Printable Horse Bill of Sale Form Templates (MS Word)

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A horse bill of sale form is a legal document that specifies a transaction between you and the buyer with regards to the sale. When you have completed the transaction, this bill of sale becomes evidence of ownership of the horse.

What to include in a horse bill of sale form?

A horse bill of sale acts as proof of the sale or transfer of a horse between you as the seller and the person interested in buying your horse. It indicates that the horse has been officially transferred to the buyer. Moreover, it becomes a legally binding agreement when both parties have signed the document. The horse sale contract is evidence that a transaction occurred and should contain the following details;

  • The seller: the current owner of the horse up for sale
  • Buyer: the person who plans to buy the horse
  • The information regarding the horse such as its date of birth, breed, sex, registration number, tattoos or markings, coat color, and more.
  • Sire: the information regarding the father of the horse and its registration number.
  • Dam: the information regarding the mother of the horse and its registration number.
  • Price: it is the sale price of the horse and the payment terms.
  • Warranties: it indicates whether you will sell your horse “as is” or if you will give any guarantees.
  • Date: when you sold your horse to the buyer

Additionally, the bill of sale may also indicate the following;

  • Breeding rights: it specifies that whether you will also transfer the rights to breed the horse to the buyer.
  • Commission: here, clearly state that for assisting with the deal either you or buyer will pay a trainer, an agent, or any third-party a percentage or fixed amount from the purchase price.
  • Deposit: after confirming the health of the horse with a vet, if they reject your horse, state that under what conditions you must refund the purchaser’s deposit.
  • Registration papers: these papers confirm that when you should transfer the official registration documents to the buyer. You should also ensure that all of the details match.
  • Veterinarian’s Examination: with a blood sample from a local vet, indicates whether the purchaser can get a pre-purchase veterinary exam. You may also like Equipment Bill of Sale Templates.

When do you require this document?

It is highly suggested that you should always put the purchase of your horse into a written agreement. When selling or buying a horse, the horse bill of sale takes into account the different options. Consider a horse sale agreement if you;

  • If you want to sell or buy a horse and wish to put all of the contract details in writing.
  • When you want to sell or buy a horse and want to check what you require to make for the transactions.
  • When you plan to provide a horse away or you will get a horse as a gift.

The requirement of this document is based on your state. You must have a written, defined understanding of your responsibilities and rights even if your state doesn’t need the agreement.

How to write a bill of sale for a horse?

The horse bill of sale is an official document that includes the information of a transaction between you and a buyer. It indicates the sale and change of ownership of your horse. You would have to use the similar procedure as in the sale of a house or a car.

Most importantly, the horse purchase agreement proves useful in the following circumstances;

  • If a dispute arise about the ownership of the horse.
  • If the purchaser has any questions about its lineage.
  • For health conditions, if the purchaser request an inspection of your horse.

The purchaser has to submit a security deposit in such a case that you will eliminate from the amount due if you both agree to proceed with the sale. If you plan to sell your horse, consider the following steps to create your own horse bill of sale template;

Mention the parties involved and the date

Specify the names of the parties that are involved in the transaction as well as the date that indicates when the transaction has been occurred.

Give a description of your horse

In this section, give a description of your horse such as its breed, gender, date of birth, its registration number. It is also essential to add an appropriate description of the horse.

Mention price and payment details

You have to indicate the price information in detail. Give the agreed-upon price. In such a case, there is a request for health inspection and specify the date when the check-up will occur.

Mention if there is a requirement for a deposit or security pledge

You should mention the settled amount of the security deposit or the pledge. Also, specify the condition of your horse.


You and the buyer must affix your signatures on the document and write the date when you both signed. You should also give the signature of a witness.

Notary public Acknowledgment

The notary public will offer the required information and acknowledgment when you have completed the document and everyone involved have affixed their signatures. You should also check the Monthly Expenses Templates.


In conclusion, a horse bill of sale form is a legal document that proves the transfer of the sale or transfer of a horse between two parties. The horse bill of sale protects both the seller and the buyer in case any disputes arises in the future.

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