25+ Free New Hire Checklist Templates & Forms (Excel, Word)

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The new hire checklist template is a formal document that contains overview of company, description of the orientation program with check points to make sure that all crucial steps are covered for onboarding employee. This is a widely used document while hiring new employees and helpful during the orientation process and initiating the job tasks.

The new hire checklist starts before new hire comes to work:

A new hire forms checklist contains more other than just defining and following rules. A well-made checklist is considered the employee’s journey as it eliminates all possible hurdles to his success. This makes sure that his journey will be a welcoming one. However, the process starts for the employer even before the new hire comes to work;

  • The employer introduces the new employee to the rest of the employees. You should send a new hire an email. It is a great welcoming start about his acceptance. The email should contain the most relevant things he requires to know before reporting for the first day. Furthermore, in the new hire checklist, the new hire must receive a rundown of the next processes so that he knows what to do.
  • Next, complete all of the required new hire paperwork is a necessary step for any new hire onboarding for the first time. There is no need to overwhelm the new employee on his first day by asking him fill the entire new employee forms. Therefore, it’s better to do all the paperwork before the new hire arrives in the office.
  • After sending the initial welcome email, it’s time to send a second email that includes information about how to set up the channels for internal communication. Login procedures are very essential. You have to set them up before the employee’s first working day. This allows them to make themselves familiar with all of the programs. Also, provide guidelines in the email on how to access the company’s online training portals. This is an effective way for training the recruits.
  • Inform everybody involved with the new hire’s position regarding the employee’s entry and the date he begins working. Team members and other relevant departments are included in it. In addition, supervisors must motivate the other team members to welcome the new hires.

Important components of a new hire checklist:

Below are the important components of a new hire checklist;

Orientation outline:

Every new hire has to undergo an orientation program. It is also known as introduction program. The primary purpose of this program is to make them familiar with the company policies and procedures. However, this may vary from company to company. Demonstrate all the essential details such as introducing the new hire to the team, his job assignments, and training. You should also keep a copy of checklist for yourself in order to make sure that the new hire is given a full and comprehensive induction program.

Employment contract:

Send the employment contract to the new hire with his job offer and also affix his signature.

Legal requirements:

On the basis of state and substantially, legal requirements will differ in another country. If the company is in a different country or the employee works abroad then it could become more complex.

Company requirements:

In accordance with the company requirements, the new employees have to sign many documents and forms. They should read all the documents completely before signing them.

General information:

There will always be information you require to address. Also, this information doesn’t fit under any of the aforementioned elements. Therefore, for the benefit of employee, indicate this information under one group.

Benefits of packages:

The benefits of packages usually discuss during the hiring process. The new employee must sign the document to avoid any miscommunication or confusion about the coverage of benefits.

Personal information:

The new hire has to provide personal information like contact information in case of emergencies, dietary preferences, food allergies, and more.

How to write a new hire checklist?

Here are some pointers to consider for creating your own checklist;

Part 1: for the first new hires

  • Before hiring your first employees, apply for the Employee Identification Number. It is the requirement of IRS for tax administration.
  • Register your business for local and state taxes.
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance is a requirement for businesses. You have to avail this by using a private carrier or through the state.
  • Post any required posters and notices on the basis of on which state your business is and the type of industry you’re engaged in.
  • Identify the unemployment tax rate of your state, also known as SUI. This may vary depending on the employee’s salary. You can check this SUI tax rate in your email. This is because they usually sent to you in the mail every year online.

Part 2: for all of succeeding new hires

  • Conduct background or pre-screening checks to verify new hire truthfulness during the interview and application. However, it is an optional decision but it may consider a good habit.
  • Take a Federal W-4 Form that’s signed by your new hire. Ask the new hire to fill up the Federal W-4 form. Withholding preferences, this will specify the employee’s tax.
  • Moreover, ask your employee to complete Form I-9, this verifies the eligibility of the employee to work in the United States. There is no need to submit the I-9 but you have to keep it in your employee’s file for a minimum of three years.
  • For all businesses, it is the requirement to register any new hires to the New Hire reporting program of their state.

What is the process of formal onboarding?

With a written collection of coordinated procedures and policies, orients the new hire before taking any further steps. It helps the employees in adjusting their roles in terms of socialization and the tasks they have to complete, it is known as onboarding. You should make a new hire checklist in order to make sure that the new hire can benefit from this process. This document streamlines the process. Every important step is followed meticulously by using a new hire checklist template.


In conclusion, a new hire checklist template is a helpful tool that makes sure no important steps get missed when introducing new hires to the office. This document helps the employee to adjust in the work environment more quickly. This will also make the new hire more productive.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is an onboarding checklist?

An onboarding checklist consists of the steps that prepare a new employee how to start in an organization for managers and HR.

What is the length of an onboarding checklist?

The length of an onboarding checklist may vary on the basis of the role and the company hiring process. But, make sure it includes everything from orientation to adjust the new employee in their role.

What should be included on onboarding checklist?

It should include the following;

1- The recruitment process
2- New employee orientation
3- Introduction of all aspects of the role
4- Job training
5- Goal-setting
6- Introduction to company culture
7- Meeting other employees

Should small business use a new hire checklist?

Yes, small businesses should use this checklist as it reminds the exact process each time and make you able to improve on it.

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