25+ Free Consulting Contract Templates & Samples (Word)

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Companies need a consulting contract template when they hire a consultant to define legal relationship. Businesses consistently require consultants in several fields to carry out the operations smoothly.

What is a consulting service agreement?

A consultant is basically a person or business that will give professional device or services to the client or business in return of compensation. The main purpose of hiring a consultant is to take advantage of their knowledge in a specific field that you require to deal with an issue in your business or company. You and the consultant generally enters into a consulting agreement known as a consulting contract template. It outlines the terms of a provided service between you and the consultant.

Moreover, before rendering the services to the business in exchange for monetary compensation, it is recommended for a consultant to have this contract. The customer also have this contract with a consultant who will perform services for the business.

What to include in a consulting contract?

To seal the deal between you and a consultant, a handshake is enough. But, you may put your business at risk without a solid consulting agreement template that’s signed by both parties. By having an official consultant agreement on-hand, you may feel safer. During dealing with new consultants, you may underestimate the significance of how much you requires to cover in a contract. For example, you should think about the following questions;

  • What will happen if you include more work in the middle of the project?
  • What will happen if you take a decision of ending the agreement?
  • In your agreement, can you differentiate between ongoing and one-time setup services?

The contract must address the answers of aforementioned questions. To make your contract rock-solid, it should cover all of the key components. An effective contract must have a number of elements. If you are running a consulting business, then during making a plan, it would be to your advantage to look through these components.

Let us discuss below the most important element that should be included in the contract;

  • Names of the parties involved
  • List of all the services the consultant will offer
  • List of the client’s required contributions
  • Payment and compensation details
  • Details of the deadlines and timeline
  • Contract termination details
  • Ownership of materials
  • The use of materials
  • Proprietary information
  • Terms for any additional services
  • Handling of disputes
  • Limitation of liability
  • Communication details
  • “Entire Agreement”
  • “No Guarantee”
  • “Headings”
  • “Interpretation and Enforcement”
  • “Severability”
  • Affix the signatures of all the parties

How to write a consulting contract?

Follow the below steps in order to create an effective consulting contract;

Think about what to include

At first, you should identify whether you really need a consulting service agreement. Keep in mind that it is a legally binding enforceable agreement. You will only create this contract if you are hiring a consultant or as a consultant you are getting hired. Then, identify either you have the ability to enter into this contract. You should decide on either you have a legal capacity to enter into an official agreement. This includes knowing that by entering into the agreement, what you’re getting yourself into.

Furthermore, you should also find out why you should make a legally binding document. The terms and conditions you want to include in the document, make sure that they are in compliance with the laws of your state. You must meet all of your state’s requirements as contract law is always going to be the law of the state.

Write the contract

  • Firstly, include the basic details, the title of your agreement, and the parties involved in the contract.
  • You should also have to include the detailed description of all of the parties.
  • In the next step, describe what each of the parties will give under the agreement. Explain in clear, simple, and readable paragraphs. You don’t have to get into too many details at this point. You just have to simply indicate that that one party will provide consulting services and the other will give compensation.
  • After that, give a definition of the consulting services to perform. The contract should clearly indicate that what the consultant will do. You have to be as detailed in your specifications and add as many details as possible. Common services include the following;
    1- Asset management,
    2- litigation support,
    3- second opinions, 
    4- process improvement, and more
  • Add a provision for compensation. Specify in your contract that how you plan to compensate the consultant. For example, some contracts states that consultants will be periodically paid. On the other hand, others need a lump sum at the end of the contract. You should clearly detailed in your document whatever you select.

Decide on the type of contractor and include all of the required information

This decision is very essential. You should clearly explain how you will treat the consultant in the contract. In case, you are making a consultant an independent contractor then clearly define how and why the consultant should maintain their independent status. Additionally, mention a clause that the consultant will waive their right to regular employee benefits such as health benefits, vacation time, sick leave, etc. You should also include the following;

  • Develop the length of the agreement
  • Add a provision for termination: here, you should state that how the agreement can get terminated before the total completion of services.
  • Add boilerplate provisions and other important information: include any standard provisions towards the end of the contract that are usually found in consulting agreements.
  • At the very end of your document, leave the space for the signatures of involved parties and also write the date. You should also check Consulting Proposal Templates.


In conclusion, you must first create a consulting contract template and execute it before hiring a consultant. This is the legal contract that outlines all the duties and roles of both parties. The creation of this document requires an understanding of the contract law of your state.

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