Printable Bank Deposit Slip Templates and Examples

Deposit Slip

In daily life, you always do things to make sure a different transaction. Especially deposits slip template and when it comes to dealing with cash. When you receive cash there must be a record of documents that are receiving the amount.

Different industries including banks offering in activities like depositing amounts and withdrawal of cash. Usually, the bank deposit slip template prepares certain documentation that are filled by their customers. As well as their customers, if they demanding the facilities of the bank. Many facilities also include depositing money or cheque. All related papers make the work easy. Meanwhile, the documents also require the clients to complete in his and her full name in the right way.

This is the importance of money that is deposit in the bank with the date and account number. This also makes the work in the bank look orderly.

What is a bank deposit slip?

A bank deposit slip is a small piece of paper form that a person has to attach while depositing funds into a bank account.

This bank slip includes the date, the name of the person who is depositing the amount, the depositor’s account number, and the amount that is being deposited also the breakdown of whether the deposit contains checks, cash, or if the depositor ought a certain amount of cashback from a check deposit.

Elements of a deposit slip:

Here are the elements that you must know in order to fill out the deposit slip correctly;

Account number

Every bank account has assigned a unique number. It is important to place the accurate account number on the deposit slip that you want to deposit money.

The name of the depositor

Some banks give deposit slip with depositor name preprinted on it. In case, not, then the deposit slip has a place to write your name.


When the deposit has been made, the client will write the date.


Write the amount here in case you are depositing cash.


If you want to deposit a check, then in given blank spaces, list each one separately.


First, add the sum of cash and check amounts and then, in this field, write the subtotal.

Less cash received

At the end of the deposit slip, this filed comes. It is used to enter the amount you would get back from the given check.

Signature line

Affix the signature of the depositor here when he withdraws funds from his/her account.

How do you get a copy of deposit slip?

You can ask for proof of deposit slip in order to make payments secure. It may become trouble when you don’t have any proof of the deposit that you made. Hence, you should get a copy of the bank deposit slip to avoid the problem. You can follow the below ways to get a copy of the deposit slip;

  • Visit the concerned bank branch and ask them to give a slip of specific deposit.
  • Fortunately, don’t go to your bank if you have an online banking facility. You just have to login into your account and then make a request to send a copy of the deposit.
  • To find to deposit, you can see the bank statement. Your bank statements have details regarding all the transactions.

The Advantages of Deposit Slip Template:

Here are the advantages of the deposit slip template;

  • You can avoid time spent on creating the same draft repeatedly by using the bank deposit slip template. By downloading it from any website, you can get a perfect model of a deposit slip.
  • This template gives protection not only to the customers, but also to the banks. The deposit slip serves as evidence that the bank has deposited the accurate amount into the correct bank account for customers.
  • The depositor can ask for a copy of all necessary documents in case conflicts arise between the depositor and the bank. This slip helps in resolving the matter as it only displays the total amount deposited.
  • In comparison to a paycheck, it is more secure. This is because the paycheck has the company’s sensitive information. So, it might be harmful if an employee lost the paycheck.
  • To transfer salaries to an employee’s account anytime and anywhere, it is considered the safest and most convenient way. It saves the time of the employer as well as also the employees.

The Rich advantages of Deposit Slips:

  • Professional and editable
  • Provides the possibility of different time usage
  • Equipped with high-quality content
  • Requires no improvement
  • Has an eye-grabbing and alluring model
  • Accessible with one click
  • Easily printable

Numerous Uses of Deposit Slip Template

Ultimately a deposit slip gives you a more unified idea of making slip by yourself at domestic or any workplace. Every day you will fill and post different deposit slips because of different reasons. For instance, it will fill the bank deposit slip to deposit coins or any other economic instrument with a bank account.

Besides, the procedure of the deposit money is quite tough. This is as necessary to give all details at an area like make a call to the depositor also the cost of the deposit. These are also using in almost all fields of existence. Whereas you may cross all of your financial institution accounts with you can no longer recognize the information. In this way, they also want to recognize and accomplish the all-deposit procedure.

Best Collections of Printable Deposit Slip Templates

Why use a deposit slip?

The question is about why use these slips templates? So the purpose is to use the QuickBooks deposit slip template to provide financial protection to both, person depositing and to whom money is a deposit. Different banks also make sure there are no bank deposits that have been unaccounted for because of the using deposit slip.

Some useful information regarding the deposit slip template:

Let us discuss it below;

There are different types

You can see that there are different types of deposit slip examples by checking with most banks. They may vary as per the account type you’re depositing money into. Checking and saving accounts are the most common ones.

Slips for checking accounts are more complex

You need to write down the details of each check while you’re writing on such slips. It is also important to write down the net amount that you’re depositing into the account.

Before submitting your slip, you have to check it carefully

The bank will check the information on your slip. But, you have to ensure that everything you’ve written is correct. Your money would already go into the account on the slip in case the bank processes your transaction.

At the bank, you can only use the slip

You can make a deposit personally at the bank. However, you can make the deposits through an ATM or by mailing a check to your bank.

How to fill-up your deposit slip template?

This is how you know to make a new template. Whereas, the next step is to learn how to fill-up the slips. To deposit in the bank. So you have to fill up the slip neatly and precisely.

The deposit slip may support providing procedures for your transaction. Other substantial out of these slips may fluctuate. So, fill out a slip in a unique way if you deposit cash into savings or monitor accounts.

  • Start with; write down your personal information. It includes the account name and number. Blank deposit slip printable from your checkbook.
  • Second, write down the date and related bank branch information when needed.
  • Then write down the amount of your mentioned amount in cash. If you need a particular number of bills you can deposit them.
  • When you are depositing a check also list them one by one. Also, include the number of cheques to deposit.
  • Finally, sign the slip and give it to a person for further processing.

Other ways to make deposits:

Here are the two ways you can use to make deposits;

Make a deposit via ATM

Nowadays, almost every banks have ATMs that you can use to make deposits directly. Some banks may still need you to use a deposit slip while some won’t. Some of the ATMs which accept this transaction on the basis of your ATM or debit card, would deposit your funds.

Moreover, you can even deposit cash and checks directly for some. This would enable the bank to deposit the funds you’ve deposited into your account right away. Maybe you aren’t able to withdraw the funds immediately.

Make a deposit via your mobile phone

Your mobile phone is another convenient way to make a deposit. This is generally a new way to make a transaction. You won’t need to use a deposit slip with this method. You just have to review the amount and your account details. After that, confirm the transaction.

When it comes to make deposits, different banks have their own sets of rules. Usually, they are the part of the fund’s availability policy. The policy describes how much time you require before you can access the deposited funds. About this information, you can also ask the bank personnel.

The Pros and Cons of direct deposit:


  • Easier and faster transactions: for both the client and the bank, direct deposit makes the payment more comfortable and faster and reduces bank visits.
  • Efficient payroll process: for businesses, the payroll process becomes easy by direct deposit as it enables timely payment of wages.


  • Cybersecurity threats: payments are carried out online via direct deposit. Thus, to possible cybercrimes, they are susceptible.
  • Bank account required: Without bank accounts, direct deposit can’t accommodate employees.

Faq (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is the deposit slip prepared?

A Bank Deposit slip is prepared because it offers protection to both the bank and a depositor. It acts as proof that the bank properly accounted for the funds and an accurate amount is deposited and into the right account. Later, if the depositor checks the account balance and he seems that the deposit was not counted correctly then the deposits slip proofs that the bank acknowledges taking the funds from the depositor.

What is the main purpose of a deposit slip?

The main purpose of a deposit slip is that it tells the cashier which bank account number to which the funds have to be credited. The depositor can also request a copy of his deposit if he wanted; involving the deposit slip to represent the detailed amount that creates the total deposit.

How can we differentiate between a deposit slip and a check?

There is a huge difference between a deposit slip and a check. A deposit slip is used for the purpose of depositing money into the bank while a check is used to withdraw money from an account. But a thing that is similar between them is that both a deposit slip and a check are provided by a customer.

What do you know about a deposit ticket?

A deposit ticket is a list of currency and checks that are provided by the bank as proof a deposit has created, also known as deposit slip or receipt. More precisely, it’s a reception slip that is given by the bank after depositing funds into your account.

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