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A memo is a mass communication approach used for one to all perspective of communication. It isn’t an interpersonal communication tool like a one-to-one perspective of communication. It is a kind of broad casting information to a particular audience. It’s important to understand and answer the following questions before going into details of the business memo template. You may also see room rental agreement templates.

  • What is a Business Memo?
  • What is the purpose of writing a Memo?
  • What are the types of Memos?
  • What is the key element or parts of the memo?
  • How to write a memo?
  • How to format a memo?

What is a Business Memo Template?

A business memo is a short note or record used for the future reference in businesses for internal communication that is being almost replaced by digital communication channels such as email. It is a kind of less formal written message from one person of a certain department to the other department with in the same business. It is an abbreviation of a memorandum.

Significance of Business Memo Templates:

Business memos are a very useful way of communication inside the business. It greatly serves many purposes to the organization such as;

  • It informs the message or note to the targeted audience.
  • It inquires the required information.
  • It can be used as a report.
  • It can be used for giving suggestions.
  • It a generic type of reminder.
  • It can be used for giving instructions.
  • It can be used to promote goodwill inside the business.
  • It can be used to communicate the ideas to the targeted audience.
  • It eliminates the existence of grapevine or rumors.
  • It can be used to communicate procedural changes and policy additions.
  • It can be used to communicate the meeting schedules and agendas in the form of meeting memo template.

Type of Business Memo Templates:

There are many types of business memos based on its end-use and the nature of the information it is representing; You may also like puzzle piece templates.

Directive Memo: This memo is used to state the procedures and policies the organization wants the audience to follow. It also provides directions for proceeding in a certain circumstance. All HR policy announcements and amendments communication come under this type of memo.

Status Memo: It is a kind of memo that is also known as a progress report. Its key purpose is to report the progress of a particular task to the head. Such memos are commonly used in project management in the form of a project progress report.

Trip Memo: This type of memo is used for reporting an outcome of a certain seminar or business trip. It states detail information about the event such as summary, statement of purpose, discussion and actions. You may also check police report templates.

Field Report Memo: These memos are used for reporting methods, procedures, and inspections. The best example of such type of memo is lab or filed report. It includes information about the problem statement, objectives, methodology, results, conclusion and recommendations.

Response Memo: These memos are generated on request to provide certain information to the audience. The structure of these memos is similar to trip memos such as summary, statement of purpose, discussion and actions.

Request Memo: These memos are written to achieve a favorable response to a request. This memo should clearly state the request, present reasons for the request, and financial costs with justification.

Confirmation Memo: These memos are written in confirmation of the verbal agreement. This memo should clearly state major points, enumerate the major points and encourage feedback.

Periodic Report Memo: These memos are used for reporting at regular intervals. These memos are designed to be duplicated and as fill-in forms.

Ideas and Suggestion Memo: These memos are used to present suggestions and ideas.

The Format and Elements of a Business Memo Template:

Although the format of a business memo is totally depends on the type of memo. Still, the key elements of the business memo are the same in each type of memo. Following are the key element of memo format template;

Heading or Header: There are four basic elements of the heading section that are To, From, Date and Subject.

Opening Section: This section describes a basic overview of the memo with the purpose of writing it. The motive of writing a memo is also explained in this paragraph.

Context Section: The context of the memo is clearly stated in this segment. It is linked to the reason for writing the memo.

Task Section: This section describes the steps for solving the subjective issue. All necessary information included in this section with proper planning of what to write and whatnot to.

Summary Section: This section is necessary for long memos that are written over more than one page. It gives a basic idea about the memo.

Discussion Section: It gives the details of ideas starting from general to a more specific one. It includes facts and research.

Closing Section: For positive action, courteous words are used at the end of the memo and it’s ensured that tasks have been completed efficiently.

Necessary Attachments: Reference documents of the memo are attached such as graphs, tables, and lists. You may also see mileage log templates.

What are Policy and Credit Memo Templates?

A credit memo or credit note is a document that is issued to the buyer by the seller to return or reduce the amount given by the buyer under the agreed terms of invoices or mature letter of credit. It clearly states the reason for return or reduction such as unsatisfactory or partial satisfactory performance of the product, marketing allowance, and pricing disputes. In case of us once letter of credit, the buyer can use the credit memo for partially offsetting the total amount of ULC’s. Credit Memo Template can be of both internal and external memo type.

Policy Memo Template is used for a particular problem or situation to provide recommendations and analysis to a particular audience. These memos are written with clear jargon relative to the well-known audience keeping in view their needs and expectations. Following points requires special focus while writing a policy memo; You should also check punch card template.

  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Analysis and Supporting Arguments
  • Format and Styles
  • Length of Memo

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business memo template

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