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A family feud template is used by the families in the US and UK to play their favorite game ‘Family Feud’ at home. On the list of all-time great TV shows, Family Feud has also been ranked third most popular show. The show can be very informative and amusingly as well as hilarious too due to the unexpected answers given by the contestants.

What are family feud PowerPoint templates?

Family feud PowerPoint templates are designed by trained experts in order to satisfy all the necessary requirements of the client. Its stunning visuals and creative display attract the attention of its viewers. The regular updates make sure that the clients play a fair game without any difficulty.

How to play Family Feud?

It’s important to learn more about how to play the game before creating your own family feud. The game begins with one member of each team, on the very first question, stepping up to the podium to face-off with each other. The player has the right to give their answer who presses the buzzer first. The contestant’s family takes control over the question if he provides the very first survey answer. Instead of this, the other contestant provides a response that ranks higher to gain control for the team. Moreover, the family gives responses one by one that gets control.

During this point in time, they aren’t allowed to talk to each other. The family gets a strike if they give an answer that’s not part of the board. Before getting to strike three, if family gives all the correct answers then they win that round.

However, if they receive three strikes then the control passes to the other team. In turn, that team receives only one chance to figure out the remaining answers in order to win that round. To come up with their responses, they can also consult with each other. In case, if they don’t provide right answer, the first team receives all of the points.

For each game, there are four rounds to include on your family feud game. If there is enough time then the players can have two more rounds that are “lightning” or” sudden death” rounds. Other parts to include in your template are; You should also check Family Tree Templates.

Fast money round:

By the end of all the rounds, the family who garners most points has the opportunity to move to this round. In this section, only two members of the winning team will play. One member remains with the host while the other one goes backstage. There are 5 questions that the first player has to answer within 20 seconds. After answering all questions, the player can see his scores and the total on the display board.

When the second member comes back out, these results are then covered up. The second player gets the same question but the time allocated gets enhanced to 2 seconds. For each question, when the second player repeats the answer provided by the first, the player hears a buzz and then he/she has to provide another answer. In order to win the grand prize, the total score of both players must be equal to or over 200.

Point value:

For each answer, the point value depends on the response of the people who answered the survey question. The responses that get included on the board are considered the most popular. Thus, due to this, the total points won’t always sum up to 100. In the show’s current format, below procedure is followed;

  • For the first and second rounds, the round assigns one-point values.
  • Double point values for the third round.
  • Triple point values for the fourth.

How to create your own family feud template?

You should follow the below steps in order to create an effective family feud;

Collect survey data:

Come up with a survey:

You should collect a large group for your survey like employees in an office, etc as this could help you a lot. You should make questions as basis as you can in order to expect good numbers of same answers.

Consider using online surveys:

You can go online and look for the most popular survey questions and answers if you don’t find a large group for your survey or not getting a good number of similar answers.

Come up with your own master answer sheet:

For every question in your game, the host should see the top five responses.

Set up your game:

Make your answer board:

It’s better to use a chalkboard to list down the top five answers to each of the questions. Then, write down how many responses those questions received. You have to cover these answers with strips of paper first.

Create makers for each strike:

We have discussed above that each team gets up to three strikes. Hence, you should have six markers for these strikes. Keep these markers as simple as pieces of paper.

Prepare a timer:

It is essential to set time limits for every question asked.

Provide each team their own buzzer:

The buzzer shows that any member of the team already thought of an answer.

Select teams:

This game requires 5 members in each team. One member acts as the host.

Play the game:

Reveal the first question:

Now, it’s time to play the game. The host has to ask the first question. From each team, one player will provide the highest-ranking answer. The team that gives the most popular answer has a chance to play for the other answers or passes control on to the opposing team.

The first round starts:

When a team makes the decision, the first round of the game begins.

Strikes for incorrect answers:

We have discussed about it in the above section that if the playing team receives three strikes then the control passes to the other team and so on.

Awarding of points:

On the basis of how many responses their answers received, the points get awarded. The family wins who earned the most points at the end of all the rounds.

The advantages of using family feud PowerPoint templates:

These templates grab the attention of all its viewers because of their designer texture. Their crafty design and vibrant color combination makes them attractive to the audience. They are suitable for live television because of a sophisticated design and stunning outline texture. Trained experts design and craft these templates to make a fascinating game show even for the spectators. Furthermore, it becomes suitable for conducting live shows with these creative designs and funky outline. These designer templates make sure the audiences thorough entertainment.


In conclusion, a family feud template is a useful tool in order to play a family feud game at home. By creating your own ‘Family Feud,’ you can pay tribute to your favorite show and indicate your love. This is the most instantly recognizable show on TV.

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