Real & Fake Plane Ticket Templates [MS Word]

real plane ticket template

If you are going to travel by air then a plane ticket template is an essential tool that you need in preparation for your trip. Along with a boarding pass, it is one of the most essential requirements. You cannot get on to the plane without a plane ticket.

What is a plane ticket?

A plane ticket is a piece of paper issued by airlines or travel booking agencies that makes the people able to fly to any destination locally or abroad. There are generally two types of plane tickets the printed ticket style or the electronic ticket. It indicates the time of departure, ticket number, passenger’s name, and more details.

What to include in a plane ticket template?

A plane ticket is issued by a travel agency or an airline. It could either be a printed document or an electronic record. It acts as proof that you are entitled to one of the seats on a flight on a plane. Your plane ticket template should contain the following details;

  • Your name as the passenger
  • The name of the airline that issued the ticket.
  • A ticket number along with the 3-digit code of the airline at the start of the ticket number
  • Your destination
  • The valid flight of the ticket except if you have an “open” ticket
  • Baggage allowance details
  • The fare you paid for including taxes.
  • The “Fare Basis.” It should be an alpha-numeric or alpha code that determines your fare.
  • Restrictions on refunds and changes.
  • Your flight dates.
  • Details on the method you use to paid for the ticket.
  • The Exchange Rate. It is used to measure the international aspects of the tax and fare.
  • A “Linear” or “Fare Construction” that indicates the breakdown of your total fare.

Moreover, keep in mind that the times mention on tickets are commonly for the local time zone where you’re traveling to.

How to book your plane ticket online?

People find that the booking for a ticket could be very complex. Nowadays, there are too many airlines, travel agencies, and websites to select from and the constant fluctuation of flight prices has also made the booking even more challenging. But with a little patience, flexibility, and spare time, you can book your plane ticket online. Let us discuss below;

Book your ticket in advance

The best time to book your plane ticket is between 21 and 112 days before you plan to travel. However, on average, the perfect is 54 days before you plan to travel.

Check for deals and discounts

It’s a better idea to scan for a website that offers airfare deals before deciding to book. If you have flexible trip dates then this can be truly helpful. You should also ensure that the website you use doesn’t issue fake airline ticket templates.

On an aggregator site, write the details of your trip

It is helpful to visit aggregator websites. These make you able to search for multiple airlines depending on your trip details. After that, you can see various flight options for the destination you requested. They also include the dates that you could sort by the airline, price, and trip duration.

Choose your preferred number of stops

Faraway places trips typically include stopovers at various airports. It is also possible that you may change your plane and going through airport security again. So, while booking for your trips, consider all these factors. It is also important to check what time of the day and how long these stops will be.

Go to the website of the airline

Most airlines allow you to select your seat when you book your flight. Also, you have to select seats for everyone you’re booking flights for. If there is adequate space for your entire party then you can choose to sit together. At an added cost, you can also select to opt for seat upgrades.

Decide whether you want to take package deals

Your selected airline may recommend you special deals or add-ons that you can avail at the end of your booking process. During booking or availing them, you can add these separately when you reach your destination.

Request special accommodation if required

For your flight, you may need special accommodations such as a wheelchair. You can request this while booking your flight. During online booking, if there is no prompt to type this information you can call the airline directly. Medical concerns, dietary restrictions, and service animals are examples of special requests.

Decide whether you want to avail of insurance

Online booking also asks you either you want to add insurance or not. In such circumstances, you should read the fine print on this offer. Then, decide either your trip needs insurance or not.

Finally, book your flight

You should also have to ensure that all of the travel details you have given the airline website are accurate. If everything is right then to enter your payment and personal information, you can follow the prompts to complete the booking of your flight. In case, you are traveling with another person then you also have to give his/her personal information.

Receive your receipt and confirmation

When you have done with booking your flight, you will obtain your ticket information and receipt through email. Within a couple of hours, if you don’t receive these, you should contact the airline. You should place the email copy of your receipt in a secure location. For a smoother process at the airport, it is suggested that you print out a hard copy.

Obtaining a boarding pass:

You can’t enter the plane without your plane ticket template or boarding pass. If you have already paid for your ticket then there are two ways you can get your boarding pass;

  • Download it online and print it at home.
  • After presenting your plane ticket, you can obtain it printed at the airport.

How to make a plane ticket?

Consider the following tips while making a plane ticket;

Be specific regarding your purpose

Firstly, identify the purpose of making a plane ticket. It may be for airline booking or for a travel agency business or etc. When you have identified the purpose, you can design it accordingly.

Select a preferred design

The plane ticket is mostly composed of black and white texts having the logo color of the airline company. In case, you are creating a new plane ticket design for an airline company then use a design that indicates the company’s vision and mission.

Input labels

Creating labels on your ticket is the next step. In case of airline plane tickets, your labels should include the following details;

  • Passenger name
  • Destination
  • Date of departure and arrival
  • Estimated time of arrival or departure
  • Ticket number
  • Seat number
  • Boarding gate number
  • Name of aircraft
  • Date of validity

Additionally, you can copy the same format in case you are using the ticket design as an entrance ticket to their event. Also, specify the instructions about the use of the said ticket.

Insert a tracking number or barcode

When you include a tracking number or barcode then the flight agents or immigration officers easily verify the identity of the passenger and the authenticity of the tickets. You can ask a friend or an expert in case you are not an expert on programming or generating codes. You have to make sure that your ticket tracking number or barcode is unique in order to warrant your safety and the passengers.


In conclusion, a plane ticket template is an essential document in case you want to travel by air. This is issued by a travel agency or an airline. It confirms that you book a seat on a flight on an airplane.

Faq (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which one is better either one-way or two-way plane ticket?

A one-way ticket would be best if you are travelling for a long period of time and planning to visit many places. On the other hand, if you are only going away for a matter of days or weeks before coming to your home country then a two-way ticket is better.

Before boarding the plane, what should you show to the airport officers?

Along with your plane ticket, you have to show your boarding pass, visa documents, and passport.

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