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In healthcare institutions, DAP notes templates are used that includes data, assessment, response, and a strategy for the medical care of your patients. Basically, DAP stands for “Diagnostic Assessment Program.” You can also include your patient’s contact information, the summary and assessment of your patient’s problem, and the treatment plan in your progress notes. Moreover, social workers, healthcare providers, and other medical professionals use this type of documentation method.

What to include in a DAP note?

The main purpose of this documentation is to make sure that you take consider all of the objective and subjective information for the sudden care of your patient. You can include an assessment that is based on the condition of your patient. During creating your patient’s DAP progress notes, include the following basic information;

Subjective observation:


This section includes what your patient feels about his/her condition and your patient’s thoughts and observations about his/her condition as well. The main goal of subjective observation is to identify the nature of your patient’s pain depend on how he/she describes it.

Objective observation:

Objective observation contains what healthcare provider observes about the condition of your patient. This information assists you in listing, narrowing down, and isolating your patient’s likeliest condition. All observable visual data such as circulation, palpitation, neurological, and visual assessment should be included. You can also include the analysis of your patient’s appearance and mood.



Explain your understanding of your patient’s problem and give a working hypothesis in this section. Since you don’t have a conclusive diagnosis yet so mention here the most probable diagnosis of your patient’s health. Include the outcomes of all screening tests your patient had undergone and a referral to a specialist in this part of a DAP note template. Also, state the type of condition like recurring, acute or chronic.


For the treatment of your patient, write down the necessary steps in this part. The kind of treatment may involve therapy, medications, surgery, and more on the basis of your patient’s condition. You have to set the short-term and long-term treatment and any lifestyle modifications your patients require to make.

However, your main aim is to reduce the pain felt by your patient and assist them heal. On the basis of how your patient responds to the treatment, you can also include any revisions.


How to create your DAP notes Template?

Here are some tips to create these notes;

Explain what the perfect note is:

During writing the notes, you should imagine what the perfect note is for you. You should have a good understanding of the consequences you desire while writing a perfect DAP note. This assists you work towards it. When you have selected this method to use then ensure to customize the information on it to suit your requirements. For this, you should also consider the following things;

  • The information you require for your patient so that you can create a good treatment plan.
  • Another healthcare professional who want to write the DAP progress notes and whether you find the information useful or usable.

After that, think about how each part of your notes would look like. For this, you need to present all sections in a quick and effective way.

Keep things simple:

Try to get as much valuable information from your patient as possible while writing your notes. The type of information you want to include and the type of information you don’t want to include in your notes, familiarize yourself with it. While maintaining thoroughness and usefulness, don’t write too many descriptions or explanations.

Use the tools that best suit your requirements:

When you writing your notes, the one thing you need to consider is what you plan to use for taking down notes. It’s up to you either you use a DAP template online or write down your own notes on paper and then compose them online when you get the opportunity.


You may start by using templates first if you don’t know which method to use. At each session, this provides you an opportunity to make sure that you’re recording all of the information you require. To see which one works best for you, you should try switching between methods. You may also like Lessons Learned Templates for Project Management.

How to write DAP notes by using the proper format?

You should follow the standard organizational format for writing progress notes in DAP. You can use your computer or take down your notes by hand. Use these tips to follow the proper format;

The Data section:

Data section is the most important section of your notes. Here, you have to include contact information, objective and subjective data. Also, mention any observational notes you have from the most recent session. The objective data contain the information you analyze during interacting with your patient such as facial expressions, body movements, and more. The subjective data includes a summary of information given by your patient. You can also involve quotes from your patient.

The Assessment/response section:

On the basis of the objective and subjective information you have collected, this section includes the summary of your professional opinions and ideas. Here, you should also include your ideas, thoughts, and feelings. The observations about the progress you perceive in your patient, you may also include them.

The Plan section:


In this section, write down the treatment plan you have decided on. On the basis of the sessions you have with your patient, take note of any changes you make in your treatment plan. In addition, mention the thoughts of work you still have to do in your next sessions and the notes about interventions or referrals that you have accomplished or that you suggested.


In conclusion, a DAP notes template is a helpful tool that shows you have given quality care to your patient. It is considered as the best method of taking notes in an effective, quick, and useful way. Additionally, it is a standard documentation methObjectively observation contains what the healthcare provider observes about the condition of your patientod.

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