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A team charter template is an effective document created in a group setting. This document simplifies the direction of the team while setting boundaries. During the initial stages of team development, the development of a team charter happens. You should create this document as a group in order to promote understanding and motivate buy-in.

Components of a team charter template:

To establish your team charter template, you should invest the needed effort and time to reduce confusion in terms of your team’s objectives. You need forming, storming, norming, and performing for creating a team charter. The following basic components of a team charter make it comprehensive and effective;

Team purpose:

Here, you have to state the following;

  • Why you have created a team of people
  • The issue the team faces
  • The acceptable outcome of the team’s efforts

Time commitment and duration:

In your team charter, for all the stages of team development, it is essential to document how much time the team will work together. On the basis of the solutions you propose, you can implement your recommendations might require more time. So, you have to organize this carefully to make sure that you have all the time you required for the task at hand.


The scope assists you in establishing the start and end of your spectrum. Here, you have to mention the list of included or excluded departments. This component assists you in determining tasks easily to minimize scope creep.

Members of the team:

You have to make a list that contains the name of the team leader and the individual names of the team members. This makes you able to analyze the team members. It also increases their commitment to the task. Furthermore, in your team charter, you may also select to include a list of alternate members in some cases.

The end result you want:

With the help of this part, you can start with the desired result that is already in your mind. It will also make you able to develop the goals that your team must achieve. To stress these goals importance, you have to ensure that you clearly define them.

Supporting resources:

In this part, include the people whom you didn’t assign as team members but they still added value toward the purpose of the task. Along with you should also mention the resources such as a travel budget, meeting rooms, different types of software, and so on.

Reporting plan:

This assists you in defining how your team will communicate their progress. You should clearly set the frequency of the reporting plan and what it must include.


Here, define your team’s output and mention the Key Performance Indicators that measure the success you want. At the starting stages of team establishment, when you consider the KPIs, you can remove the immeasurable deliverables early.


Finally, you consider other organizational initiatives or departments here. These are the entities that may overlap with the purpose of the group.

Why do you require a team charter?

You require a team charter due to the two main reasons;

  1. It specifies the project objectives clearly and the team’s responsibility that lead to the final deliverable.
  2. It lets the outside project members know that what the team is and isn’t responsible for.

A team charter creates transparency in the team which results in more accountability and better team management. It provides the team the structure regarding how they want to operate within the project and how they make decisions. Also, it outlines the frequency of meetings and other logistics. While staying aligned with the project’s overall objectives, the team charter eliminates roadblocks and sets a course for the team to work effectively together.

How to create an actionable team charter template?

A well-made team charter gives the team with clear expectations. The problems that come up with projects can be solved by it. Creating this document is one of the key factors that contribute to the success of team collaboration. Moreover, to create an actionable team charter, follow the below tips;

Begin with the background:

Start with the background in order to set the tone for your team charter. You should have a discussion with the stakeholders about the;

  • Purpose of the team
  • The problem they must solve
  • How the problem effects the goals and objectives of the organization
  • If you don’t deal with the problem, what would happen

Make the mission of your team and its objectives:

This information informs that what the team should get. Since it serves as a guide for the team so ensure that it’s memorable, clear, and specific enough. You should begin with mission. After that, move on to the essential objectives and goals that your team must achieve to make sure the success of the project.

Make your budget:

After receiving the clearer picture of the success of your project, you have to make the budget for it. Then, with the objectives you’ve come up with, start aligning your resources and funds. The achievement of your goals is directly based on your ability to acquire the equipment, materials, and people you require for your project. It is important for you to know how much money you have for your project.

Allocate the roles and responsibilities of each team member:

For your project and for the specific goals you want to achieve, you should define all of the roles and responsibilities. A good matrix outlines the following;

  • The individuals responsible for the management of project activities
  • The important stakeholders in each of the areas
  • The executive sponsors
  • The team members in charge of deliverables

Consider the team operations:

Here you have to give clarification of how the work gets completed. It is important to have consistent procedures and processes that everyone agrees with. This makes sure that your whole team remains productive and on schedule. From documented and clearly-defined processes, determine any recurring and frequent activities which would benefit.

Evaluate the members of the team:

For each of the team member, you have to be more explicit in terms of what your project’s success would look like. Also, identify how you will assess their performances. Add self or peer-to-peer evaluation components to your assessments.

Approval and signature:

In the end, ask your team members to affix their signatures. This makes sure that each of the members understands what’s written on the document.

The advantages of using a team charter template:

A clear goal and vision which is supported by each member of the team are included in a team charter template. All the members should come together after announcing your team for forming, storming, norming, and performing. The team charter is very beneficial for the following reasons;

  • To get the buy-in of all the members of the team.
  • On the basis of same set of principles, hold each member of the team accountable.
  • You can develop each team member’s roles and responsibilities in a measurable and clear way.
  • It is beneficial for defining operations such as the ways to discuss issues, adapt to changes, and to outline specific actions.
  • To explain the objective and purpose of the team to everyone in the organization.
  • If there any issue arises, it gives clarity and reduces confusion.


In conclusion, you have to consider different factors like your values, priorities, focus, and more in order to make an effective team charter template. It must have a clear mission and vision supported by each member of the team.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Into how many pages a team charter consist of?

A good team charter typically consists of 1 to 2 pages. It should give a precise and descriptive overview that creates clarity for the team.

What are the most important elements of a team charter?

There are three most important elements of a team charter;

  1. Context
  2. Mission and objectives
  3. Composition and Roles

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