Make Your Own Trading Card Templates (Basketball, Baseball, Football, etc..)

custom trading cards template

A trading card template is created for different purposes whether creative, sports or scientific. You can find a lot of trading card templates online. There are also blank templates that you can customize yourself. You should start with a template in order to create trading cards.

Why do you require a trading card template?

Here are some reasons that why you should create trading cards;

To make your own trading card game

There are different trading card games such as Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, etc. All of these have become popular among the children and adults. People all over the world have started playing these games. You should create your own game instead of purchasing these trading cards. You can think of characters and provide them superpowers or abilities. Then, make your own set of rules. It is an excellent way to exercise your creativity by making your own game.

To make your own sports cards

There are many sports cards templates online such as football card templates, baseball card templates, and more. Trading these cards is a fun. It is also a popular pastime. In case, you can’t afford them then you can create your own sports cards for yourself and your friends. These types of trading cards should include the following information;

  • the name of the player
  • their statistics
  • their team history
  • a couple of fun facts about the players

To make your own trading cards of your friends and family members

You can also make personalized trading cards for your friends and family members. This is a fun way to connect with them. This way, you can also provide them creative gifts for special occasions. Place the best photos of those you love on the trading card template. You may also like Baseball Score Sheet.

You can include any information you want for these kinds of trading cards. Usually, these cards should include the;

  • the name of the person
  • the major or occupation
  • their favorite color or food
  • a few fun facts

How to make your own trading card template by hand?

Here are some steps that will help you in making your own trading card template;

Prepare your materials

You require thick paper, markers or crayons, a pencil, and a pair of scissors to make your own trading cards. Other materials such as photos, stickers, glitter, and more can also be used.

Cut the cards out

The standard size of trading cards is 3.5-inches in height and 2.5-inches in width. However, you can also use a different size by making sure that all of them have the same size. Draw lines with a ruler on a large sheet of thick paper and then cut the cards out carefully.

Decorate your cards

Next, you have to decorate your trading card template. The design is based on what type of card you’re creating. For example, you need photos of the players for a sport cards template. For game card template, you should draw and illustrate your characters. For personal card templates, you have pictures of the people you like to be a part of your trading card deck.

Furthermore, you should ensure that each card has unique character on it. But, for gaming cards, some cards should appear several times in the deck. So, you can replicate some of the designs of the cards in such a case.

It doesn’t matter what type of card you plan to make, you have to leave space at the top and the bottom of the cards. This space is for the details of the people or the characters on them.

Add the important details to your cards

The characters or persons on the cards must have a name and description about them. At the top of the card, write the name of the characters or people and the other details at the bottom. You can write all of this information yourself in case you have clear, legible, and readable handwriting.

Add the finishing touches

This is an optional step. It will make your cards sturdier. Take your cards to the stationery shop for lamination or laminate them yourself if you have a laminating machine.

How to create a trading card template on the computer?

Let us discuss step-by-step on how to make a trading card template on the computer;

Select the word processing software to use

You can use any software that makes the process of creating cards easier for you. Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and others can be used. However, select the software you’re most comfortable with.

Create the designs of your cards

We have mentioned above that the design of your card depends on the type of trading cards you plan to create. During creating your deigns, you can;

  • draw your own characters
  • make use of pictures of your family, friends or even your pets
  • make use of the images of your favorite athletes

Design your trading card template

You can download a trading card template and customize it or make everything from scratch. Copy the whole shape and all its elements after making your template. After that, paste it repeatedly until it fills the whole page. Before going to the next step, you have to save this template.

Add design elements to each card

Now, in your cards, start adding the characters or people. Then, take these design elements to the folder you have created.

Add the details of each card

By using simple fonts, the name of the person or character featured on the top of each card. Add the facts and information at the bottom.

Print your cards

To print your cards, use a thick type of paper.

Cut the cards out

After printing out your cards, it’s time to cut them out.


In conclusion, by using a trading card template, you can create your own deck of trading cards. It would be a fun experience. This is a great way to express your creativity while doing an enjoyable activity.

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