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An offer to purchase real estate template is a document that outlines the potential real estate agreement between a potential buyer and the owner of the property. You as a potential buyer for a house would make an offer on paper to the owner of your intentions.

Why do you require offer to purchase real estate template?

The real estate offer letter assists the seller in building an emotional connection with you as a potential buyer. You can obtain this by sharing some personal thoughts regarding yourself as well as the reasons that why you liked the property. These details make you stand out from others.

You should consider how the seller feels about your offer while drafting the offer to purchase real estate. For example, this same house is where the seller raised their kids so it indicates that it would be full of happy memories.

What to include in an offer to purchase real estate?

Include the following details in an offer to purchase real estate;

  • The seller and the buyer details such as their name, contact information, and specify whether they are a person, corporation, or organization.
  • The legal description of the property
  • The asking price which is being offered for the property
  • The proposed closing and possession dates
  • The last date for accepting the prospective offer

Factors to consider while drafting this document:

During purchasing a real estate property, the first challenge that you may face is how to identify your purchasing power and which property will suit your requirements. This indicates that how much you can afford to buy a property whether through financing or cash.

Furthermore, to gain an understanding of your needs and wants, you may have to view various properties. This will assist you in narrowing down your search in selecting the best property. Before getting into an offer to purchase real estate, you have to determine these challenges. Before making your offer to purchase real estate form, you should consider the following factors;

Your objective

The main purpose of this document is to come to an agreement that’s acceptable to both you and the seller. This way, both can sign a contract with the intention of progressing to the next stage. In drafting offers and explaining what they involve, you can consult with a real estate professional skilled. They can give the answers to any inquiries. This enables you and the seller to come to an agreement about the terms to specify in the agreement.

Identification of the property

In your agreement, this involves two of the most essential features;

  1. The price of the property for sale
  2. The identification of the property for sale

At the property appraiser’s office in your locale or at the tax records office, you can see the information about a property. They include the following basic information;

  • The property’s exact address
  • A legal detail of the property
  • The owner of the property as stated on the title
  • The price of the property
  • Information about milestone payments


The terms agreed upon by you and the seller should include here. It may include the time of the inspection of the property, the property’s appraisal, etc. This gives both of you with an understanding of the processes included in the deal. Instead of property’s actual purchase price, these facts could be more significant. When presenting your offer, there are various sellers that demand certain contingencies or qualifications that you must meet.

Times for an offer and acceptance

After presenting your offer to purchase, keep in mind that it isn’t an open-ended offer as it will expire at some point. Include a reasonable deadline with the offer. It is a good move. This will encourage the seller to agree and control their offer accountability in the event.

Different types of offers to make in an Offer to Purchase Real Estate:

Here are two types of offers that you can make in an Offer to Purchase Real Estate;

  1. A firm offer: the buyer is willing to buy the property without any particular conditions. The transaction can be completed without further negotiation in case the seller accepts a firm offer.
  2. A conditional offer: the buyer is willing to buy the property with conditions. It means that one or more prerequisites must be fulfilled before the sale can finalized.

Condition in an Offer to Purchase Real Estate:

In an Offer to Purchase Real Estate, condition refers to a provision that have to be met for the real estate sale to go through. The buyers in their offer may include the following conditions;

A property appraisal

It is an evaluation of the home value. It is conducted to make sure the buyer that they aren’t paying significantly more than what the property is worth.

A title search

It refers to a search of the current land title. This is important in order to ensure that the property has no liens against it or any other ownership problems that may affect the sale.

A home inspection

A licensed inspector performs the review of the property. Then, they provide details regarding any damage or defects in the home and any attached buildings.

A disclosure form

A document that specifies details about the property.

Some other common conditions to include in an offer to purchase real estate are;

  • Before the purchase can be completed, the buyer must have to sell their existing home.
  • Before the transfer of the property takes place, the buyer has to get a mortgage approval from a bank or other lending institution.
  • Before the buyer takes possession, the seller have some particular things done to the property.

How to write an offer letter for a property?

Follow the below steps to write your real estate purchase offer;

Address the seller by their name

Never start the greeting of your real estate offer template with “Dear Seller.” If you start greeting like this then the recipient may deduce that you don’t even know their name. They would also think that the letter is one of various photocopies you have sent to many sellers. By addressing the sellers by their name, you can immensely improve your opportunities of securing the seller’s attention. You can contact your real estate agent if you don’t know the name or cannot find it online.

State the things you like about the home

The seller wants to know the reasons for selecting to buy their home. It is suggested to include this near the start of your letter. This smallest flattery can do wonders for your chances. Add certain things that you like about the home. After that, speak about how the house differs from the others you have seen.

Share something about yourself too

Share some details about you after complimenting the seller and their home. It would be a great idea to indicate memorable facts about your persona as the goal is for the seller to choose you among the other potential buyers. The seller may want to know about your family, where you’re moving from, or other things that give him a sense of what moving into the house will mean to you.

Add a personal picture

You can draw a photo of yourself, your family, and even your pets in case you have a challenging time selling yourself as the best buyer for the home. In this way, the seller can consider you as the best occupants of their home.

Speak about the things that you have in common

By finding out what you have in common, you can develop a good relationship with the seller. This provides you an edge over other potential buyers.

Keep the letter short

A well-organized home will surely draw in plenty of bidders. This indicates that the seller will have to read various home offer letters.

Close your letter appropriately

You should ensure that your letter starts strong and ends strong. In the conclusion, in buying the home, you can reiterate your genuine interest.

Can you create an offer on a property under offer?

When someone has made an offer to purchase real estate but received rejection by the seller then it is said that the property is under offer. In many circumstances, this terms is usually avoided by the most real estate. But, when a seller accepts an offer to purchase real estate form then the term under offer can become applicable. The property can be considered under offer in such a case. Furthermore, it can be legally explained as it is whether on websites or on real estate boards.

Most of the time, real estate agents don’t want to show the house to other potential buyers and sometimes, in such a scenario, the practice of gazumping can happen. However, if you want to buy a property which is under offer or sold subject to contract, you don’t need to suppose that it has been permanently taken off the market. This only happens when the buyer and seller have exchanged contracts.


In conclusion, an offer to purchase real estate template is a legal document that assists a seller in building an emotional connection with you as a potential buyer. You should first make an offer before buying a house.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who can draft the offer to purchase?

It can be drafted by someone who is a property expert and already have written such agreements. It would be better to hire a qualified estate agent or an attorney for it.

Is offer to purchase is legally binding agreement?

Yes, an offer to purchase is a legally binding agreement. You can’t change it easily once you sign it. Therefore, before making an offer, you as a buyer make sure that your finances are in order.

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