Free Editable Time off Request Forms and Templates

request off work form

A time off request form is a document used by the employee to inform or generate a request for taking some time off or full leave on the particular date written down on the time off request form.

It is important for time office and HR teams to manage the resources for the business while the potential employees are not available. Therefore, time off request form is considered a must in business to fill in order to get time off due to any reason.

It gives HR and related managers some prior information and time to manage analternative of the employee. Normally, this form is used in businesses. However, a time off request form template can also be used in projects to manage human resources. Typically, employee vacation planner sheets or project resource planning sheets are used as alternatives to the time off request form in project management. You may also like employee training schedule template.

Importance of Time Off Request Form Template

Most of the small businesses have an employee as per requirement. There are few employees with a very specific skill set. When an employee takes early off or leave. It is the responsibility of the line manager to assign his duties and responsibilities to someone else.

But sometimes there are such employee exists in the company who don’t have any suitable alternative. There work is unique or even due to the nature of work. It can’t be managed by someone else for a shorter period.

Then, it is important for line managers to ensure the availability of a particular employee on the job. When such an employee requires to take time off or full leave. They have to inform earlier via filling time off request form. You may also check hourly schedule template.

In another perspective, time off request form is important for the time office team to manage the leaves plan of the employees. In some companies, employees are allowed to an available number of times off in one fiscal year.

Such as employees are allowed to take 30 times offs of 30 minutes, 10 time offs of 90 minutes and so on. In that case, the time office team managed the employee record as per authorization by the employee on time off request form.

How to make a Time Off Request Form Template?

Keeping in view the purpose of the time off request form template. It is important for the time office and HR team to make such time off request form template that fulfills all the purposes. You may also download free employee profile template.

A simple time off request form template asks for the following information;

  1. Employee Name
  2. Employee ID or Code
  3. Submission Date
  4. Time Off Request Date
  5. Type of Time off (Full Day, Half Day, Quarter Day, 90 min Off, or 30 min Off)
  6. Substitute Preferences of the Work
  7. Reason for the Time Off
  8. Time Off Request Quota
  9. Authorization by an employee to Time Off for up-gradation of employee record according to the request.
  11. Signatures of Employee, Line Manager, and HR Manager

Using the above information, a simple MS Word base time off request form can be made to serve as printable time off request forms.

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