25+ Free Printable Hold Harmless Agreement Template & Samples (Word, PDF)

release and hold harmless agreement

The hold harmless agreement template is a legal document used for a declaration that one party will not hold the other party liable for any risk, physical risk or damage.

However, the clauses in the hold harmless agreement template can be unilateral or reciprocal. It can also be sealed before or after the commencement of an activity.

This agreement is signed usually when there is a probability of unavoidable risks in the realization of activity. It states the clauses of not to be sued for whatever problem may arise during the application of the activity. You may also like character reference letters.

Applications of Hold Harmless Agreement Template

The hold harmless agreement template is used in multiple industries like sports, contractors, and construction. It also sometimes refers to a release of liability and indemnity agreement.

It’s the smartest approach to protect an organization from indulging in liability issues. It is helpful while renting the property to avoid the owner from the legal consequences of any incident happens in his place.

It protects the sports company offered activities that involve the physical risks for participants or keep the event host away from mishap legal aspects. In shorts, It makes the company able to embark on any potential activity and agree not to hold anyone liable for the damages.

Essential Elements of Hold Harmless Agreement Template

There is a number of elements present on a hold harmless agreement template. It is necessary to understand all the terms before creating or signing any such agreement. Few of the potential elements are;

  1. In hold harmless agreement a person is held not liable for any damage whose name, contact information, and name of the person signing the agreement.
  2. The protector is someone who is providing protection for holding someone not harmless.
  3. The contact information and name of the person signing the agreement are also present. You can also download free jury duty excuse letters.
  4. The category of the subject of an agreement defines the application of hold harmless agreement.
  5. If not any property or services use, the general category will be selected.
  6. The complete description of not holding any party liable will be given with evidence or unavoidable risks will be defined clearly.
  7. The date of the agreement will be considered from the signing date of the agreement.

How to use Hold Harmless Agreement Template?

Our hold harmless agreement template is created using MS word tool. It is easy to manipulate the template according to the end-user. Comprehensive guidelines of using the hold harmless agreement template are; You should also check the client information sheet.

  1. At the top, the date and name of parties will be written between which the agreement is establishing.
  2. After that the details of services are involved will be written in the “Where As” section.
  3. Name of the parties involved in the hold harmless agreement will be written as per their position in holder harmless section of the agreement.
  4. The reference to the state laws is given in the section of enforceability and applicable law sections.
  5. Also, the reference to the legal advisor is made in the exclusive venue and jurisdiction section.
  6. In the end; the signature, names, and contact information of both parties are covered along with the title and date of signing an agreement.


In conclusion, hold harmless agreement template is helpful in multiple situations for keeping any company away from liabilities of unavoidable risks. It explains the terms involve in the agreement along with guidelines helpful to use the template.

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