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A weekly schedule template is used by the people to balance their responsibilities and organize them nicely. Whether you are working on a project or planning other daily tasks, this schedule makes things easier for you to achieve. However, you can create your own weekly schedule or also use a pre-formatted template.

What is a weekly schedule?

A weekly schedule is a unique and professional document used to track weekly activities. With the help of this document, you can achieve your goals in personal and professional life easily. It enables you to draft a plan for achieving different tasks and perform basic operations of the week. For all crucial objectives, this document is considered as a great source of the understanding preferable time frame. Moreover, it removes the distractions and elements that can be a cause of time wastage.

The importance of a weekly schedule:

You can include everything in your weekly schedule that you want to complete. It gives awareness about important goals that are beneficial for becoming more productive. Students and professional people use it to develop a strategy that is beneficial for reaching to the career goals. Students use it to create a weekly schedule for the preparation of academic tests. They also utilize it for obtaining lectures in universities. Furthermore, this document provides enough time for the completion of homework for each day of the week.

Basically, this document contains the following information;

  • Heading
  • Date
  • Time
  • Planning
  • A precise description about important tasks
  • Preferable time period

Above all, it has several blocks for creating all details with time frame. For achieving success in professional life, official people use it to complete all requirements of an organization.

How to create a weekly schedule in Excel?

The creation of a weekly schedule becomes simpler by having the right software or a tool. By using Excel, you will make your own schedule by creating columns for multiple entries. Let us discuss step-by-step how to create a weekly schedule in Excel;

  • At first, download a template in MS excel format. It doesn’t include any information but it has proper formatting. It comes with basic information such as employee names, tasks, and work times.
  • Click one of the cells. Then, input a new schedule, task, or any other information you require. Repeat this step again and again for multiple blocks.
  • Right-click on the row in order to delete or add some rows.
  • When you have entered all basic information then copy all cells and paste the tasks into the other days of the week and save it.

After creating your document, review it. Enter all the essential details of the tasks you must perform. You just have to highlight the cell and insert the information. At the top of your template, input the title and the date range to which the schedule applies. However, these steps are for a basic template. If you select this option, you can also include the following information;

  • Personal information
  • Project appointments with entities you will meet with
  • The time you require to accomplish a task
  • Anything else you may seem necessary

You can customize the schedule and keep it in a simple form or make a complex and creative pattern.

How to use a weekly schedule template?

You can use this document to manage your time and work more effectively. It allows you to save a lot of valuable time and resources. By having it, you have the potential to achieve a work-life balance and obtain positive results by managing your time. It is a great way for task and time management. In addition, it assists in keeping track of all of your responsibilities and projects. This document comes in different forms like;

  • A class weekly schedule template: teachers and students use it to keep track of assignments and projects.
  • A schedule for people: people who want to increase their productivity use it.
  • A weekly schedule for workers: this basically designs for the workers and in the form a timesheet.
  • A professional weekly schedule for agencies: it is used for event organization.
  • A weekly schedule for meetings and conferences.

There is no any rocket science require to use this document. It is well-structured and has a table divided into columns. The name of your task, the duration of the task, and the day of the week are included in these columns. You can use this template for multiple purposes like;

  • To plan meetings
  • Record progress
  • Keep track of the schedule
  • Notes about significant events and other additional information.

Why should use a weekly schedule template?

You should use a weekly schedule template because it provides you the following benefits;

  • A weekly schedule template contains your entire weeks’ worth in one location. You can see in a central place everything that have to happen that week with the help of weekly calendars. You can easily track your progress. There is no need to move back and forth between different platforms.
  • Review your capacity is a part of the planning process. With the help of weekly schedule, you can review this beforehand.
  • You can easily make changes to your schedule by using a weekly calendar template.
  • You can share your weekly schedule easily with your colleagues. This way, they can know what you’re working on and when the work is taking place. Also, it generates transparency between you and your team.

Things to consider:

By creating a weekly schedule, you can give yourself a break. It makes your life much simpler. There is no need to spend your precious time on entering every single bit of information relevant to your tasks or trying to decipher all of that data. You should keep everything simple. Don’t make things complicated. Make it in such a way that by looking at it you can easily figure out what you need to do next.


In conclusion, a weekly schedule template is highly designed and you can use it for numerous professional purposes based on your demand. This document makes you able to get knowledge about the priority of goals and crucial duties. You can keep track of your weekly activities by using this document.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to create a daily schedule?

Creating a daily schedule may vary, it depends on the following;

1- What deadlines you have
2- How you have to prioritize your tasks
3- What software you’re using to make the schedule

Does weekly planner template available in Excel?

No, weekly planner isn’t available in Excel. You can download it online from any website.

What is the purpose of a weekly schedule?

The main purpose of a weekly schedule is to keep you organized and on track. It helps you in tracking your to-dos and the status of each task.

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