Free Pinewood Derby Car Design Templates [Word, PDF]

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A Pinewood derby template is used by children to make their own little race car. The most enjoyable part of the Pinewood Derby is designing your own car. You should use your creativity to make a car which reflects your style and personality.

What is the Pinewood Derby?

The Pinewood Derby is a wooden car race performed by cub scouts. The scouts make their own wooden car from a kit or with the help of their parents. A kit contains all the material needed for the car. In May 1953, the Cub Scout Pack in Manhattan Beach, California first hosted the Pinewood Derby. The reason behind hosting this race is that his son was too young to enter Derby races so he thought of the idea. Unlike regular Soap Box Derby cars, these cars are small and easy to build.

Moreover, because of its popularity, it became a national event among scouts. Other organizations and groups have started the same race, but under a different name. Other events similar to the Pinewood Derby are the Space Derby, the Raingutter Regatta, and more. You should be careful while using the name of Pinewood Derby because it is an officially registered trademark of the Boy Scouts. You may also like Car Lease Agreement Templates.

Different types of Pinewood Derby templates:

You need a template as a guide to build a Derby car to join in the race. With the help of template, building a car is a lot easier. Participating in this event is a memorable experience for every scout. There are 7 templates you can use to help your child have great childhood memories;

  1. Blank car
  2. Car Pinewood derby
  3. Comet car
  4. Cub bus
  5. Midget racer
  6. Bullet car
  7. Rocket

You can save your time and effort by using these templates. You just have to pick the one that your child likes the best.

How to make your own Pinewood Derby template?

Building your own car is the most enjoyable part of this event. Parents can help their children in designing any kind of car they want. Here are useful tips on how making your own car;

Think ideas for the car design:

At first, brainstorm ideas about Pinewood Derby designs. If you are good at thinking ideas, then you can easily build your own car. If you get confused, go online and search for Pinewood Derby designs. You can see a lot of designs which can help you. Then, select the one which you and your scout like the most. Write down all your brainstorm ideas. You can also download the templates and look at them carefully. Always select the one that you think you can build easily. Additionally, you can also ask your child to pick his favorite toy car lying around the house.

Display your car’s design on a piece of paper:

Start illustrating your car design on a piece of paper if your drawing is really good. If not, then download the template from any website and illustrate your design on it. After that, think about the final structure and the design of your car.

When you have all done with your drawing, it will act as your template. Now, start cutting your wood. Place a block on a piece of paper and trace all the sides. On the boxes that you have traced, draw your design. In the end, you can cut out the boxes if you are happy with the design. Hence, it acts as your template for cutting.

Trace your template on the block of Pinewood:

Put each of your templates against the body of car after cutting. On the block of wood, then trace the template one by one.

Cut your car’s design:

Now, it’s time to cut your wood. Never ask your child to handle the saw or power tools. You should drill the holes by yourself. However, if your child is old enough then you can ask him to do the cutting. It is an ideal tool to cut your pinewood derby block. It is specially designed to cut sharp corners. Also, you must supervise your child if you allow him to use the tools.

Shape your design:

After cutting, there is still having rough edges. So, it’s time to use your imagination once again and start to see your car taking shape. Ask your child to start shaping his car. After shaping, sand down your car so that it becomes smooth and easy to paint. In the end, seal your car and paint it.

How to use your Pinewood Derby template?

You should also learn how to use your pinewood derby template. Templates are very handy, you don’t want to calculate the measurements to make sure they all fit. There are a number of different templates. After choosing your best one, print it out and start working with it. You can also need some different materials to build your own car.

Here are some helpful tips for you;

  • Firstly, think about the design for your car. Search for the template that best suit the design of your choice.
  • If you are using a kit, ensure that you have all important pieces.
  • Have a look the dimensions and weight of your car because it will allow your car to run faster and more smoothly.
  • For making your car heavier, use glue to attach coins, bits, melted lead, and whatever you want. Do the measurements of the racetrack so that your car will fit into the track you will use it in. You should also check Vehicle Maintenance Log Templates.


In conclusion, a Pinewood Derby template is a powerful tool that helps the parents and child in designing their own little car. These templates are very easy to use because they already have the right measurements. You just have to follow the template and build your car. Select the one you like the best and this will save a lot of time and effort.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is an excellent design for a pinewood derby car?

The excellent design for a pinewood derby car is having the weights affixed around the rear wheel axle.

What is the fastest and best shape for a pinewood derby car?

The best and fastest shape for a pinewood derby car is a simple wedge. Without any hindrance, the wedge shape allows as much air to flow over the top of the car which keeps the car pinned to the track.

What are the dimensions of a pinewood derby car?

The overall length of the car shouldn’t exceed 7 inches and the width not exceed 2 ¾ inches.

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