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You have to accomplish a temporary guardianship form while granting temporary guardianship for the care of children to another party for a set amount of time.

What does it mean having temporary guardianship?

A temporary guardianship is basically a relationship build when parents grants custody of their child to another adult. Courts generally grant these to get a purpose for a set period of time. It gets terminated when the purpose of the guardianship has finished.

Granting temporary guardianship enables the child to live with someone else who isn’t their parents. In case of an emergency, the responsible adult who takes in the child can make essential decisions. Aside from this, when it comes to educational matters, the guardian is also responsible for handling situations and making decisions for the child.

Furthermore, before filling out a temporary guardianship form, you should first identify whether there is a need for temporary guardianship. There may not be a need for this agreement in case a parent who shares custody of the child with the other parent. In the absence of the other, the other parent can take over.

When do you require a temporary guardianship form?

There are various reasons that why you require a temporary custody form. This official document not just include taking care of the child but also enables you to handle minor’s financial, medical, and other personal matters for a specific period of time. It could be a voluntary decision to assist someone who is important to you. For temporary guardianship, the court also has the authority to appoint you.

However, you can make the temporary guardianship letter for the following reasons;


The in question person becomes incapacitated. He/she can’t longer make their own decisions. This situation isn’t permanent. So, the guardianship only retain until the person recovers.


In case, the person’s usual guardian can’t become available for a specific period of time, then you can enter a temporary guardianship agreement. For instance, when the child’s guardian will leave the country for a certain period of time then until the regular guardian returns, you can also handle the responsibilities for an incapacitated adult.


Emergencies need a faster course of action. A temporary guardian, in such a case, can get appointed even without guardianship forms. This is because there isn’t any time to undergo the process of selecting someone to be the child’s permanent guardian. Sometimes, a temporary guardian form is also referred as an emergency guardian.

Can a parent give temporary guardianship?

Guardianship is generally a permanent situation, particularly, when the parent dies. However, in certain situations, you may only request temporary guardianship. Providing someone else guardianship of your child only happens when there is no other recourse.

In most States, you may request the court in a certain way to grant temporary guardianship of your child to another person for a particular reason and a specific amount of time. A temporary guardianship form is generally involved in this process. The most common reasons are the following;

  • In case, you are seriously ill and you have to spend a specific amount of time in hospital away from your children.
  • If, for an indefinite or extended period of time, you need to travel for work.
  • When you need assistance due to suffering from some kind of disability.

Keep in mind that the guardianship provides another person the right to make essential decisions for your child. The courts may monitor the relationship from time to time is the good news. As one of the parents, if the other parent can care for your child, you shouldn’t even consider providing temporary guardianship.

Additionally, consider the close member of your family first who could help out. In such a case, if you request a close family member for help, the school administration of your child may ask for a temporary custody form and other legal documents. Through the local surrogate or family court, you can apply for temporary guardianship. Call someone and ask if you have no idea which court to approach.

Court personnel may also assist you in completing the necessary guardianship forms. But, they may not offer legal advice. In the end, the judge will decide whether or not to grant guardianship. Before you take any further action, it is recommended to consult with a lawyer as this may affect your future parental rights.

Does a temporary guardianship has to be notarized?

A temporary guardianship is basically a legal matter. You should use this form when you decide to provide short-term care of your child to another party. Likewise legal processes, before submitting the documents to the court, you should notarize them.

Moreover, the parents also have to affix their signatures. Also, have the temporary guardianship agreement notarized. The signature of the remaining parent would suffice in case the other parent is either unknown or has no legal rights or deceased.

How long does a temporary guardianship form remain?

It depends upon state statutes and the circumstances involved. The court may extend the agreement for a longer-term or for additional short periods of time if the temporary guardianship has reached its time limit.

A temporary guardianship can set its time period likewise a power of attorney or a living will. But, if there is good cause, then the courts can also have the discretion to modify this period. Thus, we can say that the temporary guardianship can last for as long as determined by the court.

In addition to this, you can always petition the court to terminate the agreement if you think that the order of the guardianship is no longer necessary or relevant.

Difference between temporary guardianship and temporary custody:

The difference between temporary guardianship and temporary custody lies in their finality and time. Temporary guardianship needs the consent of the parents. It is just for a fixed amount of time.

On the other hand, temporary custody is determined by one of the parents through a civil lawsuit. The court in temporary custody doesn’t require the consent of parents.

How to write a temporary guardianship form?

Here are the steps to write a temporary guardianship form;

  • Firstly, provide your personal details such as your first name, last name, and address.
  • Include the child or children details including their first and last names and their date of birth.
  • Specify the name of the temporary guardian, their relationship with the child or children, and their contact details.
  • Mention the statement of consent and sign it in front of a notary public.
  • Indicate the dates when the custody will begin and end. You can just include the start date if you aren’t sure when it will conclude.
  • Both parents have to sign the form and write the date.
  • After that, the notary public have to sign and date the form.


In conclusion, a temporary guardianship form is a legal document that provides the child’s physical custody to a guardian only for a certain amount of time. This document doesn’t terminate the rights of the parent to their child as well as the guardian will have the same rights as a parent.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When can you use a temporary guardianship form?

You can use a temporary guardianship form when you want to give temporary guardianship to someone to make decisions regarding your child.

Does parental rights override due to temporary guardianship?

No. Parental rights are always respected in a temporary guardianship. It always requires parental consent.

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