18+ Best Free ID Card Templates (Word, Excel)

company id card template

An identification card or ID card is a document issued by the authority as proof of the person’s identity. It includes all the important essential details about the person relevant to the purpose of the card.

Moreover, there are different types of identification cards issued by different authorities to show the identity of the cardholder. The size of the ID card is a small credit card form.

The most common Identity card is issued by the countries to show the citizenship and nationality of the person. It is a formal document that is compulsory in many countries. You may also like an index card template.

Almost all types of the card contain name and photo ID of the cardholder. However, the other information that is present on the card depends on the relevance and use of cards. Therefore, different ID card templates used for different types of identity cards.

Most Common Types of ID Card Templates

There are different types of ID cards we carry in our daily life. The most common ones that are issued by the government authorities to their citizens are the National Identity Card (NIC), Passport, and Driving License.

Moreover, some identity cards are issued by the private authorities to show the membership of the cardholder. Such as Bank Cards, Student Card, Club Membership Card, etc.

The detail present on the card is purely related to the type of card. However, all the cards contain the name and photo ID of the cardholder.

Moreover, the following information is present on the different cards as per the nature of the ID card. You should also check the punch card template.

  • Name of the Card Holder
  • Name of the Father / Guardian
  • Date of Birth
  • National Identity Number
  • Gender
  • Material Status
  • Nationality
  • Permanent or Temporary Address
  • Phone Number
  • Enrollment Number
  • Membership Status
  • Membership Plan
  • Date of Issuance
  • Date of Expiry
  • Name of the Issuing Authority
  • Logo or Trademark of the Issuing Authority
  • Signature of the Authority

How to make an ID Card Template?

There are hundreds of online platforms available having tons of ID card templates for different purposes. These templates can be customized online, via simple and professional tools.

However, the easiest to edit and customizable format of the ID card template is in MS office suite tools. Most of the ID cards are printed on both sides. These are like business or visiting cards. Therefore, the front side contains the details about the membership of the cardholder. While the details of the company or service provider are written on the backside of the card.

The national identity card is issued by the government. This card is used everywhere as proof of nationality. It contains the information that can be biometrically verified from the government databases. It has a picture, name, father name, gender, and NIC number on the front end. While the address of the cardholder, issue, and expiry date are written on the backside. You can also free download birthday card template.

The name and photo ID of the cardholder is almost necessary on all the cards that have to be used to show someone as the proof of the identity of the cardholder.

However, a card such as bank cards doesn’t have a similar purpose that why they don’t contain any photo ID of the cardholder.

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