Here are some tips that will help you in writing the acknowledgment for a project;


At first, use an appropriate tone that looks professional. Keep it concise and more formal as compared to other sections. Be specific when you are discussing the people who have helped you in the research. There are also some people who feel less comfortable if you don’t discuss their support in detail. So, to avoid this, list the names of all people alphabetically.


Next, you should start with the people who helped you most in your work. For example, you have to mention your thesis adviser or other professors who have seen your projects first. After that, highlight the people who directly helped with your projects such as your thesis committee members and supervising teachers. Also, you should acknowledge a group of people as a group. Bear in mind that your acknowledgment is not too long.


Don’t forget to acknowledge other people such as assistants, classmates, and anyone whose contributions were as important.


Some people don’t have many resources to conduct their studies. They get funding from some foundations or research groups in the form of scholarships, grants, etc. Hence, mention these foundations or organizations by their name to acknowledge.


In the end, thank the personal and emotional supporters such as your relatives, friends, etc. Thanking them in the last doesn’t mean that they contributed least because such contributions are personal instead of substantial.

Which people should mention in the acknowledgment?

The following people should mention in the acknowledgment;

  • Editors: In proofreading these people clean up all the errors. They give the final finishing to your document.
  • Graphic designers: These people design the front cover of your document. Therefore, it should be designed effectively as it grabs the reader’s attention.
  • Illustrators: Illustrators are the people who visually express your thoughts in your research. Acknowledgment is the best way to specify their skills.
  • Supervisors
  • Academic staff of your department
  • Other institutions or organizations
  • Your family and friends.
  • Past students

How to write the acknowledgment sample speech?

Here are some guidelines that you should keep in mind during writing the acknowledgment sample speech;

  • Generally, the speech must be up to 2 minutes long. To get this, you have to make beforehand a complete list of all the people who have supported you. Keep in mind that you are going to speak in front of an audience who can get bored with long speeches. They might also don’t like to hear the name of all people whom they don’t know. Therefore, just highlight the name of the most important influencers.
  • Not all the people who helped you will attend the event. So, you should prioritize the people who will be at the presentation. This will make your gesture more emotional.
  • Next, use short stories to explain a point in your speech. Use those stories that involve more than a single person. This will make your speech more meaningful. In addition, it a better way to save your time.
  • Don’t involve jokes use your limited stage time by expressing your sincerity. Your gentle tone will more effective than any ironic jokes.

How to write other types of acknowledgment samples?

There are different types of acknowledgment samples that you can make for certain events. You can compose literary or musical acknowledgments. However, the main purpose of each acknowledgment is to highlight those people who help and support someone in his/her work. Here are some tips to write all these acknowledgments more effectively;

  • Firstly, before writing the acknowledgment thinks creatively.
  • In informal acknowledgments, you can also mention your friends. Writing informal acknowledgments are more fun. Here you don’t need any formalities.
  • Most importantly, before finalizing proofread it. During the speech, it seems not good to mispronounce words and names. When you have all done with your project spend a little more time in proofreading.

Do’s (things you have to do in the acknowledgment):

  1. At first, jot down the full name of the acknowledging people.
  2. Use formal language
  3. State the role of each people in the whole project.
  4. Name the funding organizations and also mention the parts of the projects that they funded.
  5. Write in the first person singular or plural.

Don’t (things you shouldn’t do in the acknowledgment):

  1. Don’t use an informal or personal tone.
  2. Don’t mention every single person for acknowledgment who has a little contribution to your research. For instance, there is no need to acknowledge a waiter at the restaurant where you relax after working on a project.
  3. There is no need to highlight the people who qualified for authorship in the project.


In conclusion, acknowledgment samples enable you to compose your acknowledgment in a better way. It enlists the name of all the people who play a significant role in the research project. It doesn’t include the name of people who qualified for authorship. Furthermore, it must be added after the table of contents in your research document. It shows the contribution of both people who contributed the most and who contributed the least. Most importantly, keep it concise and don’t have a standard length. The length will depend on the number of people you have selected for acknowledgment. Always try to be very specific.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Should you thank your supervisor?

Yes, in the acknowledgment section of your thesis or dissertation, you must thank your supervisor even if they did not contribute greatly to the final product. It seems like a snub if you do not include your supervisor.

Where does acknowledgment place in a thesis or dissertation?

Just after the title page and before the abstract, include the acknowledgment at the beginning of your thesis.

How long should the acknowledgment be in the thesis or dissertation?

There is no specific length but it should usually be no longer than one page.

Can you thank God in your acknowledgment?

Yes, you can thank God in your acknowledgment but make sure to follow academic convention. You should also thank your family, colleagues, and friends who helped you.

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