20+ Free Printable Gift Certificate Templates (Word, PDF)

printable gift certificate template

There is a tight competition in the market among different companies and brands. Companies and brands are trying to retain and attract employees and clients.

There are different approaches used by the stakeholders for this purpose such as vouchers, promotions, and coupons. However, the gift certificate is the most valuable one.

These gift certificate template helps to boost the morale of employees and sales of the brands for a short period of time.

Specifically, a gift certificate is also known as a gift card, gift voucher, and gift token. These certificates are used as a credit card that can be shown to avail of the discount or gift at a specific group of places.

These certificates are sometimes issued in the form of a card or hard paper form. The monetary value of these certificates is only valid for a specific period of time that is clearly mentioned on the certificate. You may also like Birth Certificate Templates.

Uses of Gift Certificate Template

There are several uses of gift certificate templates. Usually, companies use such templates to provide incentives or corporate gifts to their employees or potential customers.

Some organizations also use gift certificate templates to issue a paper certificate to raise funds. While the application of gift certificate in marketing strategies of salespersons is common nowadays. You should also check the Adoption Certificate Templates.

In the era of eCommerce, a lot of customers use online services provided by direct brands or B2B startups. The word coupon is an electronic term of the paper gift certificate in digital times.

How to Make a Gift Certificate Template?

A simple gift certificate template can be made using MS Word. It contains a specific certificate related light transparent background and border of the certificate.

At the top, a calligraphic large font displays the title “Gift Certificate”. While in the body, usually the name of the certificate holder, name of the certificate issuer, monetary value or the perks of a certificate are mentioned.

For the limited validity of the certificate, issuance and expiry date of the certificate is mentioned. The certificate contains a stamp and signature of the authority for authentication of the gift certificate for its user.

Sometimes, companies also add their logo, tagline or slogan for the promotional reasons. Our gift certificate template also contains a blank space for the same purpose. You can also free download Stock Certificate Templates.

However, some companies issue a special type of gift certificate keeping in view the loyalty of their employees or customers that are lifetime without any date of expiration.

Our gift certificate template is compatible with all the Microsoft Office tools. However, the best usability is with MS certificate and publisher for customization.

Gift certificates are preferred due to their nature of diversification. If a company isn’t familiar with the preferences of the receiver, the gift certificates are the best choice to offer against the loyalty.

Gift certificate templates output is a kind of promise from the issuer to the certificate holder that the best service of the company or brand can be exchanged/discounted with the monetary value of the certificate.

However, limitations on the use of a gift certificate can be made by the issuer like the issued certificate can only be used to purchase a certain range of company products.

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