25+ Free Editable Certificate of Achievement Templates [Word, PPT]

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The certificate of achievement template is an effective tool used to create achievement certificates for employees or students. The employers or schools give these certificates in order to recognize an accomplishment made by an individual. The main purpose of this certificate is to acknowledge the fact that a student or employee has done outstandingly in a specific task.

However, it is a formal document given to the students as evidence of their achievements. During enrollment, these certificates are required by some schools as proof of accomplishment. Additionally, when searching for employment this certificate can be used as a supplementary document in a resume. It makes sure that you have the actual document to prove your claims of achievements.

Different types of certificates of achievement:

Let us discuss below some different types of certificates of achievement;

Primary and secondary school certificates of achievement:

Students are competing in academic and non-academic competitions during all the years of primary and secondary school. The winner of these competitions is given a certificate of achievement. The students that have the highest academic ratings, grades, or scores can also be received these certificates. Furthermore, when students complete their primary and secondary school, they also get such a certificate.

College certificates of achievement:

If a student successfully completes study courses like human resources training or medical assistant training, he/she is awarded a certificate of achievement. Some colleges offer their students graduate-level or entry-level position training. On the completion of this training, an achievement certificate is awarded to the students.

Office certificates of achievement:

Employees can receive this certificate by participating in inter-office competitions. During a specific period of time, when an employee performs excellently in his job, he can also receive a certificate. Hence, these certificates motivate the employees to be more productive and do their jobs better.

Sports certificates of achievement:

Winners of sports competitions can be awarded a certificate of achievement along with other trophies.

Company certificates of achievement:

An entire company or organization can receive a certificate of achievement when they have the best overall performance and most highly rated product/s in the country.

How to make your own certificate of achievement?

These certificates have seven important sections that must be present in order. They are as follow;

The title:

The first and foremost part of the certificate is the title. It should be at the top and in a bigger font than all the rest of the information. You can use different colors and formats. The title is centered and uses words such as Achievement Certificate, Certificate of Achievement, or Achievement Award.

The presentation line:

Just below the title, there is the line of text. It should be a lot smaller than the title. Use different words for it like;

  • This certificate is awarded to,
  • This certificate is presented to,
  • This certificate is hereby bestowed.

Recipient’s name:

It is also the most important part of the certificate. It doesn’t matter whom you are giving the certificate to, ensure that you spell their names correctly. It should be bigger than the title to indicate the name of the recipient. Additionally, you can use playful fonts for school certificates and formal fonts for professional ones.

Giver’s name:

It comes directly just below the recipient’s name and indicates who the certificate is from.

Detail of the achievement:

This section explains the reason that why the recipient is receiving the certificate of achievement. You have to describe the circumstances of the accomplishment. Take a start with a phrase like In achievement) of. Then, continue the description of the achievement. The text should be centered so that it looks neat and official.

The date:

Write the date that when the certificate was been or will be awarded. Also, mention the date when the achievement was done. You can use a variety of formats in placing the date that you want and suits your preferences.

The signature:

To make the certificate official, it has been signed by someone in authority. Affix the signatures of the principal or the head of the department in the case of school. In professional settings, the signatories are the director, the manager, or the immediate supervisor of the employee. In addition, you should also place your company or school logo on the left side of the certificate.

How to format your achievement certificate?

Here are some tips for formatting your achievement certificate;

  • You need a normal letter-sized paper size during the process of making your own certificate template. After that, set margins for it. If you are using a template then you can find them in this size too.
  • Certificates are more often printed horizontally instead of vertically so use a landscape format while designing your certificate template.
  • Now, place a formal border of your choice because they are best for certificates that have sources from offices, companies, or organizations. However, you can use colorful, whimsical borders for certificates coming from schools.
  • After selecting your border, resize it to frame your certificate. You have to ensure that your certificate has enough space to accommodate all the text you require to write on it. If you are able to print colorful borders then you can also use them. If you can’t, then use borders that would look good even without color.
  • Arrange the border at the very bottom of the page to make things simpler and easier for you to edit.
  • Insert all the lines of text and input all the details you need to complete it. Also, you can add pictures or graphics.

The advantages of certificates of achievement:

These certificates are beneficial for both those who give them and those who receive them. Let us discuss some advantages of these certificates;

  • In educational and professional institutions, giving these certificates to the employees or students will make them more productive and more eager to work or study. To acquire a certificate, students become more energized to hone their skills or master their subjects. While in professional settings, they encourage the employees to enhance their productivity and do their best in work.
  • The recipients of these certificates gain more confidence in their skills. Their self-esteem appreciates them putting their best efforts into further achievements.
  • The certificate of achievement acts as evidence of someone’s achievements. The recipient shows it to potential employers, friends, and loved ones as proof of his success.
  • It shows that the company actually notices what the employees are doing. Furthermore, the company is willing to give proper compensation to the people who don’t do what is expected.
  • They are used as tax benefits for companies and organizations.

How to print your certificate of achievement?

Proofread your certificate carefully to correct any errors before deciding to print it out. Here, you have to make sure that every detail in the certificate is properly placed. It must have appealing presentation and looks good as well.

You have to pass your certificate into the printer if you want to print it on a preprinted certificate paper. Firstly, print a single copy of it to make sure the placement within the borders.


In conclusion, certificate of achievement templates would be very helpful to learn how to make your own certificate of achievement. They don’t have any formal requirements. You just have to designs your own and use your wording. However, we have discussed above the seven most important sections which must be in order. All these sections help you to create a more organized certificate. Before printing, you must proofread it carefully.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the purpose of an achievement certificate?

The main purpose of an achievement certificate is to recognize an individual’s achievements in a particular skill or field of study. This certificate is a reward in itself.

On which type of paper, achievement certificates print?

Certificates of achievement are generally printed on parchment paper. For a creative and professional presentation, this provides the certificate a unique and mottled appearance.

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