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Daily planner template is a useful tool that allows you to maintain and keep a schedule for your day. It helps you to stay on track so that you don’t forget tasks or else. It also assists you in managing your time more efficiently. In addition, a daily planner makes life easier.

What basically a daily planner is?

A daily planner is basically a type of book, chart, or program. It contains sections and columns for everyday with different timings of the day. By having sections, it allows you to organize everything you want to do in your life. It assists you in all things i.e. from meetings to important appointments or from spending time with kids to entertainment activities, etc.

Furthermore, daily planner helps the teachers, students, business owners, and housewives in organizing themselves. All these people have busy schedule but by maintaining a daily planner they can stay on track. Also, there are enough sections where you can write about your commitments, appointments, or anything else you want to do on a specified date. This document also has address books having contents such as names, contact numbers, addresses, birth dates, etc.

Usually, a daily planner comes in two forms a hard copy and as an electronic version. The hard copy is most popular. Still nowadays people prefer to keep records in hard copy. On the other hand, the electronic version is used by business owners. This version has the ability to link over the sections in the program. You may also like Household Budget Worksheet.

Why should you keep a daily planner?

Here are some reasons that will convince you to keep a daily planner;

Time management:

The main point in controlling and planning things is time management. Daily planner is one of the effective ways to address your time management. The daily planner templates have daily, weekly, and monthly overviews that allow you to jot down all your significant tasks and events on your schedule. Hence, by having track of events and records, you can manage your time accordingly.


Keep a daily planner helps you remember everything and make sure that you don’t forget anything. When you write down your tasks for specified day, date, and time then you can never forget things. Thus, daily planner can act as a helping hand to you.


Maintaining a daily planner allows you to prioritize your tasks and put those things first which are of the most importance. So, prioritizing your tasks increases your productivity. This schedule will lock you in a system and makes you able to fulfill all of your goals.

Record maintenance:

It assists you in maintaining record. A daily planner keeps all of your tasks in a single place. If you don’t remember any of your important meetings or any tasks, then you don’t need to worry you just need to grab your planner and check it.

Reduces stress:

All above reasons are linked with this one. When you manage your time, remember all your tasks, maintain all your records, and become productive, it automatically reduces the level of stress.

Different types of daily planners that are trending:

Daily planners come in different formats in hard copies as well as electronic ones. However, there are generally two types of daily planners i.e. horizontal and vertical. Vertical daily planners have columns which help you to see your days chronically and horizontal planners are used mostly in US.

Following are some daily planners that are trending;

Blue sky planners:

This type of planners is available online as well as in hard copies. They are really vibrant and delightful. They have some fun colors with really cool prints. Additionally, they come in various sizes and have nice features.

Polestar family planner:

It has various sections that includes kitchens, appointments, and to-do list and allows you to list down tasks requiring the most attention. It is especially designed for women so that they can easily handle their daily chores for the family.

Busybody Book planner:

The Busybody Book planner has unique layout and design and consists of grids with 5 columns. It allows at least five people maintain their activities.

Dotmine day planners:

These planners are similar to the Polestar family planners. They have large square spaces for scheduling your tasks. It is one of the ideal options for you to choose in order to do your daily tasks. They have place for splitting out lists and notes. You should also check Meal Plan Templates.

How to create a daily planner?

Let us discuss how to create an effective daily planner;

  1. Commonly, they are in the form of diaries. With the advancement of technology, there are various electronic planners’ templates that you can download from any website. They have boxes where you list down your tasks. They are fun to use. While you can also use a notebook for this purpose.
  2. Next, organize the tasks. It means you have to prioritize your tasks. Use different colors to prioritize them. Also, write about the time in which the tasks should be completed.
  3. In the end, leave some extra space about the things that could come up later. Here you have to place the least prioritized items and after completing the most important ones you can do these tasks.


In conclusion, a daily planner template is an organizing tool that allows you to organize your daily tasks in a single place. This planner helps you in managing your time, makes you productive, reduces stress level, and much more. Those people who have busy schedule can stay on track by maintaining daily planner. You can download different daily planner template from

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