Printable Hotel Receipt Templates [Real & Fake]

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A hotel receipt template is a document that serves as evidence that a guest has paid his payment for the services he availed of at the hotel. The template is used by hotel personnel to create their own receipt. Likewise any receipt, this is a piece of paper that includes the following information;

  • Payment
  • Mode of payment
  • Duration of stay
  • Number of guests
  • Type of accommodation
  • Any other additional details like complimentary breakfast, parking, etc

The importance of a Hotel receipt:

Each time, people use receipts when they do transactions with merchants, vendors, and establishments. Hotel receipts are used by hotels when they perform transactions with their guests, suppliers, and clients. For the purpose of scamming people, to create fake hotel receipts, you can use hotel receipt generators online.

Moreover, it is an official document given by hotels to those they transact with. Depending on the hotel, the receipts can differ in content and appearance. Important information like total payable amount for goods, services, and accommodation, the personal information of the guest, details about the hotel are included in hotel receipt. In order to make a professional-looking template, all this information is essential.

For recording transactions, official receipts issue by hotels are essential. This receipt enables the hotels to make a list of all the details needed for auditing purposes.

What to include in your hotel receipt?

You should make your hotel receipt template as simple or as elaborate as you want. It doesn’t matter how you create it, you just have to ensure that it contains the following essential information;

  • Name of the guest
  • Address of the guest
  • Contact information such as email address, phone number of the guests
  • Arrival and check-out dates of the guest
  • Room number of the guest
  • Room rate per night
  • Invoice number
  • Payment details like cash, debit, or credit
  • Balance

To understand the receipt better, you have to make sure to itemize all of the charges for the guest. You should clearly state the amount of room charges, room service purchases, taxes, other services, and much more. Under “Debit” or “Credit,” place these charges on the basis of how the guest plans to pay for everything.

Before checking out, the balance should reflect any remaining payment the guest must pay. Include all of the guest’s basic information at the front of the receipt. Also, include the basic information about the hotel such as the arrival and checkout dates, the room number, etc. On the front of the hotel receipt, there must be an invoice number.

Your document should have space for the guests to affix their signature. It serves as an acknowledgment that the guest had availed all the services mentioned on the receipt. Additionally, at the footer of the template for future reference, you must include the address and contact information of the hotel. If other people like to contact your establishment, this contact information also acts as a marketing strategy.

Tips for creating a hotel receipt:

You should put a lot of consideration into the design and the contents of your hotel receipt. However, there is no standard format to follow for making a hotel receipt. Here are some tips that you should consider during creating the template for your hotel;

  • At first, select the template that you want to use. Customize the template as required if you download it. But if you make it from scratch then you can design it according to your need.
  • Include all the relevant fields and you can add other fields or information as you see fit.
  • Now, select a design for your template. Keep it simple, elegant, and professional. Don’t include too many graphics, colors or images because those are often confusing. Never go overboard with all of the elements and you just have to think carefully about the design of your template.
  • Furthermore, make use of clear and simple fonts that are easy to read. For your guests, this makes it easier to work out the text on your receipt. You don’t have to ask a number of questions about the information written on it.
  • In the end, check it for any errors in order to make sure that there are no any grammatical or spelling errors as these might put-off the guests.

How to ensure that the hotel receipt isn’t fake?

Nowadays, it is very easy to make fake hotel receipts with all the templates and generators available online. Immoral people use it to scam people into believing that they’ve already settled their finances legally. Here are some tips for you;

  • At first, check human errors. Almost all hotel staff has to undergo training to serve their guests in an effective way. If one of the staff members gives you receipt which isn’t filled out correctly or don’t have the same element then take it as a warning.
  • You should inspect receipts as most of the guests don’t do this often. You should check all the information on the receipt including how it is printed and all relevant information. The fake one contains irrelevant information or some may doesn’t contain the most basic information.
  • You should also demand for another copy of the receipt. Hotels usually don’t have any issue with issuing another copy. But if they decline your request then they may have issued you a fake one. You should also check Room Rental Agreement Templates.


In conclusion, a hotel receipt template is used by hotels to keep track of transactions that they made with their guests, suppliers, and clients. Guests use this receipt to make any complaints or queries about their stay in the hotel. This receipt is beneficial for both the establishments and the guests. Additionally, you can download a hotel receipt template download or make your own template scratch.

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