25+ Printable Exercise Chart Templates (Excel / Word)

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An exercise chart template is an effective tool that people used to keep track of their exercise schedules. This chart helps you in managing some time for exercises every week by distributing the exercises into manageable chunks.

How to build your exercise routine?

Here are some tips on how to build your exercise routine;

Think about the specifics

Working on a certain body part or muscle group is referred to as the “principle of training specificity.” The idea may sound very general. But, it is basically the foundation for an efficient exercise routine. The main goal is to find which exercises you require to make up your workout routine.

Create your schedule

You have to schedule your workout sessions. Before their visits to the gym, most prioritize their jobs. This may include a fewer workouts each week. When scheduling your workout, you should consider the following recommendations;

  • For the gym, if you have fewer days then assure that each workout includes your entire body.
  • Break your routines up to avoid overtraining in case you have more days in the week to do your workouts.
  • It is a better idea to divide your routines on the basis of movement types rather than on body parts.
  • No matter what type of schedule you create, you always have enough rest.
  • Don’t engage in back-to-back high-intensity workouts.

Check out your gym

The exercises you have selected for your workouts, all gyms don’t cater to them. In the selection of exercises, many gym users don’t think or care about the gym’s overall environment and layout. Also, they don’t think about protocols. Users just use equipment randomly because they don’t have fixed routines.

Furthermore, most gym equipment is always occupied. This way, you may select to stick with a single piece of equipment each session instead of doing the rounds on different equipment.

Think about your workout and rest scheme

For each exercise, fitness goal usually defines how many reps and sets you perform. Keep in mind that you have to increase the load you’ll lift when you reduce the number of reps per set. Along with, determine the amount of time you require. This is based on how much weights you lift. You should also check workout log templates.

Change it up

The routine must constantly evolve in order to keep the benefits going. The human body generally adapt to any stress in around 12 – 14 weeks. So, to avoid “plateauing,” you should make changes in your routine. There is no need to ditch the entire routine. You can perform the same with different equipment. Also, change your set and rep schemes.

How to create your own exercise chart?

Here are some steps that will help you in creating your own exercise chart;

Change the layout of the page

At first, setup the page. The orientation of the page should be landscape. At half an inch, set all of the margins.

Insert a table

Insert a table by selecting the number of columns and the number of rows. Leave the first column empty. For the days of the month, write the numbers into the cells of the first row.

Create your aerobic workout schedule

Into the merged cell, type in “Aerobic Exercises.” Input the aerobic exercises you will perform on each row on the first column of your exercise chart. You can perform aerobic exercises on extended periods of time as they are very rhythmic. In the corresponding cells, write the number of minutes you have spent exercising for every aerobic exercise you have finished.

Create your strength workout schedule

Again, merge the cell and input “Strength Exercises” into the merged cell. Select up to 10 strengthening exercises you will perform. Then, enter their names into the first column. After each of the exercises, provide details on how heavy the weights were and the number of times you lifted them.

Create your flexibility workout schedule

Again, in the first row of your fitness plan template, merge cells. Then, type in “Flexible Exercises.” In the next column, enter the names of the stretches that you will perform. After completing each stretch exercise, check the correct row.

Benefits of exercising regularly:

Let us discuss below some benefits of exercising regularly;

  • Exercise is the best way to prevent and lose excess weight. Engaging in physical activities burns calories. Regular sessions are highly recommended at the gym.
  • Exercise in your life can boost high-density lipoproteins or “good cholesterol.” It also decreases unhealthy triglycerides. More HDL and less triglyceride make sure the smooth flowing of blood. It also lessens the risk of many cardiovascular diseases. In addition, regular exercise prevents many other health conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, several types of cancer, and more.
  • While exercising, different brain chemicals get stimulated that make you feel better. You also feel happier, less anxious, and more relaxed. Regular exercises also make you feel good. It can also boost self-esteem and confidence.
  • The regular exercise can improve muscle strength and provide our endurance a boost. The reason behind it is that physical activities allow more nutrients and oxygen to get delivered to our tissues. This helps the circulatory system function more effectively. You have more energy to deal with daily chores due to the improvement in the functions of your lungs and heart.
  • Regular exercise promotes better sleep. It’s a fact that a tired body usually makes us fall asleep faster and better. It can deepen our sleep more.
  • There is no need to get too serious about doing your exercises. You should also add an element of fun in your routines. Also, perform other activities that make you feel happy.


In conclusion, an exercise chart template is a great thing that help you remember your routine. This chart serves as motivation for you to do your daily exercises. You can also create your own exercise template or download them online and personalize it to suit your needs.

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