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A model release form is a legal document or an agreement between the photographer and the individual known as the model. It is written permission that provides you full legal rights to publish or use the image in any way you would like in the future. Sometimes, depending on the situation, the compensation for the photographer or the model can also include.

What is a model release form?

Models have the ability to become a master of various things. They can do anything they want even from walking to posing, hair, and makeup, etc there’s no limit. You can also take knowledge about the business side of the modeling business. A lot of people don’t have any knowledge about it. There is no need to be overwhelmed upon hearing all of these responsibilities. After gaining enough experience in the modeling industry the business side becomes second nature to you. However, if this is new to you then take knowledge about model release forms.

A model release form is a legal document widely used in the world of modeling. It is a standard document used between a model and a photographer. It shows that how the photographer will use the photos. This document also gives permission for the photos to get published. You may also like Logic Model Template.

Contents of a model release form:

It isn’t a standard form because it can vary in terms of the legal jargon used, the content, the protection level, and more. Include the following basic elements in a model release form;

  • The individual’s name who created the form
  • The date when the form was drafted
  • The name of the model
  • Name of the photographer who receives the rights to the photos. It may also the name of the company who wants to own the photos.
  • A description that how the photos will use
  • Where will photos be used?
  • Duration of the agreement
  • The model and the photographer compensation details
  • Model’s name and address
  • The signature of the model
  • The date when he signed the form

Do you need a model release form?

If you think that a need of model release agreement depends on the use then you have to answer some questions. At first, think “Will you want to use the photo commercially?” You will require a model release form if your answer is yes. If the answer is no then you won’t need a form.

However, it’s not that simple because when it comes to publications, it doesn’t mean that you will use the photos commercially. Catalogs, newsletters, web use, advertisements, and more are included in commercial usage. Moreover, you need a model release form for licensed commercial use.

A photo consent form:

A photo consent form is an agreement between the photographer and the person who owns something in the photo. This form provides you legal permission to publish or use the photo in any way that you would like in the future. You can also publish photos on online media, printed media, and everything in between.

Some questions about model release form:

Here are some questions that assist you to understand the form;

Should I sign the model release form?

The creator of this form will ask you to sign this form when you are on location. May be they ask you to sign it either after the shoot or before the shoot. So, if you have an idea where your photos will end up then it is best to sign it.

When should I sign the model release form?

Don’t sign the form as soon as it’s presented to you. You should read the release form carefully. Ensure that all of the terms which you’ve agreed upon are in the document. If you have any confusion then asks the person who created the release. If you haven’t understood and agreed with everything, never sign the form.

Is model release form containing any exception?

In a public location, when you’re photographing the only exception applies to. It is illegal to take the photos of the people when in their homes they have left their curtains open.

What to do if public subjects don’t agree to get photographed?

If you are standing in the public place and people don’t want their photos taken then you still take photos without permission. It is only applicable when you are in a public place.

Can you use the photos for different purposes?

If you have taken photos in an area which is fully public then you can utilize them in your portfolio and even you can sell them. You should first get a commercial release if you want to publish the photos in a wide-scale commercial event. You should also check Flow Chart Template.

Things to consider when it comes to model release forms:

You should keep your form as long as you possibly can. This is because the forms don’t have limitations and they don’t run out. You should keep the form ready whenever you want to use the photos. Moreover, sometimes people feel hesitant when asked to sign the form. It may happen when you don’t specify when and where you plan to use the photos. If you indicate that the photos can use for anything, anywhere, and at any time then they wouldn’t want to sign.

If this happens then respect the decision of the person. In such a case, you should make the terms of your release more specific.


In conclusion, a model release form is a legal document that states that the photographers publish or use the image on marketing materials blogs or websites. This form should be signed before any use of the model’s images. Additionally, it grants permission to the photographer or the person who created the release.

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